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Plagiarism Checker

Having traces of plagiarism in your academic paper can put you in trouble. But plagiarism is not always intentional. It can be an honest mistake, as well. However, your professor will not believe you if you say that 15% of your content coincidentally matches with an online article. That's why it's important to use a paper plagiarism checker.

The best thing about our online plagiarism checker is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to check your documents with the tool. It is available for free for everyone who wants to use it. But then again, there are several other free plagiarism checkers available online. Then what makes our tool the best plagiarism checker in the market? Let’s find out.

Main Advantages of Plagiarism Detector

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Advanced Features

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Free Plagiarism Checker with the Most Advanced Features

The plagiarism checker at is available for free, but it has all the major features you can find in a premium-quality plagiarism checker tool. As a matter of fact, this is an advanced plagiarism checker that is available for everyone free of cost. Among its advanced features, you get:

  • Plagiarism checking against more than 1.5 billion webpages and 10 million publications
  • A no-plagiarism repository of 5 million+ academic papers, articles and journals
  • Improved algorithm for smooth performance
  • Compatibility with documents of any given length
  • 100% authentic reports made under the supervision of professional experts
  • User-friendly interface

Moreover, anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use this free online plagiarism checker. While students are the ones who will be benefitted from this tool, it can be used as a college plagiarism checker for teachers as well.

How to Use Our Online Plagiarism Checker?

At, you don’t need to register to use the online plagiarism checker. You only need to perform three simple steps to get the plagiarism report of your document.

  • Step 1: Upload the text:

When you access our free plagiarism checker online, you need to upload the text on the dedicated field provided in the tool. You can copy your text and paste it directly, drag and drop the file or use the upload option to upload the document on the tool. Our tool is compatible with several document formats, including .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, .PPT, PPTX, and .PDF.

  • Step 2: Check plagiarism:

Once you have uploaded the text on the tool, you need to click on the “Check Plagiarism” button on the tool. On clicking the button, our paper plagiarism checker will start scanning the document. The free online plagiarism checker compares the material with billions of web pages and publications, and with the no-plag database saved at

  • Step 3: Get the analysis report:

After comparing the text with other existing content, our plagiarism checker provides you with the analysis report, highlighting if there is any trace of plagiarism in the paper. Our tool highlights the portion in the text that is similar to existing data. Also, it is a plagiarism checker with a percentage indicator, which means you can measure how much content is plagiarized.

Whether you are looking for an essay plagiarism checker or want the best plagiarism checker for research papers, this tool can assist with all such requirements.

Enjoy Additional Benefits with the Best Plagiarism Checker Online

Apart from all the features available with our advanced plagiarism checker online, every user gets to enjoy many additional benefits. These additional perks also separate our tool from the other plagiarism tools available on the internet.

Here's what makes our tool the best plagiarism checker for students.

  • Instant result; zero waiting time
  • Compatible with all popular browsers across all devices
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited number of uses without any registration
  • Works seamlessly with all kinds of documents

It is hard to find another free online plagiarism checker that offers this many additional features. So, what is stopping you? Submit your text and get your plagiarism report from the best plagiarism checker today.

What Makes It a Useful Plagiarism Checker for Students?

As mentioned before, submitting a document with traces of plagiarism can lead to serious consequences, including suspension and even expulsion. By using our plagiarism checker, students can check if there are any traces of plagiarism in their pieces of content. If the tool identifies any plagiarized content, the students can rectify the highlighted portion and remove plagiarism from the content.

Having such a tool at your disposal can boost your confidence in academic writing. You can write your paper more freely without worrying about plagiarism. If you unintentionally put any plagiarized content in the paper, you can identify and remove it with the help of our free plagiarism checker. Besides, the percentage indicator in the tool also helps you track your progress in producing authentic content.

Moreover, if you feel like availing professional assistance in removing plagiarism from your content, you can get it from our team of skilled experts at Our team remains active all-round the clock.

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