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 John  01 Jun, 2021  Wriitng Service

How to Write a thesis Statement

Thesis Statement: Major Factors and Steps to Write one Perfectly A thesis is an essential project for academics. You need to learn the correct ways to write a thesis statement to get through with such projects. The statement helps the readers to understand what the essay or the research paper is all about. You need to be very particular while writing this statement. It is not a lengthy section, and you need to put in the essential words or terms to help the readers understand the main viewpoints of the essay or research paper. It is necessary to understand what is a thesis statement to write one. Also, it is equally important to learn the factors that affect this statement.  The following section will help you learn about the factors that play a significant role in writing such statements. Know these Factors to Understand How to Write a Good Thesis Every assignment and project holds equal importance for an academic. So, when you need to write a thesis statement, you must unders...

How To Write A Resume Summary
 John  24 May, 2021  Wriitng Service

Resume Summary

A resume summary statement is usually found below the job seeker's contact information and above the resume's body. It allows hiring managers to get a sense of a job seeker's qualifications before going into their resume. What is the best way to begin a resume with a summary statement? A resume summary statement is a brief paragraph at the top of a resume that highlights the skills and experience of the job seeker. It allows hiring managers to get a sense of a job seeker's qualifications before going into their résumé. A summary statement's purpose is to illustrate the job seeker's unique worth by highlighting their abilities and achievements. The summary statement usually appears below the job seeker's contact information and above the resume's body. Various names, such as: sometimes know a resume summary statement A brief overview of your professional life Executive summary An overview of your experience Qualifications' summary Summary of Qualifications Capab...

How To Calculate Percent Error
 John  22 May, 2021  Wriitng Service

How To Calculate Percent Error

What Is Percent Error? Percent or percentage error is calculated to learn the difference of the measured value from the actual value. While measuring data, the final result varies due to human errors or manufacturing error in measuring instruments. Therefore, we use a percent error formula to calculate how close the measured value to the actual value is. The formula to calculate percent error is: Percentage Error = [(Experimental (Approximate) Value – Theoretical (Actual) Value) / Actual Value] × 100% Percent Error: Key Guidelines Can percent error be negative? Yes, when the experimental value is less than the theoretical value, the percent error becomes negative. Here are some additional guidelines for calculating percent error using the formula. The percent error is calculated to determine the difference between approximate values and exact values. In some fields, percent error calculation is expressed as a positive number, while in others, either positive or n...

How To Write a Short Story
 John  20 May, 2021  Wriitng Service

How to Write a Short Story

People who have a penchant for story writing, find it natural to express their thoughts and plot on pieces of papers. However, most writers wonder how to write a story or, how was a particular author able to write such an intriguing story. Well, the answer to the question is simple but extensive. Are you ready to begin your journey and master story writing? Then read on to become a true story writer. How to Write a Short Story? In this section, you will get to see how to write a short story. Unlike a novel or a story, it contains 1,000 to 5,000 words. Moreover, there are various types of short stories such as fable, anecdote, sketch, vignette, etc. Writing short stories can be challenging as you have to sum up the plot within the word limit. Hence, there should be a small cast of characters, a well-defined mood, a strong point of view, and a precise write-up. However, you are at liberty to experiment with a wide range of conventions. Or, to be more specific, you don't need to abide...

How to Start a Personal Essay
 John  28 Apr, 2021  Essay

Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay for college is no easy task. After all, your college admission depends upon how much you can impress the interviewer with just a few words. This kind of essay also follows a similar five-paragraph format with the introduction, body and conclusion. However, this is a highly naïve way of thinking. Your personal statement essay is a piece of yourself that you share with someone else where you present your worldview and critical thinking abilities. It is a good way for a potential employer or college admission officer to gauge how much you can contribute to their institution.Before we start going over the basic steps of writing a personal narrative essay, let's understand what it stands for. What Is A Personal Essay? A personal essay is a piece of writing that describes the author's personal experiences and what they gained from such an experience. You usually write this type of essay in a conversational tone, and the focus is usually not on the subject of ...




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