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How To Write an Opinion Essay
 John  24 Nov, 2020  Essay

How To Write an Opinion Essay

Opinion Essay is a type of essay where you choose a topic and provide arguments in favor or against the topic. Throughout the content, you have to clearly state the opinions. Moreover, opinion essay writing requires the students to apply their intellect and scour through various resources to present authentic information. If you go through a few opinion essay samples, you will understand it perfectly. If you are wondering what is an opinion essay, you can get a grasp of the essay type in this blog. What is the Authentic Opinion Essay Outline?  Similar to any other essay, the opinion essay outline is a simple one. It has three main sections- the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Usually, there are two types of opinion essays: On-side opinion essay Two-sided opinion essay In the case of the one-sided opinion essay, be it personal opinion essay or argumentative opinion essay, all the arguments either oppose or favor an aspect. You also have the opportunity to expre...

How To Write an Exemplification Essay
 John  30 Sep, 2020  Essay

How To Write an Exemplification Essay

Definition of exemplification essay It is a type of an analytical or argumentative essay where examples are used for proving any thesis statement. While writing any analytic or argumentative essay generally the facts, quotations, examples and statistics are used as a part of evidence. Hence, writing an exemplification essay it is important to mainly focus into the examples exclusively. An argumentative essay is cindered to be one of the easiest way for proving your point of view. On the other hand, the easiest way to present any idea in a better way is to use different examples. Writing exemplification essay will improve the academic writing skill using different examples for better understanding. 10 Simple Steps to write a perfect exemplification essay There are some of the simple steps which will help in writing a better exemplification essay and the steps are provided following: Step 1: choosing a topic – picking up an eye-catching theme makes the essay 50% more attract...

A Complete Guide for Social Media Essay Writing
 John  09 Sep, 2020  Essay

Social Media Essay

On today's date, it is hard to find a person who does not have a social media account. The availability of cheaper smartphones and affordable internet packages has made it easier for everyone to remain active on social media platforms. But when it comes to writing a social media essay, students often find themselves in a pickle. To draft an impressive piece on social media essay topics, you need to put in a lot of effort. Having a basic understanding of social media can undoubtedly help you in establishing cogent arguments in the essay. But if you want your essay on social media to stand out, you need to take several measures. How to Produce an Impressive Essay on Social Media? Writing a social media essay is not much different from writing any other kind of essay. Also, it is important to understand that social media essay is not a different kind of essay. It can be an argumentative, a persuasive, a narrative, or an analysis essay, as long as the topic is based on social media. To...

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay
 John  30 Jul, 2020  Essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay is quite a popular type of essays in the US curriculum. As the name suggests, this essay requires you to compare and contrast any number of ideas such as people, theories, books, etc. You can organize a compare and contrast essay in two ways- Point by Point method and Block method. Before checking out how to write a compare and contrast essay, let’s understand what this essay means. What Is The Point Of Writing A Compare and Contrast Essay? A compare and contrast essay highlights the differences and similarities between the two ideas. You get to talk about the ways in which the ideas are similar when you compare. However, you describe their respective differences when you contrast them. The main purposes of writing a compare and contrast essay are: Encourages you to connect two or more ideas Engages you in critical thinking Helps you go beyond summaries or descriptions so that you can generate interesting analysis All in all, this ...

How To Structure An Essay
 John  29 Jun, 2020  Essay

How To Structure An Essay

Essays are an indispensable part of every academic curriculum. Akin to short stories, well-written essays are the tell-tale sign of a skillful writer. Several pivotal factors contribute to the quality of classic compositions. One of the most important amongst all is the essay's structure, which plays a crucial role in its success. Essay structures vary, and there is no specific set of guidelines for it. Yet, it is the structure that determines an essay’s readability and effectiveness. How you deliver the information is as important as what information you provide. Some random ideas and data written without context can put off any potential reader. Irrespective of whether you are following a short or long essay format, structuring is crucial to quality. Read on to find out all there is to know about the essentiality of an academic essay’s structure. Essay Structure vs. Essay Outline  “How to structure an essay perfectly?” is a common question amongst novi...


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