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A Guide To Select Interesting Debate Topics

Learn how to select good debate topics.

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 Deepak   July 19, 2022  Writing Service

A Guide To Select Interesting Debate Topics

Students often have trouble finding the right words for explaining something at a specific moment. Debates are an excellent way of improving speaking skills. The skills that you develop as a debater can help you get through college admissions as well as future job interviews.

Debates have been proved to enhance students’ communication skills, research skills, critical thinking and confidence. But, for a successful debate, you need to have some good debate topics.

Experts from have worked on several debate topics. These professionals have experiences in creating winning debates for students in the USA. They can give you suggestions on what are some of the good topics for debate.

Get Familiar with Different Types of Debate Topics

Before you decide on selecting a debate topic for your high school, you need to get familiar with the different types of debates. Once you get to know the specific kind of debate topic you need to choose it will be easy for you to craft impeccable points on the subject matter.

  • Persuasive debate topics

For such a debate topic, you will have to consider your point of view to be the only right answer. Instead of addressing the opponent argument, you will be only concentrated on your take on the topic by using empathetic arguments.


  1. Who is the most powerful fictional villain of all times?
  • Controversial debate topics

For such a slant, you’ll have to create an alternative argument against the commonly accepted point of view. Use logical as well as emotional appeals to win over your audience.


  1. The rise of the movement ‘black lives matter.'
  2. Dangerous side effects of vaccines
  • Argumentative debate topics

Argumentative debate topics require you to consider all possible sides. You need to use substantial evidence like numbers and facts to prove your arguments.


  1. Is technology controlling our life?
  2. Will graffiti art be considered as legal art ever?

Debating is a valuable skill that you can polish with time. Considering the three types of debates will help you identify interesting debate topics that suit you.

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How to Choose the Best Debate Topic?

The US has quite a history with debates becoming a common thing in local bars, town squares and town halls. It even used to be a central part of the government before America was a country. It continues to be a part of the culture in schools and colleges. So, if you want to be a part of that culture, you must choose your topic wisely. How? Here is what you need to do:

  • Consider your interest for the debate topic you are choosing. This way, preparing for the topic will be more exciting.
  • Choose a debate topic that has solid argument potential. There must be enough information available on the matter.
  • The data will act as substantial evidence and back up your argument. It will help in persuading your audience.

Having said that, here is a list of some of the best debate topics that you can use.


Debate Topic Ideas for Middle School, High School and College Students

We will share the top best debate topic ideas for several categories. You may choose your topic from the category that interests you or suits your purpose.

  • General debate topic ideas

These general debate topics for students can be used for any purpose. Be it an inter-school or intra-school debate competition; you can use these if you have the prerogative to choose.

Here are a few topic ideas:

  1. People should start taking mental health problems as seriously as physical health problems.
  2. The legal age for drinking should be 18.
  3. Smoking must be banned in all public places.
  4. Salary should be given considering job roles and responsibility, and not gender.
  5. The government must invest in alternative energy sources.
  6. Does social media hamper studies?
  7. Is homework essential for learning?
  8. Should mobile phones be banned in schools?
  9. Are violent video games hampering teenagers?
  10. What do drugs addicts need- professional help or punishment?
  • Interesting debate topic ideas

Here are a few interesting debate topic ideas for middle school students as well as for high school students.

  1. Gay couples must be allowed to adopt children.
  2. Are reality shows a façade?
  3. Money is the only source of motivation for employees.
  4. Sex education is not required for middle school students.
  5. Animal testing or any kind of experimentation must be banned.
  6. Student loans are exploitative.
  7. Proper arrangement for free STD testing for school students is a must.
  8. Should schools teach students about LGBTQ?
  9. School uniforms are not necessary.
  • Funny debate topic ideas

Funny debate topics are ideal for students who find humor to be their strong point. If sarcasm is your second language, you might find the following funny debate ideas useful:

  1. Are women more complicated than men?
  2. Between Friends and How I Met Your Mother, which one has the best sense of humor?
  3. What exactly do women hate about men?
  4. Marvel Vs. DC – which universe makes more sense?
  5. Who are more successful and happier in life: introverts or extroverts?
  6. Did you ever find any discreet messages in nursery rhymes?
  7. If given a chance, would you be a hero or a sidekick?
  8. Will getting letters from Hogwarts be more exciting than from Stanford University?
  9. Are vampires real?
  • Environmental debate topics ideas

These are the perfect high school debate topics for students who want to voice their opinion on environmental issues.

  1. People dealing with live animal exports must be severely punished.
  2. Plastic bags are destroying Mother Nature.
  3. Zoos should be banned.
  4. More people should turn vegetarian.
  5. Animals must be given equal rights as humans.
  6. The government must promote and invest in green energy.
  7. The US government should pass acts on limiting births to control the population.
  8. Is COVID-19 a boon for animals, birds and fishes?
  9. BMOs must be banned.
  10. Sale of fur must be banned.
  • Science and technology debate topic ideas

If you find science or technologies to be exciting, consider checking the following debate topic ideas.

  1. STEM subjects must be made optional for high school students.
  2. Atheism vs. religion
  3. Are homeopathic medicines effective?
  4. Marijuana should be legalized for its benefits as medicines.
  5. Should human cloning technology be encouraged?
  6. Is artificial intelligence a threat or a boon to humankind?
  7. Is technology helping people or making people lazier?
  8. Is it possible to create the COVID-19 virus in a lab?
  9. Is hacking always wrong?
  10. Can robots ever replace doctors?

The top assignment experts from have suggested these top debate topic ideas for students who are confused while selecting an ideal debate topic. We hope you find a suitable topic from the lists above. Let’s show you how the experts can help you more with your debate.

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If your face trouble in finding relevant materials to support your arguments in your debate topic, come to us. Our professionals have worked with more than thousands of debate topics. Thus, they are quite skilled and have the right amount of experience in creating interesting debate content for you. We will deliver the piece before the deadline, so you have enough time to prepare how you present it.

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Dazzle the audience with your unique debate topic. Let us help you deliver a compelling parley and win the debate competition.

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