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Essay Topics

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Essay Topics

Essays serve as a major part of formal education in the US. Apart from being a compulsory part of your academic syllabus, essays help to boost your imaginative faculties. The critical thinking skills it imparts in you act as a lifelong asset. It is due to this reason schools, colleges, and universities engage you in a variety of essay writing tasks.

Writing essays on various topics helps you to gain a diversity of perspectives and develop your analytical skills. The topic of the essay determines the writing style you need to adapt to compose stellar essays.

In this blog, we have discussed some unique essay topics for schools and colleges. We have divided each of the essays in separate sections, as per the educational qualification it demands so that you can easily choose a topic as per your requirement.

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Essay Topics for Middle School

The two most common essays you are assigned during your middle school are narrative and reflective essays. The middle school essay topics are comparatively a lot easier than those you are assigned during high school or in college. It will introduce you to a form of academic tasks where you narrate or reflect on a personal experience while establishing a specific lesson it imparted. These types of essays boost the imaginative and analytical faculties of your mind and prepare you to tackle the complex topics you are assigned during high school and college. 

Essay Topics for High School

The high school essay topics will be a little more complicated than what the middle school teachers assign you. Most of the high school essay topics involve thorough evaluation, analysis and assessment of an argument. High school essays will gradually introduce you to a world of various forms and styles of essay writing you have to handle during your college years. It involves analysis and study of several theories of proficient academicians and rigorous research work.

Research work helps you to find relevant evidences and stats that support your argument. Practice each of these essay topics regularly to develop your research and analytical skills and score remarkably in your assignments.

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College Application Essay Topics

A brilliant college application essay must provide a window to the most meaningful moments. Talk about the challenges and failures you faced and how you overcame them. Let them know your motivations, passions, life experiences by letting your personality shine through.

  • The challenges you have faced in life

A college application essay about challenges reveals how you respond to difficult situations.

An example of an extremely moving essay that was submitted for college application once began as, “On the very first day of my eighth grade, I slowly walked into the cafeteria, during recess. All the black students were sitting in my left and talking amongst themselves. All the white students were at my right busy chatting and having fun. And I just stood there. I stood there with my cappuccino coloured skin, wondering, where was I to sit for lunch on the very first day of my eighth grade.”

  • Failures that shaped your personality

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Take your time to figure out the mistakes you want to talk about in your essay. It must reflect how you responded and learnt from the failures. Try to recount an incident that led to a failure. Mention how you were affected and the lessons you learnt from the incident. Discuss how it contributed to making you the person you are today.

  • Provide a glimpse of your true self

Find one aspect that sets you apart from the rest by highlighting it from a unique perspective. Avoid talking about common situations like playing a sport or your love for drawing. The college authority would have read that hundreds of times. Think about an aspect of your personality or upbringing that is truly special, and write about that by stating your honest opinion.

Here are a few examples of remarkable application essay topics for college. Keep in mind that each essay must be a vivid portrayal of your personality.

  • A “Eureka” moment you had and what sparked it
  • A time when you had to be brave and stand up for what you believe in.
  • If you could change one day of your life what would it be and why?
  • A law that is important to you and why
  • A time when you challenged your worldview. Why would you do that again? 


College Essay Topics

  • A morality problem that bothers you and why
  • A weekend without parental supervision
  • An unpleasant personal experience
  • Effects of acid rain
  • What is the most suitable age to vote?
  • Influence of internet on kids and young adults
  • Homelessness
  • Student load debts
  • Child labour

Broadly speaking, college essays can be subdivided into four major categories.

  • Descriptive essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Problem solution essay

Each of the four forms gives you the opportunity to explore your creative skills. So, pick any topic of your choice and breathe life into it through your creativity.

College essays can be stressful, challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Give yourself plenty of time to brainstorm and outline the college essay ideas. With a properly organized set of ideas, you will definitely get a great start on your college applications.

College essays will be a compilation of all the essay writing techniques you have practiced throughout your school days. The topics will be a lot more complicated and compel you to explain, illustrate or clarify particular aspects of a situation. All your high school lectures, tutorials and the books that shaped your personality will come in to play and assist you in developing essay ideas.


Drafting perfect essays is not a cakewalk. It involves rigorous research and learning and dedicated practice of the writing skills every day. Due to the lack of time and management skills, students fail to come up with interesting essay topics. If you too are facing similar issues, feel free to trust the professionals.  

Interesting essay topics

If you are on the lookout for interesting essay topics, we have come up with a list for you:

  • Here are a few interesting essay topics you can practice in your free time
  • David Beckham is an overrated football player
  • A zoo is worse than a jail
  • Hunting should be made illegal
  • Ethical and moral issues on cloning
  • Each and every one of us actively contribute to global warming 

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