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Complete Travel Checklist For Students Moving To The USA
 John  12 Jan, 2022  Student Guide

Complete Travel Checklist for Students Moving to the USA

When a student is thinking of moving abroad to study, the most common destination is usually the USA. America is known to have one of the best education systems globally. The American education system is also very flexible. Since it offers a huge option of courses and is versatile, it is a no-brainer why so many international students prefer studying in American colleges and universities. However, getting into a US institute is never easy. The students need to pass entrance exams and stringent procedures for getting into the country. There are so many factors like Visa approval, arranging funds, etc., that come before you can start your education. If the students get through to the US, they usually stay for a long time. So, prepare a checklist, and stick to that before flying off. Also, be diligent about what you carry in a foreign country. Being well equipped with belongings that you may need daily helps to cut the daily expenses. Searching for High-Quality Assignment Help? ...

 John  11 Jan, 2022  Student Guide

What Documents Do You Need To Get a US Student Visa?

America is known for its world-class amenities and education facilities, making it one of the most sought-after study destinations for students worldwide. However, being an international student, you must make sure your student visa is in place – even before your course is due to start. Applying for a US student visa is a long process, and it's nothing like getting assignment writing help or academic service in the USA. The visa application process involves several steps that vary at each US embassy or consulate. Therefore, it's essential to study the guidelines of a particular embassy carefully before applying for a student visa. Stages for a US Student Visa Application In general, a candidate has to go through five stages for a US student visa application: Apply and get accepted by a Student and Exchange Visitor Program approved institution in the US at least six months or a year before starting your US study. Pay the Student and Exchange Visitor Information Sy...

 John  07 Jan, 2022  Student Guide

Accommodation cost in the USA for the students

One of the major concerns of each student looking for international education is calculating their expenses. Most students look forward to moving to the USA for higher studies. A student needs to shell out around USD 2,000 to USD 3000 per month for accommodation in the US. This cost does not include the tuition fee. Of course, the price can go up or down depending on the student's lifestyle, type of residence, location, and many other factors. One of the determining factors in deciding the cost of living in America is the location of your university. The cost of living automatically shoots up if the student studies in reputed universities like New York or Columbia. This is because they are established in the middle of the country's biggest cities. So, the cost of living is bound to get high. On the flip side, if the student gets enrolled in universities like Indiana or Ohio, the cost of living will be significantly lower. These are some of the suburban areas of America. The cost of l...

What Jobs Can International Students Do In The US?
 John  05 Jan, 2022  Student Guide

What Jobs Can International Students Do in the US?

If you are an international student studying in the United States, then the chances are that your total expenses will be a bit high due to your cost of living and studying there. Top that with your semester and tuition fees for college, and you have a real financial problem on your hands. This is why it can be a good idea to engage in some work opportunities or jobs over there which will help you with your expenses and also let you save some money for a rainy day. However, not all work opportunities are available for international students studying with a student visa. In addition, there are certain guidelines regarding the job opportunities for students and the number of hours they can work over there. With this said, let's look at some of the different jobs international students can partake in and earn. Searching for High-Quality Assignment Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Jobs for International Students in the USA Thousands of international students studying ...

How can a Student Change Their Course Midway in the USA?
 John  30 Dec, 2021  Student Guide

How can a Student Change Their Course Midway in the USA?

After starting with their courses, students often realize that they do not want to continue with that. Once you decide that a particular course is unsuitable for you, you look to change it. But how can you change your course after starting it? Changing your degree program can never be an easy decision. Neither it is an easy process. The student must be absolutely sure of his choices. Changing the whole program midway is a time-consuming affair, not to mention it is costly too. Students usually change their programs if they feel the subject is too complex. They also do not take an interest in the subject, or a program can make them unhappy. Searching for High-Quality Assignment Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Here are the steps you should follow while changing your course midway in the USA: Decide why you want to change Do an introspection of what is driving you to change. Be sure of why you want to change and where you want to shift. Consult your academi...




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