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Tips You Must Follow for an Absolute Case Study

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 Jessica Moore   Published On Jun 15, 2022 | Updated on Jul 19, 2022  Case Study

Writing case studies is a skill only a few writers hold on to. If you are struggling to put your arguments into a structure, you first need to figure out the objective of your case study.

What is a case study?

If you are a beginner, the case study definition is the first thing you must know. Hence, here it is -

A case study is a comprehensive study of a single person, group, location, event, organization, or phenomena.

You can use case studies to describe, compare, evaluate, and comprehend various elements of any event, issue, business, product, etc.

Now, when you are assigned a case study, it's time to dig out the unknown and give the case a new angle. But before that, go through the below pointers, which you can add to your case study format -

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  1. Prepare the groundwork

Suppose you are working on a case study for a company, understand the goods or services being sold, and conduct due diligence on both parties. This might be as simple as reading a firm's 'About Us' section or their company news page on their website. However, for the deal you're writing about, you'll need some context.

The same goes for legal case studies, in case you are working on a law assignment. The first task you need to accomplish is to get to know about the field of your case study.

  1. Choose an apt person to conduct interview

The people involved with the event or the service will tell the accurate anecdote. You can also connect the stakeholders who you think can be a witness.

Note that you need an actual customer, preferably one who is a product champion. They should, ideally, have the authority to approve it as well.

Experts prefer to establish first contact with an individual, interview them, and obtain their comments and signatures.

  1. Look for the tale

The case study's main point is to present a tale. There must be a backstory: a struggle in the past, a path to progress, and a current reward.

You may not always get the satisfactory angle to put in your case, but keep working unless it clicks in your mind 'Nobody has done this before'.

Also, make sure you provide the truth - no exaggerated statistics.

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  1. Make a framework for yourself

You can start building a structure once you have your basic tale.

Most case studies are divided into four categories: company biography, challenge, methodology, and benefits.

Structures are intended to help the tale stand out, not constrain it. Make it fit the story by adding four or five subheadings.

  1. Keep your content readable

Keep it straightforward by not using too many marketing buzzwords or clichéd product explanations.

Make sure you're accurately referring to items and types of implementation or acquisition.

Maintain the accuracy of the story.

Also, make sure to add relevant details.

  1. Keep a limitation on your body content

A case study should be between 500 and 750 words in length. People will discontinue reading it if it becomes too lengthy.

Reduce duplication, condense quotes, and double-check that everything you write is relevant to the plot.

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  1. Concentrate on your narrative

When you write a case study, you cannot simply put down the story with random statistical data. Instead, you need to present your identity through your write-up; the same goes for the approach you want to provide through the topic.

  1. Be as precise as possible

It's all in the details.

They not only add credibility to the case study but also provide answers to the reader's questions.

The more details you look for in your case study, the more you can figure out the loopholes.

  1. Keep a specific deadline for submission

Whenever you write a case study, do not exceed more than a week. If you are developing a story, try to finish your case study in a short span to the longevity of the topic.

Often business firms assign case studies on trending topics, for which you need to keep an eye on the trend 24x7.

You cannot afford to lose your chances with a failed case study. Hence, for topics on those genres, try to be specific and start working on the day assigned itself.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Writing a Case Study


1. Providing insufficient background information

When writing a case study, you must make it apparent to your readers what your study is about. You must also include background information about the company or person upon which your analysis is based.

Missing such vital information can lead to an unstable foundation for the rest of your paper.

Unexpected outcomes can result from a lack of information. Furthermore, it demonstrates that you are lacking in qualitative data.

Always strive to make your readers aware of what is coming next to avoid errors. If you need aid with case study writing, check for case study writing help services.

2. Failure to Ensure Proven Results

Every case study aims to show that each product or service was a good investment. It usually signifies that you want to end on a positive note.

However, when creating a law case study assignment, the outcomes may not always be favorable.

But the most important thing to remember is that whatever result you come up with, you must be able to back it up with facts.

To support your claim, use quotes, briefs, or stories. You can also look for case study references to improve your research.

3. You Haven't Considered Your Readers

Your reader can use case studies to help them decide on a product or service without spending much money.

Now, most budding writers fail to fit their projects to the intended audience and hence cannot have a meaningful impact on their writing.

Facts and figures are the focus of the case studies. As a result, remember who you're writing for and include enough evidence to persuade them to agree with your arguments.

4. Not Being Able To Choose An Angle

Your angle is your point of view that conveys your level of interest to the audience.

Choosing an angle assists readers in grasping the story's concept and distinguishes your research.

Failing to do so, readers will get confused about what you want to convey.

The absence of an angle makes the case study vague.

Assume your case study is just like a song without meaning. That's what sounds like a case study without an angle.

5. Failure to Provide Appropriate Information

Your research will be incomplete if you leave out key facts like geographic areas, client operations, firm portfolio, and so on. These facts are crucial when you want your readers to know about your firm and hence relate to your issue.

Such omissions can lead your readers to believe that your research is irrelevant and unconvincing.

Your case study's authenticity will suffer as a result of being ambiguous, and your readers will be dissatisfied.

To avoid this, you can turn to law case samples from available sources on the internet or work on a practice paper and enhance your skills.


Writing case studies is a gradual process, and you cannot score a hundred on a single day. But, no one stops you from learning and practicing. Hence, apply these tips to your writing and master the art of writing case studies.

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