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Sports Research Paper Topics

The best topics for the perfect research paper

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Sports Research Paper Topics

Sports research papers can be fascinating if prepared on a great topic. You know what they say, right? The first step to write a good paper is to select a winning topic first. Choosing a good topic means half the battle of writing a research paper is won. But before you zero down on a topic, make sure that there is enough information on the issue on Google and other search engines. And whatever be the topic, make sure that you use a human-centered approach.

Other than the topic, the key to writing a good sports research paper topic is to keep it current and up-to-date. It should have data from the present, and that is why it is imperative that you know where to gather facts from. To make sure that data you collect is valid, here are some of the suggested sources that you can use while conducting thorough research.

BBC Sports

The most trusted news network worldwide, BBC has a Sports section in which you can find all the details related to the most recent sports events in the world. Just go to their web page and search with the keyword and all the necessary information under the topic will be given to you in chronological order. You can even find discussions and industry news along with the most recent academic findings.

The Sport Journal

The Sport Journal focuses on all kinds of sports in the USA and other parts of the world. Since the US Sports Academy publishes the journal, this can serve as an excellent source for sports topics related to the USA. There are several updated articles on sports that can serve as a guide for your paper.


From articles to research reports to statistics – Sportscience has got it all. You can even get ideas for a good topic for your sports research paper. The information can be filtered according to the date and topic so that you arrive at the right article with just a click. 

For writing a persuasive paper, it's highly imperative to choose interesting research questions. Sports injuries are inevitable in all sports-related activities. Whether you are writing about sports injuries or athletic training, you must carry out excellent research to write a well-knit paper. A lot of students struggle to find an interesting topic for their essay and essay structure. If you are one of them, take a look at the Sports research topics for college students enlisted below for quick support.

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Exercise Research Paper Topics:

1. What are the effective methods of rehabilitation in adults with brain injuries?

2. Discuss the risk factors associated with sprains in adult athletes.

3. Does outdoor physical activity help people with depression?

4. Can exercise therapy improve the bone density in females with osteoporosis?

5. How is physical exercise related to aggressive behavior in teens?

Sports Science Research Topics:

6. Countries that invest in sports are more successful than those that don’t. Agree or disagree.

7. Discuss the drawbacks of international events on the national economy.

8. Does strict sports regulation impact the performance of athletes?

9. What are the essential hormones for athletes? 

10. What traits of character are necessary for an athlete to win?

Sports Research Essay Topics:

11. Is aggression an irreplaceable element of the sport?

12. What are the methods of motivations to help athletes cope with challenges?

13. Should female coaches train only female sportsmen?

14. Mention the best techniques to help athletes overcome defeat.

15. How do drug scandals damage the career of athletes?

16. Poor diet plan of professional athletes can damage their health. Agree or disagree.

Athletic Training Research Topics:

17. How to improve the stamina of an athlete?

18. What are the techniques and secrets of teambuilding?

19. Do athletes have a swift and robust character?

20. Adrenaline is an addictive drug for athletes. Discuss

Football Research Paper Topics:

21. Are football players at high risk of neurological disorders as they mature?

22. Is a football player accountable for the death of another player on the field? 

23. Do athletes become worse when they become famous?

24. Are international footballers overpaid?

Soccer Research Paper Topics:

25. Discuss the role of racism in soccer

26. What are the common injuries among soccer players and how to prevent them?

27. The influence of soccer in a child’s growth

28. Analyze the pay gap in women’s soccer

29. Discuss how soccer has helped to evolve the Afro-Brazilian culture and tradition

30. Describe how soccer bridged the gap between African nations

All of these sports research topics for college students are suitable to create a persuasive research paper. So, bookmark the list and refer to it for your next assignment.


  1. The world before and after sports: hunting and ritual games to the Olympics
  2. The role of sports in the development of children
  3. Women in sports: how the taboo was lifted eventually?
  4. Steroids and sports – how alarming an issue is it?
  5. The evolution of the Olympic games and how it has affected the global sport culture
  6. Sports betting – an industry within an industry of entertainment
  7. Sports injuries and professional traumas
  8. Sport – is it just patriotic or an instrument of political propaganda?
  9. Sports and psychology - What impact do sports have on the emotional well-being of a person?
  10. Dangerous ritual sports that have been banned around the world
  11. The Paralympics games – can Sports and disabilities go hand in hand?
  12. Sports quotas and scholarships: is it harming the educational system?
  13. Quitting sport – how does the life of a sportsperson change after retirement?
  14. Children and sports: how important is it physiologically and psychologically?
  15. Sports as a career – why is there a sudden demand for sports managers?
  16. Infrastructure for sports – how are the various countries faring?
  17. Athleisure – how Nike penetrated the market of sports apparel?
  18. What effect do sports heroes have on the national culture of a country?
  19. Nutrition and Fitness– the food and supplements that constitute the diet of athletes?
  20. Fairness in sports competitions — how nepotism and favoritism can affect the sports culture?
  21. The Value of Physical Exercise classes at School in the U.S
  22. How can acute and chronic overstrains be treated in athletes?
  23. Anti-doping control in sports: what measures are being taken to restrict the usage of the most performance-affecting drug?
  24. Overtraining - how can it affect competition and how trainers help athletes avoid exhaustion?
  25. Mortality rate and sports – is there any connection between the two?
  26. Anxiety and the fear of injury – how do athletes deal with it?
  27. Breast traumas – how can female athletes be protected in active sports?
  28. Sports club – where did the club culture come from and how does it benefit sports?
  29. Funding for sports events – where to look for sponsors and donations and how to overcome issues of ticket selling?
  30. Community awareness in sports – why is it important to attract locals to your sports organization?
  31. Career development of female athletes in sports- what prevents women from making a mark in the sports industry?
  32. A study of cost-efficiency in the sports industry – how can sports organizations be more sustainable?
  33. Sports accessibility – how accessible is sports to the common people?
  34. Ecology of water sports – how to manage wastewater from pools?
  35. How are sports and the economy of a nation connected? How can sports help an economy improve?
  36. Countries that have rejected the offer to host the Olympics – how to overcome the burden of an international sports event?
  37. Genetics in sports - Can athletic success be a hereditary hand-down gift? 
  38. What is the impact of sports regulation on the performance of athletes? 
  39. Hormones and sports – a study of the most important hormones for athletes
  40. Physical and mental traits that make a successful sports persona
  41. Empathy in sports – why are athletes trained to understand other fellow athletes?
  42. Mind or body – which is the key-player for success in sports?
  43. Exercises for players with disabilities – how do they differ from that of regular players?
  44. The biological and mental process of sports training for the improvement of sports skills.
  45. Collaboration on a sports field – why does effective communication have an important role to play in sports?
  46. Exhaustion and fatigue – how to avoid them during training?
  47. Self-control in sports – why is restraint one of the primary mental qualities that a sportsperson should have?
  48. Posture and internal organ functioning – a peek into the lives of sportspersons and their lifestyle.
  49. Obesity and sports – how can being overweight affect the sports career of athletes?
  50. The role that a mentor has to play in a sportsperson’s career – should a trainer be more than a teacher?
  51. The Evolution of football and soccer – how the rules have changed over the years?
  52. Football tactics – what do the tactics for rugby and soccer have in common? 
  53. Head concussions in soccer – how can football players be protected from neurological disorders?
  54. Who earns the most in soccer - players, club managers or stadium authorities?
  55. Infliction on the football ground – how can a player be held accountable for injuring another player? 
  56. Weightlifting – what is its role in increasing the strength and endurance of rugby players?
  57. Cheerleading – is it a sport born from another game or is it art?
  58. Can a person with a mental disorder be better at athletics?
  59. Fame and a career in sports – how does popularity affect performance? Do athletes play worse after they get recognition?
  60. The popularity of hockey in Russia – what makes it possible? Is it the low temperatures, or just the love for the sports?
  61. Hockey and age – can someone start playing hockey late in life and become a champion? 
  62. The possible chances of injuries in hockey – can the injuries induce traumas?
  63. Aggressiveness in hockey – why are hockey players more aggressive than other sports players?
  64. How does hockey training differ in the USA and Canada?
  65. Money-making in hockey – what is the reason behind the massive profitability in the sport?
  66. Evolution of hockey – what are the most prominent changes in rules and practices in the last 50 years?
  67. What determines strength in sports? Is it a neural performance or more about muscle mass? 
  68. Strict sports rules that generate stress – some of the most stringent sport's rules across all sports of the world
  69. Second breath – how is the stamina of an athlete determined and how can it be enhanced?
  70. Chants from the stands: do they motivate a player to perform better or are they distracting? What do real athletes have to say?
  71. Sports and will power – why is it necessary for sportspersons to have a robust character?
  72. The adrenaline rush in sports – how addictive is adrenaline as a drug?
  73. Team captains strike fewer goals than the other players in a team - is multi-tasking a barrier to good performance in sports
  74. Hygiene in sports – what is the role of cleanliness in sports? 
  75. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sports – why are most sportspersons diagnosed with ADHD? What causes ADHD in them?
  76. Sports trophies are linked to better performance – how does winning cups and medals in sports help teenagers improve in their academics as well?
  77. Safety of photography in dangerous sports - What measures can be taken to stop sports people from taking dangerous self-portraits while performing extreme sports?
  78. Ritual sports in the tribal culture – what are some of the unique sports played by the indigenous Australians, Native Americans and native Africans?
  79. Sports can serve as a treatment for mental health - can psychological problems really be cured with the help of sports?
  80. Sports and school performance – does involvement in sports affect one's academic performance or is it just the opposite?
  81. Why should physical education be made mandatory in schools? 
  82. How can sports training help more recruitment in the army of a country?
  83. Sexual stamina and sports – how are they related? What causes athletes to be more active than others?
  84. Transgender women in sports – who should they compete with – male or female athletes? 
  85. Gender and sports – how are some of the sports around the world still biased? What are some of the sports that are perceived differently by different genders?
  86. Sports people as role models – how can athletes set a better example for the development of a child?
  87. Is athletics a worthwhile career? What competitive advantage does the job of being a professional athlete have over other jobs in the labor market?
  88. Youth sports and juvenile crime rate – can getting the youth involved in sports and training reduce the chances of commit crimes among children?
  89. International tickets selling – how can tickets of international sports tournaments be marketed in countries that do not speak English?
  90. Sports promotion campaigns- What are the most successful PR campaigns of sports marketing in the US?
  91. How to promote club tournaments for free and gain popularity? 
  92. National funds for Olympics – what is the financial pressure on the hosting country?
  93. Olympics and finance - What are the most expensive items that must be purchased for an international sports event?
  94. Sports celebrities in food marketing campaigns - Is it ethical for star athletes to advertise fast food brands?
  95. Social media and sports – the role of social media in motivating sports personas. 
  96. Social media marketing for sports – how can sports videos on Facebook and Instagram help in attracting people to watch more sports?
  97. Banned sports ads – what are some of the sports advertisements that were removed from screens/paper by public volunteers and courts?
  98. Sports insurance – how are the insurance products different from general insurance schemes?
  99. The History of Sports – how has new sports come into existence over the past few years and why have these changes come about?
  100. Football as a universal language – how can Soccer help achieve global peace?
  101. What are some of the most spectacular football matches in the history of FIFA?

Take any of the above trending topics, and you will be able to write up an excellent research paper. Good luck to you! 

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