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Bullying Essay

Smart Tips to Write a Cause and Effect Essay on “Bullying”

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 Jack Morgan   Published On Feb 26, 2019 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Assignment

Cause and effect essays might turn out to be a complex exercise for an individual who is not aware of the different technicalities and academic insights associated with the task. The primary rule of composing a cause and effect of bullying essay is to identify a particular scenario, choose a relevant topic, and explain the same with facts.

For example, if we are to talk about “Bullying” as a topic for a cause and effect essay, then the primary focus should be on figuring out few of the root causes associated with the act. According to the Valencia County University, a cause and effect of bullying essay ideally depends on three crucial models. Here is a graphical interpretation of the same.

The idea is to understand these three models and analyze the components. There is a fine correlation between the effects and the causes of bullying essay. You can choose to jot down different causes and effects of bullying by following any of the three models mentioned above. Irrespective of the structure you wish to proceed with, you are required to follow a few conventions as well.

Here is something for you.

  • Distinguish between the key factors that define “cause” and “effect”.
  • Take some time to organize the details.
  • Make it a point to add details and add reputed links as reference.
  • Consider including stats and supportive links in the introductory paragraph and at the beginning of body content.
  • Come up with a unique and thought-provoking conclusion.
  • Never skip the proofreading and editing section.

Now that you have a concrete idea regarding the technicalities associated with composing a cause and effect eof bullying ssay, here are some bullying essay examples for you. Read the bullying essay sample on the different repercussions of bullying in the United States. You might find it useful.

Happy reading!

“Cause and Effect of Bullying” - Essay Example

Title: The Causes and Effects of Bullying in the United States

It is unfortunate that bullying is still a prevalent issue in our society. If we are to explore the causes of bullying, then the chances are that there is not just one reason why such acts of intimidation occur. According to, bullying can happen in any number of places. It can be at school, college, university or workplace.
Most alarmingly, bullying can occur via technology as well. Cyberbullying is undeniably an evil that is causing some serious threat to our society with every passing day. It involves verbal aggression, threatening and harassing via electronic modes of communication.

Every one in four U.S. students are of the opinion that they were bullied in school, with a few of them confessing to being victims of cyberbullying. The root cause of bullying among people leads back to complex psychology, disturbed backgrounds, long suppressed aggression and the likes. The idea is to identify vulnerable areas and causes that can lead an individual to bully his/her classmates or colleagues and suggest ways to eliminate the evil.

The cause of bullying among children is often due to the norm-critical approach. If an individual proves to be different or departs from the usual norms that are followed by his/her acquaintances, the person might risk being victimized.  Children from disturbed or dysfunctional families are prone to bullying others. They tend to act abnormally or find a way out to express their anger on the innocents by verbal abuse or physical assaults.

There are chances that the potential attackers have not grown up with the affection and devotion they deserved from their parents. This has a negative impact on their psychology and damages their emotions. On the other hand, the victim is exposed to threats that might gradually build up as a primary cause of depression and loss of confidence. In addition, bullying leads to health issues and decreased academic achievement among students.

Most alarmingly, there is a correlation between bullying and suicidal tendencies among the victims. As bullying causes depression and trauma among children, chances are that they would be exposed to the threats of suicidal thoughts and the likes. Bullying affects the victim and the bystanders as well. While the effect of bullying on the victims might consist of mental disorders, substance abuse and anxiety, the bystanders might also develop the same. On witnessing an ugly act of bullying, they might find the school or college premise to be unsafe. This, as a result, will give rise to anxiety, trust issues and a sense of fear among them.

It goes without saying that bullying occurs regularly on several occasions. Vulnerable individuals end up being the most obvious victims of such acts. In order to stop bullying from affecting the lives and psychology of thousands across the nation, the protectors of law must come together with noble initiatives.
Holding anti-bullying campaigns at regular intervals can help to improve the situation. Apart from that, various governmental bodies in the United Systems are also considering facilitating anonymous E-mail systems for the victims.

Children tend to take a step back when it comes to reporting accidents related to bullying.  Crime branch officials can create confidential email facilities where students can talk about the incidents freely. This will gradually help the anti-bullying regulators to receive concrete complaints and weed out the bullies. It is never too late to bring a significant change and combat such issues with care. 

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