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Tricks to Check Plagiarism in Assignments
 Rakesh September 21, 2022  Assignment

Tricks to Check Plagiarism in Assignments

What Is Plagiarism? A question that comes to mind when you deal with academic papers. To answer the questions in the simplest way is basically copying others’ work with permission. There are different aspects of plagiarism that students need to be aware of and below are some details that can help students understand the different layers of plagiarism. The literal meaning of plagiarism is stealing or copying from another’s work and using it as own work. The word comes from the Latin term ‘plagiarius', which means kidnapper. Everything is available on the internet for free, so everyone is sharing, viewing, and searching text, audio, and video for free. As a result, there is an abundance of information available, and it makes life much easier than before. So when someone misuses information by representing it as own, no one identifies it unless it is checked through software. How To Avoid Plagiarism? There are several ways to avoid plagiarism. First, students can co...

Objective vs. Subjective
 Deepak July 19, 2022  Assignment

Differences between Objective & Subjective

The difference between objective and subjective is important in English grammar. These two words, objective and subjective, are totally opposite in meaning. This is based on the point of views which often determines the type of writing in a prose. While subjective is based on personal opinions or views, objective is based on facts. In other words, subjective is influenced by personal feelings, while objective is influenced by facts only. The differences along with the definitions are explained below. Objective: Objective statements always give the facts. An objective implies a goal, but being objective implies that the person is unbiased. Hence, if a person is objective about something, then it can be inferred that the person does not have any personal feelings about the thing. In English grammar, the word ‘objective’ is related to the object of a sentence. Therefore, when an objective opinion is needed, it indicates that an unbiased and fact based opinion is required fo...

Frequency Distribution Tables
 Deepak July 19, 2022  Assignment

An Overview of Frequency Distribution Tables

The literal meaning of the word frequency is the rate at which something occurs over a specified period. The frequency of an observation signifies that the observation occurs in the data happens a certain number of times. Take a look at the following data set – a, b, d, f, e, b, b, c, g, d, c, c, b, b, a, d, b In the series mentioned above, the frequency of the letter b is 6. Now that you know how the frequency of observations is measured, let's discuss what frequency distribution is. Frequency distribution is the representation of data (either in graphical or tabular format) to show the number of observations with a given interval. The length (or size) of the interval depends on the data that is being analyzed or the objectives of the analyst. Understanding Frequency Distribution A frequency distribution is used as a statistical tool to provide a visual representation for the distribution of observations made within a particular examination. Analysts use this process to vi...

Coronavirus : Student's Life and Impact on Universities
 Deepak July 19, 2022  Assignment

Coronavirus: Impact on Students Life and Universities

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe is not unknown to any of us. The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of chaos around the world. Schools, colleges and universities had to shut down to stop the virus from spreading via human contact. Though complete lockdown was necessary for the situation, it had a major impact on the students and the college/schools/universities in the US. Education board authorities couldn’t afford to risk the lives of so many students and had to close down. This has led to stagnant educational courses and cancellation of classes, thus affecting the careers and futures of the students. If you want to use the quarantine hours learning something, remember that is here to support you. We have over 1500 expert writers who are ever ready to help you learn more with our solutions. You can use our services to complete the assignments that your school has given you to do during the lockdown period. We know that this is a hard time to conce...

Exploring the Difference Between Effect and Affect
 Deepak July 19, 2022  Assignment

Exploring The Differences Between Effect And Affect

Homonyms, in any form or shape, can be confusing for students, especially for the ones who would fail to recognize the meaning and application of each word. Talking of homonyms, effect and affect happens to be one such pair that comes with a lot of key explanations, references and “How’s” and “Whys” Now that you are eager to understand the key differences between affect and effect, take some time out to read this blog. Get the hang of this homonym and explore the lesser-known facts associated with the same. Effect vs Affect - A Concrete Overview Similar to other homonyms, students tend to easily mix up the pronunciation, meaning, and application of effect and affect. Thus, to simplify the ideas behind ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, we have jotted down a few vital pointers for your reference and clarity. The word ‘affect’ denotes change, influence, or an action against the primary subject of discussion. On the other hand, ...

Why Proofreading is Important | How To Proofread Your Paper
 Deepak July 19, 2022  Assignment

Why Proofreading is Important

We cannot deny that! Did you know that 31% of students miss the A grade by a sliver not because of a poorly-presented paper but for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in their writing?Although most students disregard the importance of proofreading, editing is the very essence of written assignments. Proofreading serves as the final review of your assignment before you submit it. When you edit your paper, you can ensure that the language and tone used is appropriate and that the message of the paper is clear. Accurate proofreading can help you avoid petty mistakes in your assignments, thus helping you score better grades. But the primary reason why most students turn their papers with the mistakes in them is that they do not know how to proofread. So what does proofreading mean? Here is everything that you need to know. What is Proofreading? As per proofreading’s definition, proofreading involves identifying and correcting inconsistencies in writing. Proofreadi...






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