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College Essay Topics

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Your College Essay Topics

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College Essay Topics
 John Millar   Published On Mar 23, 2021 | Updated on Dec 28, 2023  Essay

A lot of students think that it is easier for them to write an essay if they are given the liberty to choose their own topic. However, it is not always the case. In fact, the freedom of choosing your own college essay topics puts a lot of additional responsibilities on your shoulder. You may need to spend hours, even days, finding the right topic for your essay.

It is important to understand that the topic often determines the quality of the respective essay. You cannot just pick any topic you like and expect to develop an impressive essay on it. You need to consider a number of things while shortlisting the college essay ideas. If you don’t have a clue about how to do it, just follow these steps mentioned below:

1. Study the requirements first:

Before you get to the point of choosing good college essay topics, you need to understand the requirements of the essay structure and the instructions your professor has given for the task. The requirements will tell you what type of essay you are supposed to prepare and what kind of topics to select for the task. If you are asked to develop an argumentative essay, you should not be picking a topic that is ideal for a narrative essay.

Study the requirements carefully and figure out what you are supposed to do with the essay. The instructions will tell you which area to look into for the best college essay topics. In case you have any doubts regarding the instructions or the essay requirements, you should just consult with your professor and clarify the doubt.

2. Give priority to your preferences:

Even though you need to pick the college essay topics in compliance with the essay requirements and professor's instructions, you should always give priority to ideas that you are comfortable working with. If you choose a difficult topic only to impress the class but struggle throughout the drafting process, it will add no value to your academic career. Thus, it is recommended to choose a topic that you are familiar with and feel confident working with.

When you choose a familiar topic for college essay writing, your confidence reflects in your writing. Also, you won't have to spend a massive amount of time understanding the topic as you are already aware of it. Moreover, you already know where to look for the relevant information and how to deal with the topic – making things a lot easier for you.

3. Check the availability of information:

Another thing you need to do is make sure that the topic you are choosing has enough research paper materials available on it. It is better to choose a popular topic as you get enough study materials to work with. However, if you still want to prefer a bit uncommon college essay ideas, it is recommended that you check the depth of information available on the topic.

Simply search the topic on Google, and see how many credible links you find on the topic. Credible links refer to the web pages which offer authentic information. You can consider research papers or theses prepared by other researchers, government reports, newspaper articles, survey reports, and statistics as authentic information. If you cannot find enough of such data on the first search of the chosen topics, then those are the college essay topics to avoid.

4. Make sure the topic is relevant:

Lastly, you need to confirm that the topic you are choosing for your college essay is relevant on today's date. It means you need to pick a topic that is worth exploring in the current situation. For instance, "the impact of COVID-19 on students" is a great example of a relevant topic for your essay. Obviously, it needs to comply with the three other measures mentioned above.

Also, you need to verify that the topic you are choosing for your essay paper is adding value to the field of study. If you are working on a concept or idea that is no longer valid in the 21st century, it won’t help you grab the attention of your professor and may affect your grades as well. It will be better if you work on trending topics and areas that are relevant in the current era of digitization.

If you can follow these measures, you are more likely to find the right topic for your college essay. However, if you need some topic suggestions for your inspiration, here are some ideas for your essay topics for college.Essay Topic Ideas for College Students

Argumentative Essay Topics:

i. Is it ethical to replace the human workforce with automation?
ii. Should college athletes be paid for being on sports teams?
iii. Should sports be classified by gender?
iv. Should religious clubs be allowed in schools and colleges?
v. Should animal testing be allowed?
vi. Should unpaid internships be considered legal?
vii. College education should be made free for all
viii. Is universal basic income a good idea?
ix. Should graffiti be considered vandalism or art?
x. Should one be allowed to share art and music online?

Narrative Essay Topics:

i. A time you made friends in an unusual scenario
ii. Your first day in a new city
iii. Most enjoyable Christmas you had
iv. The time you went on a vacation without your parents
v. An encounter with a stranger that you cannot forget
vi.Your biggest failure in life to date
vii. The day you helped save someone’s life
viii. A dream that came true
ix. A lesson that you will always remember in life
x. Meeting your hero for the first time

Exploratory Essay Topics:

i. Should TV commercials use more diverse people than super skinny white models?
ii. How does divorce affect a child’s psychology?
iii. Is running a marathon good for your physical health?
iv. Is dictatorship as bad as they are accused of?
v. Should parents be accountable for a child’s bad behavior?
vi. Can the excessive use of mobile phones cause cancer?
vii. Is “education for all” an attainable idea?
viii. Has social media made us more distant from reality?
ix. Does coffee do more harm than good for pregnant women?
x. The significance of voting in today’s world

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

i. Discuss the changes in the Oceans and the reasons behind the changes
ii. How does the internet influence a kid’s mind – discuss.
iii. How does alcohol affect a person’s nervous system?
iv. How does the profession of a parent influence a kid’s career choices?
v. How does the war in Syria affect the western world?
vi. What are the root causes of racism?
vii. What are the effects of music on the human brain?
viii. What impact does smoking has on the health of a pregnant woman?
ix. How does the emergence of app cabs have impacted the existing cab industry?
x. The impact of COVID-19 on the academic field

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

i. Should you save money from a young age or fulfill your wishes
ii. Public vs. private college – which one is better?
iii. Online classes vs. traditional classes
iv. iOS vs. Android – which is superior?
v. Medicine vs. natural remedies – which is more effective?
vi. Is economic growth good or bad?
vii. The political system in the US vs the UK
viii. Oral learning vs. written learning – which is more impactful?
ix. Exercising at home vs. exercising at the gym
x. Paying for college vs. getting a scholarship

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you get started with your college essay. However, there are plenty of websites where you can find college essay samples and 100+ college essay topics for your reference.

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