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Research Paper Topics

50 Trending Research Paper Titles for High School Students In 2019

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Research Paper Topics
 John Millar   Published On Mar 15, 2019 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Writing Service

The most difficult part of writing a research paper is to choose the right title/topic. You might have to choose from a research paper titles from colossal list. This activity is quite daunting for high school students. To relieve your stress, here is a list of 10 research paper titles for the 5 most common subjects.

Before you select interesting research paper topics, you need to understand the purpose of a research paper. Let us check out the significant features of a research paper title. After all, it is the first thing that determines the success of your research. 

What Makes A Good Research Paper Title?




1.      Helps your reader to understand the nature of your research

2.      You can meet the requirements of the topic

3.      Helps you with the research methodology

Well-defined topics

1.      Makes the topic easy to understand

2.      It conveys a single meaning

3.      Your readers do not get a double-barrelled impression of the topic

Simple language (Use technical terms only when necessary)

1.      Highlights the purpose of your paper

2.      You can avoid the use of an unethical sentence or word

Current issues

1.      Makes your research paper credible

2.      Arouses interest in your reader’s mind (An obsolete topic can drift your readers away)

Consider this example:

‘Which branch of Government is the most powerful? A Qualitative analysis’

This title clearly:

  1. Shows the method of your study
  2. Highlights the context of your paper
  3. Is easily understandable
  4. Conveys a straightforward meaning
  5. Is relevant to the current issues

You can choose from a list of several research methodologies to conduct the research. Your topic must be relevant to the method that you choose for your research. Some of the most common research methodologies are:

Research Methodologies

Things You Should Not Do While Choosing The Research Paper Topic

Writing a research paper without a good topic can be a student’s worst nightmare. Let us talk about 3 things that you must not do while choosing the good research paper topics.

  • Don’t choose a topic that seems too broad or too narrow

Always consider the scope of your topic beforehand. If your topic is too broad, finding relevant information can be hard.

How to know if your topic is too broad

You must choose a topic that you find to be interesting. Make sure the topic is not inappropriate for the length of your paper. Consider this example:

‘Climate change’

There could be various slants to write on this topic. From the causes, the consequences to the impact all over the world, you can actually write a book on it! Are you writing a book? No, it is a research paper at hand. You can modify the topic and work with something like this:

‘Impact of climate change in South America’

Isn’t this a more manageable topic for your research paper? You can include more details in the paper without creating loose ends. Here is how you can understand if your research paper topic is too narrow.

How to know if the topic is too narrow

  • Don’t be afraid to change your topic to reflect what you’ve learnt

Remind yourself that no topic is set on stone. Choosing a topic for your research paper is a cyclic process. The more you read about the topic, the more you will learn new aspects. If you find a new aspect to be interesting and credible enough, go ahead and proceed with that topic.

As you go through dozens of information, you learn a lot more about your topic. Tweak the topic further if you think that it might do some good to your research paper. Be flexible when it comes to choosing a topic for your research paper.

Now, let us get started with an extensive list of the most interesting research paper topics.

History Topics for Research Papers

Human history is inexhaustible. Check out some of the most amazing ideas that you can try for your research paper.

  • An analysis of the Golan Heights and Palestine
  • Describe the most remarkable revolutions in history
  • Causes, progression and results of the cold war
  • An analysis of the religious cults in ancient societies
  • Weird medieval family laws and their impact on society
  • The causes, consequences and the scars left by the Vietnam War
  • Battle of Hastings: its role in the history of England
  • Did hippie culture have a huge impact?
  • Write about the Monastery and education in the middle ages

Psychology Topics for Research Paper

There are plenty of psychology paper topics to choose from. Take a look at some of the ideas:

  • The origin of fears and phobia
  • What are the factors that influence character and behaviour?
  • The function of long term and short memory
  • Describe the mechanisms of aggravating habits
  • Is autism a development idiosyncrasy or a disease?
  • How memory works?
  • Impact of depression on the immune system
  • Outcomes of mental health and social networks
  • What causes insomnia?
  • Measures to combat child violence

Education Topics for Research Papers

The best thing about topics on education is that they are constantly changing. Dig a little more and you can find amazing ideas for your research paper.

  • Impact of theories on reality in gender issues
  • What is the impact of contemporary teaching method?
  • Describe the mental process behind human learning
  • How to avoid harassment and school bullies?
  • What is the relevance of IQ test results?
  • Is it okay to rebuke children when they misbehave?
  • The origin of learning methods for blind children
  • What is the impact of technology in lesson planning?
  • Is critical thinking the main goal of education?
  • A qualitative analysis of the modern approaches to education

Science Topics for Your Research Paper

Science topics are quite interesting. You can find current news in online journals. Take some ideas from this list and start writing your Science research paper.

  • Impact of cloning on humanity
  • How will nanotechnology affect modern science?
  • Impact of psychoactive drugs on the central nervous system
  • Role of calcitriol and erythropoietin in the human body
  • What is the future of NASA?
  • A brief account of concerns related to the endangered species
  • Potential solutions for toxic waste disposal
  • Why is the nuclear energy hazardous to use?
  • Human’s impact on climate change
  • Is the greenhouse effect reversible?

Literature Topics for Research Papers

When it comes to literature, you can boost the creative genius in you. You can even write on the classics without the fear of choosing an obsolete topic.

  • The most illustrious novels in history
  • What is the future of copyright?
  • Describe the perception of exile in literature
  • Does culture affect literature or is it the other way round?
  • Literature for children
  • The works of Shakespeare
  • Clichés in literature
  • Victorian literature
  • Use of artificial languages in literature
  • Describe the image of death as a character in literature

The topics in this list can help both freshmen and senior students. Choose from the list and keep the tips in mind to choose a perfect research paper topics. You might find a combination of easy and difficult research paper topics in the list. For high school students, it is better to opt for the easy ones. Good luck with your writing!

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