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Deductive Essays: An Ultimate Guide

Effective guidelines to write killer deductive essays

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 John  27 Sep, 2019  Essay

Deductive Essays: An Ultimate Guide

People write to serve multiple purposes. Journal-keepers write to express their emotions, humorists write to entertain, poets and novelties write to explore the subtleties of human language, etc. However, the primary thing you will do as a college student is to write deductive essays that explain and inform the readers.

Most students are terrified on hearing the word “deductive essay”. They are baffled about complex terms like deductive reasoning, deductive thinking, etc. The problem arises most of the times when they have little to no idea regarding how to start.  They face a daunting time while choosing an intriguing topic that would appeal to the readers. If you are struggling to write an outstanding deductive essay, then reading this blog will surely put you miles ahead.

Let’s discuss in details the intricacies of writing a remarkable deductive essay. 

Elements to incorporate in an outstanding Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is a type of essay in which a writer deduces some form of logical reasoning, that is also known as the deductive argument. Through a deductive essay, the writer is able to reach a logical conclusion with the help of the information provided. Did you know that deductive essays and deductive thinking are interwoven? If you are wondering about the crucial elements to incorporate to draft a brilliant deductive essay, have a look at the list given below: 

  • Premise

One of the significant elements to incorporate in a deductive essay is the premise. A premise serves as the basic fact or belief that is used as a basis for drawing the conclusions. There can be multiple premises in one argument. It is essential to provide a background in the premise to help the readers measure the rest of the logical progression. 

  • Evidence

Evidence is the proof on which readers can rely on. It can be a factual story you have analysed or anything you have observed. After analysing the premise, it is essential to endow it with evidence. This helps to link the premise with the calculation. 

  • Conclusion

The final element is the conclusion. It is your ultimate analysis of the situation that is based on balancing the premises with the evidence. 

Now, that you are acquainted with the crucial elements to draft a brilliant deductive essay, start with the task at the earliest. Click on this deductive essay sample to have a lucid idea. 

90 brilliant ideas to write a killer Deductive Essay

If you are facing an incredibly challenging time trying to zero in on a topic for a deductive essay that would amp up your essay writing process by notches, you can take your pick or find inspiration from the list of 90 intriguing topics for deductive essay writing. Some prolific essay writers have aided us in making a comprehensive list of deductive topic ideas for you. Have a look. 

  1. The investigation of President Kennedy’s death
  2. Compare Communism with Democracy
  3. Should one encourage cloning?
  4. Is it essential to use technology in teaching?
  5. Should children be allowed to use mobiles?
  6. Is it healthy to diet?
  7. Is it right for young people to enter politics
  8. Is depression considered a mental illness?
  9. Can one justify abortion?
  10. Is immunisation essential against meningococcal infection?
  11. Is it essential to provide equality in rights to both the genders? Why?
  12. Why there is a need for empowerment in our society?
  13. Is it essential to set reservation on a financial basis?
  14. Explain- “Is political inference justifiable in the divorce of a married couple.”
  15. Discuss the steps to remove social evils
  16. Can we consider biotechnology as the greatest innovation till now in the agricultural sector?
  17. Can the law be a hindrance in the way of justice in multiple cases?
  18. Is it essential to reduce dumping needs in developing nations?
  19. Is it required to adopt a law system to reduce the situation of anarchy?
  20. Why should an economist keep the demand and supply theory in mind?
  21. Explain- “There is a regular need of amendments in the constitutional law with the time.”
  22. Discuss the steps one can take raise the revenue of an underdeveloped nation.
  23. Should an initiative be taken to put an end to the political interference in the field of education?
  24. Should only nature be allowed to provide common rights like breathing, drinking and eating and not by somebody else?
  25. Explain- “Is it safe to use dairy products acquired with the aid of biotechnology?”
  26. Is it beneficial to use seeds generated through biotechnology applications for a longer time?
  27. Discuss – “The need of men empowerment in our society”
  28. Explain – “A country should try to explore new ways to make people invest in the infrastructure of the country.”
  29. Explain – “Self Driving vehicles are the wave of the future.”
  30. Discuss- “Technology in the classroom gets in the way of learning.”
  31. “The culture of online shaming is out of control”- discuss
  32. Steps to be taken to fight sexual violence against young women
  33. Explain the pressure teenage girls face to have a perfect body
  34. Should there be more girls in leadership roles?
  35. Discuss- “Girls pursuing careers in computing and tech fields is reducing in the present times.”
  36. Recreational drones are safe – Explain
  37. What do you think about the roles robots should play in the future?
  38. Can online learning be as beneficial as face-to-face learning?
  39. Should the computer be allowed to grade your essays- Explain
  40. Is it essential to do tests on animals?
  41. The state should provide healthcare- Discuss
  42. Is it essential for the government to legalise prostitution?
  43. Is it ethical to consume meat?
  44. Do you think the paparazzi violate the privacy of celebrities?
  45. Can sugar tax help to reduce the rate of obesity?
  46. Are all documentaries biased and have an agenda?
  47. “GMO food can help to prevent world hunger”- Explain
  48. Is it essential for recycling to become mandatory?
  49. Is it ethically wrong to pet exotic animals?
  50. Do you think a minimum wage boost should be followed in the economy?
  51. Do you think religion can be the cause of all wars?
  52. Do you think scientists should use plain English?
  53. Do you think human cloning should be legalised?
  54. Do you think people should be allowed to hunt purely for the purpose of entertainment?
  55. Should there be harsher punishments for bullying?
  56. Do you think that the world should have only one language?
  57. Do you think media should depict violent scenes?
  58. Can the state impose limits on family sizes to put a stop to overpopulation?
  59. Can hell be considered as endothermic or exothermic?
  60. Do you think humanity is good or evil by nature?
  61. Do you think teenage pregnancy is an impending problem for the society?
  62. Do you think money is the root of all evils?
  63. “By buying products for countries that endorse child labour, we are supporting the process”- Explain.
  64. Do you think that the punishment for poaching should be increased?
  65. Do you think keeping animals in a zoo is inhumane?
  66. Do you think crossbreeding of animals can be sustainable in the long term?
  67. Explain- “A strict immigration policy would be beneficial for a country.”
  68. Music can evoke different emotions- Discuss.
  69. “Social media has become too prominent in modern society”- Discuss
  70. Do you think technology has created an idle society?
  71. Do you think anti-immigration laws are effective?
  72. Can graffiti be considered as an art?
  73. “Older people can learn from the younger generation”- discuss
  74. Do you think girls are deliberately not choosing careers in math and science?
  75. Do you think that the creation of Artificial Intelligence can cross the morality bounds?
  76. State the borderline between abuse and discipline.
  77. Do you think we are close to the black mirror?
  78. Is the medical procedure of slow aging with science ethical?
  79. “A video game addiction can be channelised to a profession.”
  80. Do you think a line should be drawn for the violent shows on TV screens?
  81. “Abortion is a personal decision”- Discuss
  82. Do you think it is right to manipulate the human body with technology?
  83. “Machines are a threat to human existence”- Discuss
  84. Should cell phones be used as educational tools?
  85. “Countries owe to their veterans”- discuss
  86. Do the global leaders have some responsibilities when it comes to the refugee crisis?
  87. “The American voting system should be altered”- Explain.
  88. Do you think the notion of privacy exists in modern society?
  89. State the reasons behind the ‘Apple Rush’.
  90. “Teenagers can make a difference in the world”- Discuss 

Summing it up,

Writing a deductive essay is not as challenging and strenuous as you think it to be. If you choose a topic that excites you and if you are aware of the crucial elements to incorporate in the essay, half your battle is won.

With the aid of the comprehensive list given above, writing an essay will be as easy as a cakewalk. Implement the guidelines, pick a topic from the amazing list given above, use credible sources and sail through you deductive essay like a champion. 

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