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Tricks to Check Plagiarism in Assignments

A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism in Assignments

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Tricks to Check Plagiarism in Assignments
 Rakesh   Published On Sep 21, 2022 | Updated on Dec 28, 2023  Assignment

What Is Plagiarism?

A question that comes to mind when you deal with academic papers. To answer the questions in the simplest way is basically copying others’ work with permission. There are different aspects of plagiarism that students need to be aware of and below are some details that can help students understand the different layers of plagiarism.

The literal meaning of plagiarism is stealing or copying from another’s work and using it as own work. The word comes from the Latin term ‘plagiarius', which means kidnapper.

Everything is available on the internet for free, so everyone is sharing, viewing, and searching text, audio, and video for free. As a result, there is an abundance of information available, and it makes life much easier than before. So when someone misuses information by representing it as own, no one identifies it unless it is checked through software.

How To Avoid Plagiarism?

There are several ways to avoid plagiarism. First, students can consider the following tips to create plagiarism-free content:

  • Students should always give credit to the individual whose work they are using in their content. Students should use double quotations to avoid verbatim.
  • Students should develop their ideas and thoughts and use them in their assignments instead of copying others’ ideas. When students learn to develop their ideas, and they learn to improve their thought processes, it also expands the domain of knowledge.
  • They can paraphrase content or thoughts without plagiarising them. Students need to paraphrase so that the original idea remains intact but is represented in a student’s own words.

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Tips for Writing Plagiarism-free Assignments

There are different ways to write plagiarism-free academic papers.

Here are 4 of them:

  • Students can use online plagiarism checker tips to understand how to operate a plagiarism tool.
  • There are free plagiarism checker tools for students that one can use to cross-check with thousands of sources, and they display the percentage of unique and copied content in a document.
  • Students should learn to cite their academic papers; they should use double quotations, provide references, etc. there are guidelines that students can follow before they cite academic papers.
  • If students use someone’s image in they should ask the owner first and then give credit to the person.

Steps to Writing Plagiarism-free Assignments

Are you wondering what the steps to writing plagiarism-free assignments are? Here are a few steps to consider:

  • Collect data from various resources

The first step in developing an informative academic paper is to expand the research. Unfortunately, students often rely on a single source which turns out vague. So using multiple sources to collect data for academic papers can help students develop content rich in information.

Moreover, students need to study the sources to understand the credibility of different websites, and it also helps to discover new information about a topic. So researching multiple resources results in a unique academic paper.

Researching does not mean only using the internet but also including books, journals, previously written assignments, etc.

  • Restructure the sentences

When discussing changing the structure of a sentence, it does not imply replacing a couple of words within a sentence. There is a lot more than using synonyms in a sentence.

Here are some strategies students can use to restructure their academic papers:

  • Changing the voice of a sentence- active to passive or vice versa
  • Changing the subject matter
  • Changing the position of subject and adjunct
  • Breaking a complex sentence into two simple sentences
  • Changing a complex or compound sentence into a simple sentence
  • Reorganize the information

Another useful way to write an informative but plagiarism-free assignment is to reorganize the information and make it unique.

Content organization is important in developing plagiarism-free assignments as it makes the content exclusive and engaging.

When students present a piece of information, it should not look like same as others, so be careful when organizing an assignment if you want to avoid plagiarism.

Students can change the place of the heading when writing an assignment. If certain points are written in bullets, students can descriptively write them to avoid plagiarism.

Moreover, they can change the paragraphs and convert them into bullet points.

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing?

The above points clearly state what plagiarism is, how to avoid plagiarism, effective tips, etc. Now how to avoid plagiarism in your writing? Well, the below points offer you the solution for the same:

  • Start early

One of the easy and common ways to opt is to write your academic papers early. Starting early can give you enough time to find information and conduct sufficient research to develop a paper. Moreover, you can avoid rushing through the paper and avoid making silly mistakes.

  • Cite correctly

There are several citation styles, and students need to be careful because students have to implement certain citations in particular subjects. Sometimes students understand, but while citing the paper, they make unnecessary mistakes, so they can ask our experts to cite the papers.

  • Proofread

This is a crucial step that most students skip because they do not find it important. However, proofreading is an unmissable step, so when you have completed it, the writing process moves to editing and proofreading the paper.

You can edit out certain points that seem irrelevant or do not make sense. There are proofreading tools that are easily available for free but still, it is best to check after using the tool to avoid any mistakes.

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Ways to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism

There are different types of plagiarism like mosaic, self-plagiarism, direct, complete, patchwork, accidental etc. among them, the most common one is accidental plagiarism, and there are effective ways to avoid it. Here are a few of them.

  • Develop a writing strategy

Students can accidentally copy a person's work and use it as their own, and it happens because of improper writing strategy. So students need to put a little bit of effort into developing an argument and also research properly. Students can also avoid it by taking down notes, drafting the paper, editing that draft, and ultimately proofreading it. All these add originality to the paper.

  • Cite the sources

Another way to avoid accidental plagiarism is to cite the sources. When students conduct research, they need to note down the sources and use them while developing the final paper. Unfortunately, sometimes students cite the sources incorrectly, which results in plagiarism, so students can use citation tools to avoid these kinds of situations.

  • Plagiarism checker

After putting so much effort into developing an academic paper, students cannot let the hard work go down the drain. So instead of wasting time, students need to use a plagiarism checker which displays the sources of the copied content. In addition, students can receive plagiarism report that shows the percentage of uniqueness or plagiarised content.

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