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Jaguar Case Study Analysis

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Jaguar Case Study

Jaguar is the largest automobile manufacturing business of UK the company manufactures ultra primum cars that are very luxurious, beautiful as well as an excellent piece of engineering. The cars cost huge and its major competitors are Ferrari as well as Aston Martin. The company was brought over by Tata Motors and it has been performing really well after the acquisition. The distribution channels as well as the sales of Jaguar and Land rovers are almost the same. It built about two iconic British brand of car- Land Rover, the world’s top manufacturer of premium all wheel drive vehicles as well as Jaguar which is one the world’s premier luxury sports as well as sports car marques. All the cars are engineered as well as designed in Britain and when they have an ambitious plan for the international growth, the heart of the business stays in the midland of UK.  For supporting the expansion, Jaguar is continuously making investment in new models. The development needs the urgent movements of the parts, documents as well as equipment. The deliveries can range from the parts of prototypes to the accessories of the car for promotional photo-shoots and documents to release bespoke vehicles for their new owners. Because of the urgent nature of the requirement of Jaguar, it is crucial that their courier providers is responsive to any critical demands which might arise at any moment. In order to improve the environmental impact as well as the vehicle performance, Jaguar sought to innovate as well as incorporate aluminium into their designs as well as process of manufacturing. As a lightweight as well as infinitely recyclable material, an aluminium intensive design would lower the vehicle mass, improve the efficiency of the fuels as reduce the environmental footprint as well as running cost for the customers. We are also providing Kraft Foods UK case study solution.

SWOT analysis of Jaguar


  • Popularity-Jaguar is a very popular brand in the luxurious automobile manufacturers. The company has managed to stay away from the scandals as well as they have created a good image of their brand for themselves
  • Workforce- The company has a very skilled workforce. The quality of jaguar is of primeimportance. That is why the company has skilled talent at hand which works for delivering beautiful cars to the customers.Jaguar case study help offered by
  • Barriers to the entry of market- Jaguar have developed a niche category and earned a name for the brand. This the reason why it is very difficult for the new brands to crave their way into the category of rich as well as premium customers.
  • Ownership-The Tata ownership comes with a huge pride as well as years of legacy attached to the brand. Due to this, there is an added bonus to the brand of the trust factor as well as reliability that flows by all the companies of tata or the companies which is owned by them.
  • Brand value-Jaguar is a high brand recall due to its creative positioning as well as promotions. This has created a high value for itself. The company is placed at 70th in the top 150 brands of UK. This shows their supremacy in this segment.
  • Research and development spending-The company put in a lot of efforts in efforts in research as well as development for getting ready the future as well as offering every possible latest tech before the competition. We are also providing KIA Motors case study

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  • Range of product-the company has good products which is available for the customers to select them. But the company still lack in numbers when compared to the competitors. Jaguar needs to increase the number of product as well as introduce new variants to attract their potential customers.
  • Dependency on few models-few models mean the loss on potential customers for the company. The designers lacked the popularity and at times it was even criticised.
  • Issues in the past-even after being known for the quality there have been few issues with the English auto manufacturer in the past. There was once a problem of seatbelt of the rear seats as well as cars had needed to be recalled. Once there was a problem with the corrosion protection. We are also providing Amazon case study


  • Target new markets-Targeting some emerging markets like India as well as China to get the untapped potential of the customers. The company needs to increase the sales in these regions as well as setup new facilities of production over here.
  • New technology-Hybrid technology is the new future. Many auto manufacturer have started concentrating on the areas and the needs of jaguar for starting as soon as possible.
  • Acquisitions-Jaguar can identify new acquisitions for targeting new base of customers. They need to trade down for the increase of their customer base as well as making higher sales and profits.
  • Demand-because of an increase in the disposable income of people they tend to spend more on luxuries. It is a good time for the company for increasing their sales s swell as make profits.


  • Competition-The company has strong competition form Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and many others. All of them are well settled players in the market with similar target audience. They have excellent cars and therefore competition is very stiff in this segment.
  • Financial instability in the market-Financial instability like recession or inflation causes people to spend less. People tend to cut down on luxuries first. This can hit the brand very hard on their sales. This can hit the brand very hard and can affect their sales. The brand also depends on the foreign sales too so if there are fluctuations which is caused by the instability of the currency can directly impact the sales of the company.
  • The increase in the cost of raw materials- The costly raw materials can have a direct impact the cost of production of the company.
  • Changing government and environmental policies- The world is now focusing on a technology which is more fuel efficient and the government is planning on changing the policies of the environment for the same. This can be a threat to the future of the company if they do not align themselves with this idea.

Pestle analysis

Political factors- Political stability being an important factor affects the business of the company like if the company is planning to expand the factory of car manufacturing. The increase or decrease in the level of tax on the car sales by the Government will also drive the decision making of the company. The introduction of the consumption of fuel or the environmental tax for making the vehicle more efficient and can affect the manufacturing and the sales of the4 jaguar car.

Economic factors- The change in the spending of government can also change the method of payments of jaguar for the production or development. The reduced government investment in the car industry or any less borrowing as well as lending can affect the development of the company. The increased development of the infrastructure can offer more transport links leading to higher production levels as well as easy distribution of the products by Jaguar. When there is a rise in the rate of inflation, the company has to increase the prices for earning to profit.

Social Factors- The trends of the society are ever changing and it can affect any business. Companies such as Jaguar have to be well aware of the religious values as well as believes of the people living in some region.

Technological factors- Jaguar is very popular for utilising the cutting-edge innovation in the manufacturing as well as design of its car. The expertise in the aluminium technology has moved the world by offering the light weight but efficient cars. The cars have been introduced with the models of e-performance having an intelligent system to optimize the efficiency. The company is still developing the perspective technologies for eradicating the errors of driving as well as safe road journeys.

Legal factors- Jaguar have to fulfil the laws of trade as well as the rights of the employees stated by the Government for carrying out the operations of the business successfully. The company has to get registered for its patents as well as copyrights for avoiding the sale of fake products with the same name. The general costing as well as prices is set by the manufacturers of the car as like jaguar for facilitating a fair competition. The law of the company must be followed before initiating a new car manufacturing set up in any new region.

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Environmental factors- The company gives immense importance to address the environmental issues like a motor industry manufacturer. It has implemented different legislations for ensuring the minimum wastage as well as emission. Jaguar is working very hard for creating a fuel-efficient design of car using the recyclable material s such as aluminium. The new advanced diesel engines have provided a big uplift in terms of torque as well as power. The company is even taking different environmental initiatives such as investment in projects focusing on the promotion of the renewable resources of energy.

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