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Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Here are the regulations one must consider following while using our services and products. It is to be noted that these terms and conditions shall be applicable to every user on our site which include visitors of the website as well. We would also like to mention the fact that in this site words such as “us”, “we” and “Assignment help” refers to the site And the word “you”, refers to students, parents and to anyone and everyone who will be using our website and the services that are available.

Statement of Copyright

  • We don’t bear the responsibility for any kind of loss of data that may happen on your server, network or pc.
  • We reserve the right to suspend potential visitors from accessing our website during the time of website maintenance and other updates.
  • We are not to be held responsible in case of any student’s failure in any course. It is to be understood that assignment service is a subjective matter, and our associate experts shall always give their best in order to help students with the task.
  • Only well-tested, updated, reliable and advanced software are used by our executives. The experts put sincere effort and work hard in order to make sure that your experience of visiting our website remains smooth, but we can’t guarantee the fact that yore access to the website will be hundred percent error-free.
  • is not to be held liable for any kind of delay or interruption during the time of accessing this website. But you can always expect us to assist you in this matter.
  • Due to poor grades which may arise due to our assignment writing service, our experts offer reworks and revisions, but we don’t offer any kind of money refund in case of academic failures and the likes.
  • A product or service cone delivered to the student will be considered as a sold product.
  • We are not to be held responsible for any kind of interruption or non-access to the site that may happen due to connectivity error, web link failures and likewise factors that are aren’t controlled by us.

Usage Limitation

  • The user must of be at least 10 years of age to subscribe to Students who are below the age of 10, must take permission from their parents or legal guardian before availing the services offered by our site. 
  • We allow students to have limited authority in the matter of using our services for the purpose of personal non-commercial use.
  • The transaction receipt of the services is solely meant for you, and one cannot transfer the rights to another person. This can only be done if we mutually agree to do the same, and in writing.
  • Registering with makes you responsible in the matter of using the information provided by tutors solely for the purpose of study. You also agree not to submit the information by naming it as an original work, for the sake of acquiring better grades or course credit.
  • Violation of the terms and conditions mentioned above will result into the termination of the license which was granted to you by

Charges holds the right to charge subscription fees or membership amounts for using our available services.


We have the right to amend terms and conditions without notifying yap with it prior to the activity. However, the latest terms and conditions shall replace the old ones.


If any of the mentioned terms and conditions becomes outdated or unenforceable, then the other regulations shall however remain unaffected.


By agreeing to subscribe to our services and newsletters, the potential student agrees to receive emails, promotional contents and service updates from time to time.

Refund and Revision Policy

Please refer to the section of Revision and Refund

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the section of Privacy Policy

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