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What is case study in psychology?

Meaning, Significance and Ways to Write one

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 Jack Morgan   Published On Jan 03, 2022 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Case Study

Psychology is an interesting subject. You cannot deny the fun of learning how minds work. The subject needs special attention to detail. You cannot neglect the various lessons of the subject. A case study in psychology needs serious attention. These tasks are used to study and analyze a person, group or phenomenon. You need to properly understand the subject and analyze the case well to solve them. There are various methods to solve such cases. You need to be a good observer and choose the proper method to solve the case.

To understand what is a case study in psychology, you need to dig deep into the subject and understand the significance of the same. The following few sections will help you understand and work on them properly.

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Understanding Case Study in Psychology:

Why Are They So Important?

Case studies are all about analyzing particular cases to understand the subject better. You cannot deny the essence of case studies in any subject. Now, you might like to know why are case studies so important in psychology. The subject that studies the human mind needs a lot of references. You cannot understand the human mind or the various aspects if you don't look into various examples.

Students pursuing the subject are always in search of answers. It is not only about the theories presented by famous psychologists. If you dig deep into it, you will see these psychologists have come to a conclusion after going through several cases. A case study in psychology helps describe a situation and better understand the human mind. You will be unable to do so just by knowing the theories.

If you have ever visited a psychologist, you will see that the person considers various things to understand your problem. Understanding the underlying problems of the mind is what psychologists do. If you want to be a good psychologist, you need to know the various ways of treating a patient. It will be impossible for you to understand the problems if you don't make a habit of solving case studies.

The case studies help you take a descriptive approach and understand a person from various aspects. Hence, don’t ignore case studies while pursuing the subject. It will do you no good. While working on the tasks, you need to be cautious. It is essential to follow the correct format to obtain suitable grades. The following section will help you understand a case study in psychology format.

What is the Case Study Format in Psychology?

You need to follow a specific format while writing case studies like all other tasks. The subject can open a lot of opportunities. Therefore, it is essential to take the task seriously and solve it correctly. You need to know and write the case study in psychology format correctly. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gather accurate information to create a profile

The case study must have relevant data about the subject you are working on. Use any form of sources to gather the most appropriate data. It will help you create a good profile. It is something you need to do before deciding on the research methods. You can check for information from previous case studies on the same subject. Check these sources after going through the previous cases:

  • Official or government records
  • Personal items
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Select a case study method

The next step is to select and explain the method you will follow for the case. It is an integral part of the task. The readers must understand and relate to the same. You must understand what is being asked in the case and select the correct research method.

  • Gather and present background information on the subject

When you start writing the case study, ensure to provide some background information on the subject. It will help the readers understand the subject better and relate to your suggestions and advice. Ensure to collect the following information:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Employment status
  • Health status
  • Family members
  • Relationship status
  • Family health history
  • Drug and alcohol history
  • Challenges in life
  • Life goals
  • Coping skills
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Explain the symptoms or problems of the subject

You cannot analyze a subject without knowing the problems or symptoms. Your readers need to know the same as well. Therefore, you must include the symptoms or problems of the subject in your case study. You can include any emotional, physical or sensory symptoms the subject might be experiencing in this part.

  • Analyze data and suggest the best diagnosis

In the next section, analyze the data carefully, and suggest the best diagnosis for the subject. You must have a clear understanding of the problems before doing so. The students often fail to convince the readers in this section. Take help from your teachers before working on this section.

Once you have analyzed the data and have suggested the best diagnosis, move on to the three concluding sections, namely:

  • Choosing the proper treatment approach
  • Explaining treatment goals and processes
  • Discussion section

It is not easy, but if you know the right case study writing tips, you will sail through them quickly.

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Case Study Writing Tips for Students

Knowing the correct ways to write a psychology case study is essential. Here are a few case study writing tips for students:

  • Remember and use the rules of the formatting style as suggested by your instructor
  • Use fictitious names for the patients or clients
  • Refer to previous case studies and understand the correct formatting methods and follow the same
  • Proofread and edit before submitting the paper

You will be able to write a flawless case study if you follow the tips mentioned above.

Various Types of Case Study in Education

Case studies can be of various types. You need to understand the type before solving them.

Here are the various types for your reference:

  • Illustrative case studies
  • Cumulative case studies
  • Exploratory(or pilot) case studies
  • Critical instance case studies

Understand the various types of case studies in education before working on the same.

Go through the Case Study Examples for Students for Better Understanding

You cannot dive into the subject without knowing the correct approach. It is essential to go through some case study examples for students before working on the tasks. It will help you understand the proper writing methods and solve the case studies quickly.

Refer to the various websites or scholarly articles to properly understand case studies.

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