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Apple Case Study Analysis

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Apple Case Study


Apple Inc. is currently an American multinational technology organization. Apple Inc. is specialized in computer software, consumer electric and online services. The flagship product of Apple is their iPhones lineup. Apple is also the most significant technology company globally by revenue, and it is the most valuable company in the world in terms of market capitalization. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1976. The initial days of Apple were not very good. During 1996 it was at the point of bankruptcy. It happened as Apple failed to make any difference in the market. Apple was facing different types of management-related issues, and also, at the same time, the launch of Windows 95 severely affected the Mac technology of Apple. By 1996, Apple became a complete minor player in the computer business with high price cuts, shrinking market share and declining profits.You might use plagiarism checker tool to check the duplicay of the content.

Apple as a brand revived in 1997 when Steve Jobs joined the company again. Steve Jobs followed the consumer approach first in the market and gave success to Apple. Simplicity was the main reason behind the success of Apple. By overcoming all of these issues, Apple has become the most successful consumer of electronic goods worldwide. For understanding Apple Inc. in a much better way, it is essential to perform SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the organization, which is done in the following section.If you are looking for marketing assignment help providers in the United States, consider hiring our service.

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Mission and Vision of Apple Inc:

Vision: The central vision of Apple is to make everyone in the world a part of the future technology. Apple is focused on developing the best computing technologies in the world.

Mission: The mission of Apple is to develop the best personal computing products for designers, students, scientists, educators, business persons, engineers and consumers all around the world.

Swot Analysis of Apple:


  • Apple is currently the most valuable brand globally, and Apple is holding this position for the eighth consecutive year. This vital position in the market is a strength for Apple Inc.
  • The technology used in Apple is a top-class technology. Apple has introduced different types of innovative products in the market. These products have a significant impact on the market. The utilization of these top technologies is an essential strength for Apple.
  • Apple is one of the most reliable technology companies in the world. Apple only produces high-quality products with advanced technologies. It is the main reason behind the reliability of Apple products. Reliable products are an essential strength for the organization. Get Apple case study help at
  • The demand for Apple products is very high all around the world. The top-quality technology and components used in Apple products make it highly demanding in every market worldwide. Therefore, this high demand for Apple products is a vital strength organization.
  • Apple spends a high amount of budget every year for their product designing. Due to this extensive research and development in the product design segment, Apple can develop some of the most attractive designs for their product. These products are also developed considering the requirements and needs of the customers. So, the product designing segment is also an essential strength for the organization.
  • Apple is not limited to consumer electronic goods, but they are also expanding their other services year by year. In the current aspect, the highest revenue for Apple is generated from their iPhones, but apparently, the digital services provided by them is the second biggest contributor to their revenue. The essential services provided by Apple include iCloud, streaming services, App Store, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV. This type of diversified service portfolio is a strength for the organization.


  • Apple charges a premium price tag for all of its products. Compared with Apple, similar technology and products are already available in the market with cheaper price tags. Due to this reason, most low-income consumers cannot purchase and experience Apple products. Due to the same reason, the market share of Apple in developing countries is very low. There is a huge market available in these countries, but Apple cannot capture these markets due to its premium price tag. Therefore, it is a significant weakness for the organization.
  • Apple designs their services and products in a particular way that it becomes incompatible with other software and systems. Due to this reason, compatibility issues occur with Apple products. Here, the consumer needs to develop an Apple ecosystem with different Apple products for seamless compatibility with different types of electronic devices. This compatibility issue is deal-breaking for some particular consumers, and for this reason, it is a significant weakness for the organization.
  • Apple is entering into different digital service segments, where a high amount of competition is already present. For example, Apple is developing a solid position in video streaming services, where market-leading organizations like Netflix and Disney are already operating. This high competition can create issues for Apple, and apparently, their product might also fail. For example, Apple Maps can be considered, which failed to compete with Google Maps. So, it is a significant weakness for the organization.
  • Apple is accused of performing unfair business practices, where they decreased the performance of their devices through a software update, forcing consumers to go for a new device. These unfair practices created a negative image of Apple in the market, which is an essential weakness of the organization.


  • Due to the use of dominating technology, Apple is successfully increasing its market share in different regions. It is a significant opportunity for the organization.
  • Apple hires the most experienced and qualified people for their research and development purposes. Therefore, the chances of innovation are marginally higher in Apple.
  • Smart wearable technology is becoming a trend, and Apple already has a good market position in this segment. In the future, it can be a significant opportunity for Apple to expand its business portfolio.
  • Apple uses artificial intelligence technology in different product and service portfolios, which is helping Apple to improve its product and services.


  • Due to the trade war between the US and China, Apple has faced supply chain disruption in its operations. If the supply chain does not become stable for Apple, it can be a significant threat.
  • Apple is one of the most dominant consumer electronics producers in the market, but competition from different types of organizations, including Google, Dell and Samsung, has increased. This increased competition is becoming a significant threat for Apple.

Many cheap brands are creating counterfeit items of Apple products. This type of counterfeit product, which are sold as Apple in the market, is a significant threat for the organization.So, you need not worry about the quality of research when we provide you with Apple  case study help.

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Pestle Analysis of Apple:


  • The current political condition between the US and China is disrupting the operations of Apple, as the complete manufacturing facility of Apple is located in China.
  • Income inequality is a significant political issue in the US, and for that high amount of taxation may be levied on Apple.


  • The operational cost of Apple is increasing as the average labour cost in China is also increasing.
  • Recently the US dollar has weakened in the world due to the covid-19 pandemic. It has made the operation of Apple more costly in other Nations.


  • Apple has successfully created an emotional attachment with its existing customers and in the established markets. This factor can help Apple to drive its sales.
  • Due to the premium price tag of Apple, in many societies, it is believed that Apple products are not justifying its price tag. It creates a negative image of Apple products in society.
  • As incomes in developing countries are increasing, they are becoming more focused on quality products, and in this segment, they are giving the first preference to Apple.


  • In terms of technology utilization and innovation, many Chinese bands perform better than Apple in the present time. So, Apple also needs to improve their utilization of technology in different segments.
  • With improved technology, Apple can add different types of features to the existing systems. It is helping to improve the existing products and services of Apple.


  • Apple has recently been involved in highly regulated financial services through their Apple pay, and for this reason, different types of legal factors will be applied to them.
  • Apple uses different types of intellectual property and copyright items in their digital services, and for this reason, they need to comply with different types of legal factors.


  • Different types of chemical components are used in the manufacturing process of Apple products. Some of these components are highly toxic to the environment.
  • Disposal of non-working electronic devices has also become a major environmental factor, as it negatively impacts the environment.
  • Apple has taken the initiative to remove charges from the boxes to reduce the negative impact on the environment.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Apple is one of the most critical consumer electronics and technology companies globally. It is currently the most successful and valuable technology company in the whole world. The iPhone series of Apple is famous all over the world. From the SWOT analysis of Apple, different types of strengths of this organization have been identified. In this case, the most dominant factor for Apple is its brand image. People consider Apple a sign of luxury, which is a fundamental reason for its strong market position despite its premium price tag. Many political and environmental factors are affecting Apple negatively, but apparently, Apple can mitigate these negative impacts on the organization.As you can see, when you avail our Apple case study assignment help service, you get all-round assistance. Thus, if you want to stand out from the rest of the class, you can contact us.

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