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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Things to Know Before Selecting a Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics
 John Millar   Published On May 25, 2019 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

One of the most significant problems of academics is that it never adds humor to your studies. Even though professors these days don’t come with a sulky face and a pair of specs at the tip of their nose, they still never fail to add melancholy, even in comic novels. Nonetheless, if you have a fest coming in a few days and have a wand to curve up everyone's jawlines with your speech, use the 35 funny informative speech topics; it will help bring “life” to your otherwise dull academic life for a few moments at least.

However, before I delve into the topics directly, let’s share a few secrets to add fun to any speech.

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9 Secrets to Making Speech Funny

Whatever the content of your speech, when you have the mike in your hand, you want your audience to remember your words. So, here are the 9 simple tips to make your weird persuasive speech topics engaging and enjoyable.

  1. Hold your Audience's Attention

Nobody in the audience knows who you are, so work towards building a reliable environment with your funny persuasive speech topics. Address their emotions, no matter what! Make them laugh, get sad, sympathize with something or someone, or be angry and concerned. Emotional connection helps to grab attention.

  1. Make it Simple and On-Topic

Long sentences, deviations, and complicated vocabulary distract and make everyone bored. So instead, give a brief structure outline in your introduction. Then, tell the audience what you are going to discuss. Listening to hilarious speech topics is always easier if you know its plan.

  1. Let it be Nice and Short

Saturate your sentences with meaning. If you could delete any word, be sure to remove it. Remember that the ability to concentrate is limited in time. Make your ending timely.

  1. It Must Flow as a Story

And it is not only about linking words. Proceed in a logical order. Start with a hook. Then make a statement, elaborating it with facts and reasoning. Repeat. Then sum it up with an overview of what you have told in your Funny Persuasive Speech. And that’s it!

  1. Measure Out the Humor

All humor with meaningful content makes the speech flat so is the lecture without wit. Therefore measure your mood to make your address vivid and engaging. Even if your topic is far from funny, a small joke can relieve the tension. Moreover, it will make people more interested in your personality and what you say.

  1. Make your Listeners Relate

While developing funny persuasive speech topics for college students, make them relatable. When you compare complicated issues with real-life situations, your audience can easily understand them. We are all humans, and our lives are pretty similar. So use it to create mutual understanding.

  1. Prepare a Serious Conclusion

Now put away irony and humor, and concentrate. People are going to remember your final words better than the central part. Condense your speech to a couple of sentences. Make them weighted and impressive.

  1. Practice your Speech

Look at yourself in the mirror and speak. You will see what needs corrections.

  1. Use Gestures

Have you ever seen a mime act? How did you get so engrossed in the story even though it did not use a single word? It is because of the gestures. Use it in your speech as well.It is obvious but obligatory, and it will work better than putting your hands in your pocket.

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35 Funny Informative Speech Topics

Here are some unique funny persuasive speech topics:

  1. Five weird medical facts that no one can explain
  2. What will humans look like in the future?
  3. Why do hiccups occur, and how to stop them
  4. Do we need this? The most useless body parts
  5. Beware of the snake: how venom affects a human body

Fun Informative Speech Topics on Health

Use these funny persuasive speech topics if you talk about health.

  1. Gesundheit! Institute: when laughter helps people
  2. A human is no king of nature: ten reasons to throw people off the throne
  3. The wonders of genetic science: it's the chemistry that does the mix
  4. How to become obese in a matter of no time: unhealthy food
  5. Busting myths of bad habits: picking the nose with an easy conscience

Fun Informative Speech Topics on Sport

If you speak about sports, you may use these hilarious speech topics.

  1. The world’s most unbelievable record breakers
  2. Going extreme: most hilarious sports ever
  3. Laziness vs. enthusiasm: reasons people don't take up sports
  4. Are sport and intelligence in reverse proportion to one another?
  5. The hilarious things sportscasters have ever said

Fun Informative Speech Topics on Business

If the business is your "topic of the day," these funny persuasive speech topics may offer some great help.

  1. Unusual ways of making a business: a fun way to succeed
  2. Workplace yoga: do not let routine bring you down
  3. The unbelievable history of the world's most significant corporations
  4. The difficulties and problems of being a millionaire: poor fortunate souls
  5. How to fail a good deal: the ultimate way to do it all wrong

Fun Topics for Presentations

If you want to include funny, informative speech topics.

  1. Greatest misconceptions in the world and what they led to
  2. Why people lie: no more pants on fire
  3. The power of the human brain: telepathy, levitation, and math
  4. World’s unexplainable phenomena: open your eyes
  5. The most efficient ways to escape from reality: are reading, role-playing, and chatting online.
  6. If students and teachers switch places: learn to stand in each other's shoes.
  7. Stereotypical images of teachers and students: there must be a grain of truth in them
  8. The lamest student excuses for missing lectures
  9. School paradox: subjects you will never need but still have to learn
  10. The most unbelievable means of cheating during exams

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The British accent sounds strange.
  2. Do boys and girls like to gossip equally?
  3. Being the minor child in the family is an unpleasant experience.
  4. Why being tall for a girl can be troublesome?
  5. The worst gifts in my life were big and useless.

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