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80 Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics

Let's learn the cause-and-effect essay topic

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 Jessica Moore   Published On Apr 19, 2022 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Essay

Choosing a cause-and-effect essay topic is crucial for essay writing. Many experts believe that writing content on cause-and-effect essay topics is one of the most straightforward tasks compared to other essays. However, the trick lies in understanding the essay prompts accurately. Here, the main aim is to establish a causal relationship between the components of the essay. That’s why experts suggest choosing an essay topic you are passionate about. Also, make sure you select a topic that is significant to you.

However, if selecting an exciting cause and effect essay topic seems confusing, get 80 of them right now. Then, stick along to choose your favorite one.

Nonetheless, before we step into the cause-and-effect essays directly, let's learn what a cause-and-effect essay topic is?

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What is a Cause And Effect Essay Topic?

The cause and effect essay talks about a specific scenario where the “cause” of one event “effects” the action of the other. While writing a cause-and-effect essay, the main objective is to explain the results or reasons for particular events.

A usual cause-and-effect essay topic comes with a general theme, and students must come up with their own topic idea to express the subject. Here, a writer needs to determine a scenario that leads to another event.

Similarly, you can also write a cause and effect essay topic in the form of a question that highlights the connection between cause and effect.

Tips for Choosing a Cause and Effect Essay Topic

Now that you know what a cause and effect essay is, you may want to write any accessible cause and effect essay topic. But wait, you just can't grab all that's available. There are a few points that you must keep in mind. So here are the best ways to choose cause and effect essay topics.

  • Brainstorm to get unique ideas and perspectives from a general theme.
  • Narrow down a broad topic to a specific scenario or action.
  • Conduct thorough research to think about an effect caused by the event.
  • Stick to a particular angle of the theme that interests you the most.
  • Connect the thesis statement with your personal life and past experiences.
  • Also, identify how the point of view can affect the future scenario.
  • Set a precise and clear title for your cause-and-effect essay.

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80 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Thousands of cause-and-effect essay topics are available on the internet. However, not all are worth discussing. Therefore, I have collected 80 cause and effect essays and categorized them into 10 different sub-parts.

1. Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • What are the causes and effects of making a laugh at the brand’s drummers?
  • Uploading the wrong photograph to Instagram. Discuss the consequences.
  • What are the causes of Harry Potter replacing Lord of the Rings?
  • Never miss a match- watch online. Why?
  • Is having a larger social circle on Facebook an indication of being famous?
  • Enlist the things to ease the pain when the battery gets low outside
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur by selling funny items?
  • Describe things to make a student laugh out loud.
  • Why can’t another popular engine be established like Google?
  • Why would you mix Coke and Pepsi at breakfast?

2. Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Discuss the causes and effects of the popularity of junk food and fast-food restaurants.
  • Discuss the influence of the internet on kids.
  • Elaborate on the popularity of sports in the United States.
  • Discuss the effects of sports on children
  • What are the effects of bullying on school children?
  • Describe the politics of Putin against the neighboring states.
  • Why must dating in schools be banned?
  • What is the cause of women engaging in destructive relationships?
  • Discuss the dangers of earthquakes.
  • Describe the impacts of stress on mental health.

3. Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Mental Health

  • Explain the causes of post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces.
  • Discuss the causes of anxiety in young teens.
  • What are the effects of divorce on the mental health of minors?
  • Emotional problems can affect the immune system. How?
  • Why can broken relationships cause mental stress?
  • Discuss how continuous mental stress can affect the sleeping pattern.
  • Unemployment can cause psychological issues. Elaborate on the concept.
  • How is social anxiety affecting youth?
  • How do troubled family relationships lead to suicide among youngsters?
  • How can excessive academic assignments cause depression?

4. Medical Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Why eating excessive fast food can influence the energy levels of an individual.
  • Explain how junk food can cause the risk of child obesity.
  • How does a lack of food affect our physical health?
  • How can acne affect a teenager’s life?
  • Discuss the effects of poor diet on health.
  • Describe how smoking causes approximately 90% of all breast and lung cancer incidents.
  • Explain the effects of exercise on physical health.
  • What are the causes of chickenpox?
  • What causes depression among elders?
  • Why do some people avoid vaccines?

5. Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Sports

  • How can playing team sports develop social skills?
  • Extensive workouts can damage the physical health of an individual. Explain how?
  • Why does playing sports help to release hormones from the human body?
  • How can technology impact sports events?
  • How have the Olympics affected overall international relations?
  • What caused the Olympics to begin?
  • What caused some sports to be more popular among children than others?
  • What causes violence in sports?
  • What causes a lack of interest in sports?
  • Can sports cause character development?

6. Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Social Media

  • What are the impacts of social media on youth?
  • Explain the impacts of social media on business.
  • Discuss the positive and negative effects of using social media.
  • What are the effects of social media on education?
  • What causes Google to be the most popular search engine?
  • Explain the effects of social media on cyberbullying.
  • How can social media influence kids?
  • What are the effects of online dating?
  • How excessive use of cell phones affects teenagers?
  • What causes social media to lose popularity?

7. Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Discuss the effects of video games on young children in a narrative essay.
  • Explain the causes and effects of playing candy crush.
  • Explain the effect of technology on family time.
  • How do smartphones affect business practices?
  • What are the positive and negative aspects of wireless technology?
  • Discuss the effects of technology in surgery?
  • What are the effects of using tablets in schools and colleges?
  • How has technology encouraged people to shop online more often?
  • How do cell phones affect the ways people communicate with each other?
  • What causes data protection?

8. Environmental Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • What are the impacts of pollution?
  • Discuss the causes of rapid changes in oceans.
  • Discuss the natural causes of global warming.
  • Explain how water vapor causes the greenhouse effect?
  • The increase in global temperature leads to growing malaria. Discuss.
  • Discuss why is it essential to manage forest fires?
  • What are the leading causes of natural disasters?
  • Why is it important to conserve water?
  • Discuss the harmful effects of animal hunting on the ecosystem.
  • How is noise pollution affecting the ozone layer?

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