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100 Descriptive Essay Topics For Unique Composition

100 Unique Descriptive Essay Topics To Explore

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 Jessica Moore   Published On Apr 13, 2022 | Updated on Oct 09, 2023  Essay

Descriptive essays are a common assignment you’ll encounter throughout your academic years. Such papers allow the reader to view the world through the lens of the writer and peek into their perspective of specific issues, incidents, people, and more.

However, using the five senses to capture an incident isn’t simple, especially if you choose a topic that doesn’t suit this kind of assignment. That’s why has customized a list of 100 descriptive essay topics to help you select a topic with better chances of scoring well.

What Should A Descriptive Essay Contain?

A descriptive essay provides you with the perfect opportunity to create a vivid reading experience for the reader. Your writing must appeal to the five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight) and paint a comprehensive picture for the reader.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at what every descriptive essay must contain:

  • An introduction
  • Background information
  • Body paragraphs
  • A conclusion

The introduction allows the reader to become familiar with the essay topic and contextualize the writing for better understanding. However, you must include a hook to keep the readers engaged and look forward to the rest of the essay.

The body paragraphs explore the topic in great detail. You must present every new argument in a separate section. Ensure that you use enough transition sentences for a smoother reading experience.

In the concluding paragraph, you have to summarize the main points of your argument and go over the key moments in your paper. Last but not least, you must highlight what you’ve learnt from the experience and how its significance to your growth.

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100 Descriptive Essay Topics To Kickstart Your Paper

Now that you’re familiar with what you must include in your descriptive essay, let's go over some topics where you can demonstrate your knowledge to the max:

Descriptive Essay Topics About a Place:

  1. A place that you’d never visit again
  1. Describe a nostalgic place
  1. First time visiting the mountains
  1. A pensive evening by the sea
  1. Exploring a hidden cave
  1. The importance of your secret hideout
  1. Your favorite place in school
  1. The place you’ll never forget
  1. My first time camping
  1. My room – the only place I can call ‘mine’
  1. Home is where the heart is
  1. Gripping on to the nostalgia in changing times
  1. The pleasures of an apartment vs a cottage house
  1. Rural vs city life – An appreciation for the other
  1. A historical location that left a deep impression
  1. Exploring the forest behind my house
  1. A trip down memory lane to your childhood house
  1. The nostalgia of treehouses
  1. The addictive calm of a cafe
  1. A city where I got lost for hours

Descriptive Essay Topics About an Experience:

  1. The time I stopped believing in Santa Claus
  1. The day I learnt to ride a bike
  1. An unforgettable experience at the sea
  1. My most memorable day at the beach
  1. A day I lied from morning till night
  1. The day I lost a loved one
  1. Experiencing regret for the first time
  1. The first week as a college student
  1. The day I visited a criminal
  1. The responsibilities of being an elder sibling
  1. My first love
  1. The best animated film I've seen
  1. My first time at a concert
  1. The moment I burned my hand
  1. My funniest memory with my parents
  1. The ideal way to spend the weekends
  1. A frightening experience you'd rather forget
  1. The day you witnessed an accident
  1. The worst birthday of my life
  1. A day burned in my memory

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Descriptive Essay Topics About a Person:

  1. A person who has earned my respect
  1. The homeless person down the street
  1. A day with my favorite author
  1. A close friend who I lost
  1. The person who shaped my dreams
  1. Reconnecting with an old friend
  1. The expectations of an average human
  1. The child with special needs
  1. My ideal companion
  1. A stranger whom I’ll never forget
  1. The life of a mime artist
  1. A person who helped me overcome my trauma
  1. The qualities that I appreciate in a person
  1. A person who leaves a bittersweet feeling in my heart
  1. The most charitable person I’ve met
  1. My brother/sister from another mother
  1. My platonic soulmate
  1. Meeting the person I’ve idealized my whole life
  1. The day I met the president
  1. A person you can share your deepest secrets with

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Descriptive Essay Topics About Hobbies:

  1. My pandemic hobby
  2. Something I do to relax every day
  3. Reading vs Gardening – the superior hobby
  4. The importance of hobbies in daily life
  5. How I turned my hobby into a business
  6. Expanding the world with more hobbies
  7. My first time painting a portrait
  8. Bird-viewing and fishing – the epitome of patience
  9. How my hobby helps me cope with everyday life
  10. A hobby I share with my parents
  11. An active and passive hobby that shaped my life
  12. How a hobby keeps me on my feet
  13. The day my hobby saved my life
  14. The comfort of turning to a hobby after a hard day’s work
  15. Unique hobbies for Gen Z
  16. A hobby I regret
  17. The most expensive hobby I’ve indulged in
  18. The hobby I gave up midway
  19. How my hobby keeps me sane
  20. A hobby that I picked up from my friend

Descriptive Essay Topics About Objects:

  1. The most precious item in my collection
  2. Describe your most prized possession
  3. A family heirloom you hold dear
  4. Daily objects you cannot do without
  5. Describe your favorite toy as a child
  6. A closer look at the objects around your room
  7. 5 Things You’d Choose For A Time Capsule
  8. The role of a smartphone in the 21stcentury
  9. A worn-out outfit you’ll never discard
  10. The top 10 things you can’t do without on a trip
  11. A precious object that you’ve lost forever
  12. A memorabilia from your grandmother
  13. An old school photograph
  14. The bookshelf in your father’s study
  15. A library book that changed your life
  16. An old stamp collection gathering dust
  17. Your favorite camera
  18. Things in your room that bring you happiness
  19. An anti-stress toy for your daily use
  20. 5 things that are always in your bag

If you’re struggling to pick something for your essay, feel free to choose one from our extensive list of descriptive essay topics. At, you can find more topics to explore. 

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