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The Ideal Font for Dissertation Writing

Fonts to be Used While Writing a Dissertation

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 John Millar   Published On Sep 16, 2019 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

Don’t you hate it when the professor deducts your marks for handwriting when you have drafted an informative paper with well-structured content? We know it’s unfair, but a lot of us have been in that situation. In 2019, you may not have to worry about your handwriting anymore, thanks to MS word and other writing programs. However, a professor can still deduct marks if you don’t use the ideal font while drafting your dissertation.

You heard that right. Gathering adequate research material and drafting the finest dissertation of your career are simply not enough to get you the grades you desire. You also need to make sure you are using the right font style and font size for the content of that dissertation. If you are clueless about the ideal fonts for dissertation writing, don’t worry. This blog enlists all the font styles that you can use in an academic paper.

Times New Roman:

Times New Roman is most certainly one of the popular choices of fonts for academic writing. You may have already used it before for drafting a text document. It is neat and tidy and makes it easier for the readers to follow the text.

An interesting fact about this font style is that it makes your content look lengthier, thanks to the wider characters of this font. In fact, you only need to write 5,833 words in 12 point type to fill a 15-page, single-spaced document with this font style, while generally, it takes 6,680 words to fill that space.


A majority of the academic institutes prefer the use of Times New Roman for the body text of the paper. However, you can use other fonts for the headings. The sans serif typeface, Calibri can be a good option for that.

However, it is recommended to limit the use of Calibri to the headings only. Sans serifs like Calibri look too casual for the body text of a dissertation. However, when you use this font for the headings, it can make those headings more prominent. So, while doing a quick scan of the content, the readers can easily spot the difference in font styles and identify the hierarchy of ideas.

Other Fonts that are Applicable:

If your institute insists on using any other font besides Times New Roman, you can choose from other typefaces like Garamond, Palatino, Georgia, Cambria, Constantia, Century Schoolbook and Minion Pro. You can find all of them in the MS Word.

The problem with some of them (including Georgia and Constantia) is that they feature non-lining numerals. It means the letters may not sit neatly on the baseline. Some may stand higher or lower than the others. 

Even though you have a number of choices now, it is recommended to use not more than two typefaces for the dissertation. The popular combinations include Garamond-Helvetica, Minion Pro-Myriad Pro, and Times New Roman-Arial Narrow. 

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