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Upload Your Paper To Check Paper

Upload Your Paper To Check Paper

Now it’s 10X easier to ensure that your academic paper is 100% accurate and error-free. Upload your paper on our paper checker tool with just a click, and let the tool scan your paper thoroughly. Fromgrammatical issues to minute traces of plagiarism, our tool is here to identify all the essential aspects of your academic paper. It takes a few seconds for the scanning to complete and show you the results. The tool is absolutely free for anybody willing to perfect their paper before the final submission.

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Find And Fix Grammar Issues In The Paper

Find And Fix Grammar Issues In The Paper

Nothing annoys your professors more than silly, unacceptable grammatical mistakes in an academic paper. International students often find it hectic to use perfect native English in their writing. Now, you can get the grammar of your entire paper checked thoroughly on one simple tool- our paper checker tool. The tool is fast and is AI-based. Thus, it scans every word and sentence before generating the results. From overuse of adverbs, misuse of words to using too many prepositions and comma splices, it highlights all kinds of grammatical errors present in your document.

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Check For Unintentional Plagiarism

Check For Unintentional Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is a major pain in the head, especially when you have tons of tasks at hand. At times, your paper may show traces of plagiarism even if you haven’t plagiarised intentionally. Thus, it is always a smart move to check the plagiarism of your entire paper before submitting it in class. Our paper checker tool conducts a deep scan of your document against millions of web pages and academic databases to detect even the tiniest trace of plagiarism if present. The tool will highlight not only the plagiarised sections but also the original source.

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Strengthen Your Writing By Expert Help

Strengthen Your Writing By Expert Help

Perfection is what you can achieve by choosing our online assignment help services. From conducting thorough research and preparing the structure to writing and proofreading the paper, our experts take care of everything for you. Our team keeps your university guidelines in mind while writing your paper. Whether you need help with a case study or a research paper, we have the right expert for your purpose under one roof. With us by your side, you can expect two guaranteed benefits- higher grades & 100% trustworthy work

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Why Choose for Best Paper Check or Expert Help Online

According to students, is one of the most trustworthy sites to get online assignment help from. We have earned the trust of our huge clientele through sheer hard work, top- notch quality services and a qualified team of subject matter experts. We prepare a strict schedule depending on your deadline to ensure that you get your paper on time no matter what. Our quality analysts check the overall quality of your paper manually to confirm 100% client satisfaction. We provide reasonable charges for our services and provide complementary services, such as proofreading & editing.

Elevate Your Writing Quality Using the Paper Grading Device

Good grades in college greatly depend on students' ability to write insightful text while following the standard guidelines. While writing may not come naturally to most students, it is an important skill for crafting engaging and well-researched academic documents without grammar errors and punctuation mistakes. understands learners' challenges and goes above and beyond to support students in their assignment-related endeavors. We have developed this state-of-the-art paper grader to scrutinize content perfectly.

If you doubt your editing skills and wonder, "I wish someone could grade my paper," your search ends with us. We have the best developers on our team, who created this incredible device with advanced proofreading algorithms, keeping in mind our students' pain points. With our tool, you can correct poor grammar, spelling mistakes, unintentional plagiarism, punctuation mistakes, and other common mistakes and improve the overall quality.

Once you are done checking your paper on the essay grader, you can consult our professional essay writers for detailed feedback. Although our device is designed to generate perfect results, our experts may suggest corrections if required to ensure no minor scope for mark deductions.

Our team is available day and night to guide you and help you create solutions efficiently. So, if you have written an essay and need feedback on the final draft, stop thinking, "I'd like someone to rate my essay," and contact us instead. We will assign the best editor to proofread and polish your academic documents just as they should be. 

Features that Fuel Our Tool

The primary purpose of an essay is to make a coherent argument to a question and make it credible, believable, and reasonable for the readers. No matter what idea you try to put across, it should be clearly stated without grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors for readers' better comprehension. However, creating flawless, non-plagiarized content is easier said than done. You need the right writing skills and clear knowledge of good grammar, proper word choice, and sentence structure to write quality papers within the given word count. If your write-ups are not up to the mark, you can use our essay checker and grader for unlimited suggestions.

Here's why our device stands out from the rest:

���Essay Rating Tool

AI-powered for automatic results

✅ Top-quality Guarantee

No mistake goes unchecked

���Any Paper Length

Supports all types of essays

⭐️Brilliant Result

Plagiarism-free essay 

Developing your skills and essay writing style will take time and effort. If you are willing to give your best to improve yourself, you will always find us by your side. We will assign the best editor to help you brainstorm ideas, write a stellar copy, and improve plagiarism results. Hence, submit your requirements to our editor to process your "grade my essay" request, and let us do what we do best: deliver excellence.

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Essay Quality Checker: Thorough Assessment in 3 Steps

Checking essay papers for writing errors like use of redundant words, incomplete sentences, and syntax errors can hog up a significant chunk of your study time. Things get even more stressful when you have other deadlines to meet. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about correcting your writing errors because you have our tool to make an error-free essay in few moments. Our tool is developed with advanced algorithms and technology similar to AI for generating accurate suggestions for all types of essay paper writing. To use our tool for free online:

  • Enter the essay title in the empty box with the text "paste your title here."
  • Upload your essayfile or copy-paste your content in the bigger empty box.
  • Click on the “grade my essay” option to get detailedsuggestions on the quality of your essay paper.

Everyone’s essay writing skills defer. However, you don’t need the skills of an author to write sentences that make sense and flow logically, highlighting different ideas. Instead, your aim should be to avoid repetitions, spelling typos, awkward sentence phrasings, and excessive use of non-academic words. By using our tool or consulting our in-house essay paper checker, you can create essays that make you stand out from your nemesis and get your professor’s praises.

Why Should I Use Checker for Grading My Paper?

Checking errors is not the only reason to use our tool. You can weed out unintentional plagiarism within essays and papers and make changes to strengthen the credibility of your write-ups. Even the best performers in class tend to get nervous while writing essays. So, you must carefully proofread to fix the wrong words. 

Our free online essay checker provides instant feedback so you can correct misplaced punctuations, subject-verb agreement inaccuracies, and irrelevant use of words. Let's delve deeper into why you should use our checker to boost your grades:

Enhanced Clarity

Get rid of complicated sentences and words with intuitive suggestions to improve your papers' clarity, tone, and fluency. Our device will suggest proper linking words and phrasal verbs, detect unnecessary use of passive voice, and highlight illogical references.

Improved Vocabulary

Repetitive words and sentences can make your paper a dull and uninteresting read. With our checker, you can remove redundancy and make your write-ups engaging.

No Grammatical Concerns

Our paper corrector can catch spelling, lexical, semantic, grammar, and various other issues. It will underline the weak areas so you can make the necessary edits and corrections to perfect your copy.

Therefore, wait no longer to deploy our essay checker. Use our device or professional essay checker's assistance to refine your skills and overall approach.

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Points to Be Considered Before Submitting a Paper

Writing is a technical skill that everyone must master to communicate effectively using written words. Even though there are different categories of writing, some of the skills that are specifically included are:




Sentence construction






Each component is key in effective communication and can greatly impact your quality.

What should you check before submitting your academic write-ups? Let's find out:

  • Review your grammar and sentence formation and rectify the inaccuracies. Don't overlook any spelling and sentence structure errors.
  • Check your use of Ensure you haven't used informal words. Remember to stick to the academic style of writing to get better grades.
  • Keep an eye on the word count. Not meeting or exceeding the word count can impact your grade.
  • If you have used pictures in your essay, use non-copyrighted images. If an image is secured by copyright, take consent from the proprietor to avoid copyright encroachment.
  • Double-check the referencing style to make sure you have composed the paper according to the standard rules.
  • Always check the marking criteria and ensure everything is accurately done. Follow the stated rules to score decent grades on your academic drafts.
  • Lastly, proofread the paper from the top. Go through each paragraph line by line and read it aloud to identify errors faster. Get a second opinion from someone skilled in writing. Consider their suggestions and make the necessary changes.

Skillful writing takes time and practice. So don't get worked up if you cannot figure out things on your own. Use our essay corrector device or talk to our essay checker to simplify the process. Our experts have relevant education and outstanding academic skills. From essays to dissertations, they know what a perfect paper should look like and give the support you need to achieve that.

Error-free Essay Content, Expert Suggestions & Other Guarantees

There’s no surprise in guessing that most learners share a love-hate relationship with assignments. No matter how simple the ideas or requirements are, they detest assignment tasks. The good thing is you no longer have to compose an assignment if you don’t know how to. Assignmenthelp is here to write, proofread, and make yours the best paper. Here are our guarantees:

Quality Assurance

All essay papers undergo strict checking to correct spelling errors, grammatical errors, and other avoidable errors. If you use our grading services to grade essay solutions, be assured of getting top-notch quality drafts free of plagiarism and errors.

Safe Privacy Policies

These days, students learn the significance of data privacy in the hard way. They tend to trust random essay graders online who misuse their data. Unlike other platforms, we value your privacy. Our "grade my essay" services ensure 100% confidentiality and anonymity. We are tightlipped about our client details and share no information with third parties.

Affordable Prices

Since most learners have access to limited financial resources, we aim to deliver the best at fair market prices. Even if you sign up for our premium account, be assured to get privileged services like additional deals and discounts without hidden charges.

Experienced Graders

Our essay graders and editors are highly qualified university lecturers, linguists, professors, and subject matter experts with many years of teaching experience. They have impeccable skills and can correct grammar mistakes in all assignments.

24/7 LIVE Support

Unlike our competitors, our student support team is available round the clock to answer your queries through call, chat, or email. Whether your query concerns our plagiarism checker or professional writers, you’ll find us at your beck and end call for instant help and suggestions.  

Money-back Assurance

Each editor of ours conducts a deep grammar check to make sure you get an error-free essay. Further, s/he runs the solution on a plagiarism checker to check if the content matches any plagiarism database. Nonetheless, if you are unsatisfied with the overall outcome, you can request a free revision for rechecking the errors or get a refund.

Students love us because they get a wide spectrum of services at one stop, from plagiarism-free essays to thesis statement proofreading. Our writers check grammar like a hawk and correct sentences, word choices, spelling issues, and plagiarism errors to ensure everything is accurate and adheres to the guidelines to the dot. Then what are you waiting for? Trust our essay paper checker to improve your writing skill and accelerate your grades with a brilliantly written essay. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can someone assess my paper instead of an online device?

Yes, you will find highly experienced editors and graders at Assignmenthelp to assess the quality of your papers. Our checker will conduct a deep evaluation and correct the possible errors to ensure perfection and bring you higher and better scores. You can share your requirements with our student support team to get started right away.

  1. Is there an expert who can check my paper?

You will find 100+ active checkers on our platform to edit your academic papers. Our editing and proofreading experts are highly qualified and have exceptional academic backgrounds. Each of them possesses a deep academic knowledge and knows the ins and outs of thorough editing and proofreading. With their expert feedback, you can elevate the quality of your paper and fetch the marks you have always dreamed of.

  1. How long will thechecker take to grade my papers?

Our checkers and proofreaders have several years of experience editing and proofreading all academic papers. They are skilled and trained to assess documents quickly without compromising the quality. So, if you need the final draft within three hours, we will assign the best expert for the task to meet the set deadline without fail.

  1. How does the grader assess my essay?

Once you share your essay, the checker will thoroughly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. S/he will highlight the errors, including spelling, lexical, repetitive words, grammar, broken sentences, and so on, and correct them. Then, the expert will run your paper on a plagiarism-checking device to detect and correct plagiarized content. Then, the corrected draft is sent to the Quality Assurance team for the final evaluation before mailing it to you.

  1. What advantages will I get from using your essay checker device?

The essay checker device is built for students’ easy access. Here are some benefits you will enjoy:

  • User-friendly and conducts advanced checks
  • Addresses key concerns
  • Fixes all avoidable inaccuracies
  • Save time and effort
  1. Can I hire an essay grader for cheap?

We understand students' financial stringencies and charge a nominal amount for top-class editing and proofreading services. We follow a competitive price chart and offer several year-long offers and discounts, so every student can get the necessary editing support to perfect their copies. Share your essay requirements with us to generate a free quote.

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