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How to Cite a Poem
 John  23 Aug, 2021  Essay

How to Cite a Poem

Poetry is the artistic form of writing and is often used in essays and research papers by literature and language students. However, it is challenging to include poem quotes in your writing if you don't know how to cite a poem accurately.When you quote a poet in an essay, you must properly format the in-text citation and quotation to help your grader find the correct source of the cited quote. In this guide, you will how to cite a poem in MLA along with necessary citing requirements. How to Cite a Poem in MLA – Guidelines & Examples The formatting guidelines of citing a poem vary by the source of the poem. You may have basic questions like - do you put poem titles in quotes or how to write the title of a poem in an essay. Hence to answer how to write the title of a poem in MLA, here’s what you must remember:In MLA, titles of books, websites, films, plays, and databases are italicized. They are only placed in quotes if it is a part of a larger work. Furthermore, poems,...

How to Start a Personal Essay
 John  28 Apr, 2021  Essay

Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay for college is no easy task. After all, your college admission depends upon how much you can impress the interviewer with just a few words. This kind of essay also follows a similar five-paragraph format with the introduction, body and conclusion. However, this is a highly naïve way of thinking. Your personal statement essay is a piece of yourself that you share with someone else where you present your worldview and critical thinking abilities. It is a good way for a potential employer or college admission officer to gauge how much you can contribute to their institution.Before we start going over the basic steps of writing a personal narrative essay, let's understand what it stands for. What Is A Personal Essay? A personal essay is a piece of writing that describes the author's personal experiences and what they gained from such an experience. You usually write this type of essay in a conversational tone, and the focus is usually not on the subject of ...

College Essay Topics
 John  23 Mar, 2021  Essay

College Essay Topics

A lot of students think that it is easier for them to write an essay if they are given the liberty to choose their own topic. However, it is not always the case. In fact, the freedom of choosing your own college essay topics puts a lot of additional responsibilities on your shoulder. You may need to spend hours, even days, finding the right topic for your essay. It is important to understand that the topic often determines the quality of the respective essay. You cannot just pick any topic you like and expect to develop an impressive essay on it. You need to consider a number of things while shortlisting the college essay ideas. If you don’t have a clue about how to do it, just follow these steps mentioned below: 1. Study the requirements first: Before you get to the point of choosing good college essay topics, you need to understand the requirements of the essay structure and the instructions your professor has given for the task. The requirements will tell you what type of e...

How To Write an Opinion Essay
 John  24 Nov, 2020  Essay

How To Write an Opinion Essay

Opinion Essay is a type of essay where you choose a topic and provide arguments in favor or against the topic. Throughout the content, you have to clearly state the opinions. Moreover, opinion essay writing requires the students to apply their intellect and scour through various resources to present authentic information. If you go through a few opinion essay samples, you will understand it perfectly. If you are wondering what is an opinion essay, you can get a grasp of the essay type in this blog. What is the Authentic Opinion Essay Outline?  Similar to any other essay, the opinion essay outline is a simple one. It has three main sections- the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Usually, there are two types of opinion essays: On-side opinion essay Two-sided opinion essay In the case of the one-sided opinion essay, be it personal opinion essay or argumentative opinion essay, all the arguments either oppose or favor an aspect. You also have the opportunity to expre...

How To Write an Exemplification Essay
 John  30 Sep, 2020  Essay

How To Write an Exemplification Essay

Definition of exemplification essay It is a type of an analytical or argumentative essay where examples are used for proving any thesis statement. While writing any analytic or argumentative essay generally the facts, quotations, examples and statistics are used as a part of evidence. Hence, writing an exemplification essay it is important to mainly focus into the examples exclusively. An argumentative essay is cindered to be one of the easiest way for proving your point of view. On the other hand, the easiest way to present any idea in a better way is to use different examples. Writing exemplification essay will improve the academic writing skill using different examples for better understanding. 10 Simple Steps to write a perfect exemplification essay There are some of the simple steps which will help in writing a better exemplification essay and the steps are provided following: Step 1: choosing a topic – picking up an eye-catching theme makes the essay 50% more attract...




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