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Personal Essay

How to Start a Personal Essay

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How to Start a Personal Essay
 John Millar   Published On Apr 28, 2021 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Essay

Writing a personal essay for college is no easy task. After all, your college admission depends upon how much you can impress the interviewer with just a few words. This kind of essay also follows a similar five-paragraph format with the introduction, body and conclusion. However, this is a highly naïve way of thinking.

Your personal statement essay is a piece of yourself that you share with someone else where you present your worldview and critical thinking abilities. It is a good way for a potential employer or college admission officer to gauge how much you can contribute to their institution.Before we start going over the basic steps of writing a personal narrative essay, let's understand what it stands for.

What Is A Personal Essay?

A personal essay is a piece of writing that describes the author's personal experiences and what they gained from such an experience. You usually write this type of essay in a conversational tone, and the focus is usually not on the subject of the incident but on what you were able to learn from it. As the writer of the essay, you need to make sure your personality shines through to make a good impression. Now that you have a basic idea about a personal essay, let's look at the steps you need to keep in mind when writing a personal essay.

How To Write A Personal Essay?

Writing a personal essay will require some finesse and techniques. As you already know, this essay type is divided into three main sections – the introduction, body and conclusion. Let's go over each of these sections so that you can understand how to proceed appropriately.

1. The introduction to capture the audience

Mastering the concept of how to start a personal essay is the key to success. Don't go with a cliché like beginning with a quote of a famous person. That is one of the most common ways students start their essays, and if you do the same, then your writing won't stand out. Try to come up with something catchy that exudes a sense of professionalism and a conversational tone. It would be best if you also remembered to include your statement in the introduction, which you will provide more context to in the body.

2. Come up with an outline

Before you move on to the essay's body, you should create a basic structure to guide you. Even though you'll be writing about your personal experiences, there is a chance that you might go off tangent and end up missing the entire point that you wanted to highlight. If you look up some personal narrative essay examples, you'll notice that it is crucial to maintain a proper flow in your writing. This can only be possible if you create an outline from the get-go.

3. Don't limit yourself in the body

You have more freedom to write about your personal experiences in this essay than in any other type of essays. So, you shouldn't limit yourself in your writing. Feel free to make your experience as stimulating and enjoyable as possible. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the main objective of your essay should be to highlight what experiences you gained and what you learnt as an outcome.

4. Wrap up everything with a proper conclusion

The conclusion of a personal essay should contain a thesis statement, go over the main points of the piece once again and end with a call to action to engage the readers. The last paragraph is like the ribbon on top of a cake. It should perfectly summarize the overall theme of your experience and make the readers feel a sense of inspiration. Do not repeat the introduction or introduce any new points in this paragraph. Focus on finishing it on a positive note instead. It will be easier for you to figure out how to approach your writing if you keep these four points in mind. You can also look through some personal essay examples to get a clearer idea. These kinds of essays have a wide range of topics that you can explore. Let's look at some of these:

Types Of Personal Essay Topics

There's no set pattern to the kind of personal essay topics you might write. It's best to explore various ideas so that you can master each type. Here are ten common issues that you'll find in most interviews:? One thing you won't forget in your life

  • A life lesson from your childhood that you still remember
  • The most influential person in your life
  • A disappointing event that broke your heart
  • Would you choose money over happiness?
  • Your most precious childhood memory
  • The things in your life that make you want to be a better person
  • Experience of a ruined friendship
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Can your hobbies bloom into a career?

There is no shortage of personal essay topics that you might find interesting. It's vital to select the one you feel the closest connection to so that you can infuse your passion into your writing.

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