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Quantitative Research Topics

51 Best Quantitative Research Topics to Help you In the Next Semester

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 John Millar   May 20, 2023  Writing Service

Quantitative Research Topics

Higher degrees are hard to achieve if you don’t conduct independent research. The process involves understanding, observing, analysis, and writing with a new dimension. But first of all, you need impressive quantitative research paper topics. If you are performing research on quantitative research ideas, here are some unique quantitative research topics for students.

However, the question is, which quantitative research topics for students should you consider as good statistical research topics? The answer depends on the way you conduct the research.

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4 Primary Methods of Data Collection for Quantitative Research

Here are the 4 common methods to collect quantitative project ideas:

  1. Questionnaire

If you are searching for the easiest method to collect statistical research topic examples, this is the one you should choose. The method includes a series of questions related to the statistics research topics for quantitative research. Here people must choose between 4-5 options for the close-ended questions set according to the research objectives.

The collected numerical data are represented in graphical forms for easy comprehension of the findings, and the results can be interpreted in the selected hypothesis.

  1. Conducting Online & Offline Surveys

If you need examples of quantitative research topics in education through a time-saving and cost-effective process, you can vouch for conducting online and offline surveys. Moreover, this method is helpful if your research does not mandate an in-depth response or limited response does not impact your writing.

  1. Interviews

When you prefer collecting good statistical research topics in a structured yet informal and less time-consuming way, an interview could be the best research method. You can get contentious information with flexible and good statistics research questions and get appropriate answers through a cost-effective approach.

  1. Observation & Sampling

Observing people in natural settings can be another good method of gathering information for quantitative research examples for students. The advantage of using this method is that the data can be equally helpful for applying in qualitative research.

For example, the number of cars that have passed through an intersection in one hour or the count of students who attend morning lectures; simple observations like these are excellent ways of collecting statistical research topics examples. The results, thus, are more accurate with this method.

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51 Quantitative Research Topics

Below are some of the trending examples of quantitative research topics in education. Select from the list of quantitative research topics, or get inspired and develop new quantitative project ideas. We have segregated the list according to subjects for better understanding. Here we go!

Psychology Research Topics

Here are some quantitative research ideas on psychology:

  1. Non-experimental ways of research in psychology
  2. How are ethics significant in psychological research?
  3. How can smartphones cause psychological disorders?
  4. Evolutionary aspects of choosing mates
  5. Benefits of group social education
  6. What determinants impact animal behavior?
  7. Is Attention-deficit syndrome a myth or reality?
  8. How do stereotypes appear in society?
  9. What is the most dangerous dissociative disorder?
  10. Gambling: the psychological perspective of an addict
  11. Never-ending evolution of the society

Technology and Social Media Research Topics

Here are some quantitative research topics for students on technology and social media:

  1. Is Will artificial intelligence going to dominate the planet shortly?
  2. Can the technology up-gradation impact the relationships?
  3. Are the children's programming and commercial usage legal?
  4. Steps to develop a music video
  5. What do you mean by the Multiple-Access Control Protocol?
  6. The benefits of Symbian mobile OS
  7. Ways to calculate universal intelligence
  8. Why should you use Google apps
  9. Are Macs safer than Windows computers?
  10. Will humanity ever start using the brain chips?
  11. the associated risks of confidential data storage & detection
  12. The negative impacts of using online grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors by students
  13. Are self-defending networks critical?
  14. A detailed method of connecting the internet and us
  15. ing emails Exploring how the GPS works
  16. Controlling airport security via remote computer technology

Criminology Quantitative Research Topics

Here are some of the trending quantitative research examples for students in criminology:

  1. How are eyewitness testimony & memory correlated?
  2. How can cyber-crime affect human lives?
  3. What preventive measures can you take against racial bullying?
  4. Factors that define police brutality
  5. Three Strikes Law affects the community
  6. Is drug testing convenient for the patients?
  7. Determinants that motivate society to involve in sexual harassment
  8. Social Security Reform: Pros & Cons
  9. Measures are taken to intensify airport security after September 11th

Medical and Nursing Quantitative Research Topics

If you are studying healthcare, consider these examples of quantitative research topics in education on medical nursing and health:

  1. are the components of modern sex education practical?
  2. Why are sexually transmitted diseases rising?
  3. Do monkeys carry AIDS?
  4. Should females below 18 make abortions?
  5. Why does the flu virus differ every year?
  6. How has medical service improved over the decades?
  7. How do sleep disorders impact the overall health condition of females?
  8. Why screening for breast cancer is helpful?
  9. A correlation between breastfeeding & improved baby’s health
  10. Stem cells assist in reducing deaths due to heart attack
  11. How can eating disorders lead to death?
  12. The healthiest diet does not exist
  13. Stop smoking to improve mental health

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