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Guide To Writing a Structured Research Paper Outline
 Jack Morgan  29 Jun, 2022  Student Guide

Research Paper Outline

"Should I arrange ideas into a hierarchy first or create effective headings and subheadings? When should I state the essential facts? And what will my readers learn first?”. A minute of silence and another crumbled paper ball lands on the dustbin. The research submission deadline is nearing, and you are still in the confusing stage. But did anyone tell you that outlining is the first step in writing a research paper? Not really! So, stop mucking around stressing over the 'Hows and Whys' and kickstart the research paper writing process. Let's get started... A research paper outline is an invaluable tool in writing a research paper. It will provide the much-needed format for the fledging research paper. And this will help you to imagine better what you will need to write. Moreover, breaking the paper into small sections also makes the process of writing far less overwhelming. Main Advantages of ✍️ Professional Experts 1500+ PhD Experts ...

Uncover the Tips to Build a Strong Paragraph Structure
 Jack Morgan  23 Jun, 2022  Student Guide

Paragraph Structure

Structuring an essay is easy; all you have to do is place the information in the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the most complicated part of this structure is the paragraphs and how you will use the paragraph structure in the essay body. This blog provides valuable templates and tips for writing a paragraph, outlining, and organizing your text logically. What Is a Paragraph? A paragraph centers on one primary idea through a series of inter-related sentences. For example, the primary idea is usually introduced in the first parts of a paragraph in the form of a topic sentence. It is then developed further through the sentences that roll on. A paragraph comprises five or six sentences, with usual lengths of 250 words. However, the size and consistency can vary with the topic, content, and the purpose for building it. Paragraphs are also crucial for the text framework as it forms the pillars of the foundation and growth of the logical ideas. A clear paragraph st...

Ultimate Guide to Marketing and its Strategies
 Jack Morgan  21 Jun, 2022  Student Guide


Do you know why the majority of small firms get low marketing returns? It's because they don't have a well-thought-out marketing approach. You're doomed to waste money on marketing and significantly stifle your return on investment if you don't have a robust, well-thought-out marketing strategy. Hence, this is a guide to help you avoid such pitfalls and understand the purpose of marketing. So, keep reading, as it will assist you in laying a solid foundation on how to grow your marketing skills and use the strategies well. The Concept of Marketing What is the core marketing concept? Any measures a firm takes to attract an audience to its goods or services through high-quality messaging are referred to as marketing. With the long-term goal of showing product value, developing brand loyalty, and eventually increasing sales, marketing strives to create standalone value for prospects and consumers through content. Searching for Assignment Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order...

What is a Bibliography? An Academic Overview & Analysis
 Jack Morgan  18 Jun, 2022  Student Guide


Back in my college days, I used to scratch my head over bibliographical essentials. It weighed me down and cost me days full of anxiety as I tried connecting the dots but failed. While the primary intention of framing a bibliography is to inform your readers about your research avenues and how widely you have researched, I used to lag across different levels. Firstly, I realized that one needs to understand what is a bibliography and how it works. Secondly, I should know how to write a bibliography flawlessly. That very day marked my emergence as a more responsible student who was ready to read, learn and explore. Unless these two factors are thoroughly analyzed, studied and broken down into simple fragments, things will forever appear intricate and tricky. There was no looking back since then. No matter how tricky and complicated my dissertations and case studies were, I never failed to put up the perfect bibliography every single time. And today, I am here to make a dif...

Difference Between OPT and CPT in the US?
 Jack Morgan  19 May, 2022  Student Guide

Difference Between OPT and CPT in the US?

OPT and CPT are two temporary training/employment programs for F-1, non-immigrant students in the USA. This article offers some valuable insights into both these programs. Find out all the different requirements, eligibility criteria, restrictions, and necessary documentation for OPT and CPT below. Let’s begin! Optional Practical Training & Curricular Practical Training Essentials "The Optional Practical Training Program" Optional Practical Training is a temporary employment program for international students. Eligible students can apply for this program after completing a year's graduation and receiving 12 months of OPT employment authorization. The program allows them to work before completing their studies or even after completing their academics. Searching for High-Quality Assignment Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now All OPTs must be in line with one’s major course of study. International students with an F-1 visa are eligible for two differen...