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Social Media Essay

A Complete Guide for Social Media Essay Writing

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A Complete Guide for Social Media Essay Writing
 Jack Morgan   Published On Sep 09, 2020 | Updated on Dec 07, 2023  Essay

On today's date, it is hard to find a person who does not have a social media account. The availability of cheaper smartphones and affordable internet packages has made it easier for everyone to remain active on social media platforms. But when it comes to writing a social media essay, students often find themselves in a pickle.

To draft an impressive piece on social media essay topics, you need to put in a lot of effort. Having a basic understanding of social media can undoubtedly help you in establishing cogent arguments in the essay. But if you want your essay on social media to stand out, you need to take several measures.

How to Produce an Impressive Essay on Social Media?

Writing a social media essay is not much different from writing any other kind of essay. Also, it is important to understand that social media essay is not a different kind of essay. It can be an argumentative, a persuasive, a narrative, or an analysis essay, as long as the topic is based on social media.

To make your essay on social media, follow these measures mentioned below:

1. Understand the requirements of the essay:

Before you start working on a social media topic, you need to understand the requirements of the task. Pay attention to the instructions of your teacher/professor and comply with them while planning the essay. Also, decide what kind of essay you want to produce and how you want to approach the topic. Having clarity of these things allows you to deliver a strong and convincing argument.

2. Conduct thorough research:

No matter what format you choose for your social media essay, you will require a significant amount of data to support your arguments. Once you have a thorough understanding of the essay requirements, you need to start gathering relevant data for the topic. Don't limit your research to the printed sources only. Since social media is ever-evolving, you are more likely to find relevant data from digital sources.

3. Develop a thesis: 

When you are done gathering relevant data for the essay topic, you need to focus on developing the thesis around which you will build the essay. The thesis is the main point of the essay, and you need to sum it up in one sentence. The statement must be clear and precise and tell the readers what to expect from the essay.

4. Prepare an outline:

Whether you are preparing a persuasive essay about social media or a narrative essay about buying a new laptop, you need to decide how you want to present the content. That's where you need to develop an essay outline. The outline tells what goes where in the content. You arrange your ideas in a more organized manner and create a roadmap for the essay with the outline.

5. Create the first draft:

Now comes the writing part. You already have your thesis statement and outline ready. So, all you need to do is develop your content around these two major elements. As you may realize, like most of the essays, this one will also have the five-paragraph structure – an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Draft the content as planned in the outline.

6. Proofread and edit: 

Lastly, revise the content as many times as possible. Also, while identifying the errors in the paper, look for the sections that could have been presented better. Make the necessary changes in the paper and rectify the errors before submitting the paper. Editthe paperwith a fresh mind and preferably after a day of writing.

These are some of the major steps of preparing a good social media essay on your own. However, if you have some difficulty, you can always avail of the much-needed essay writing help from

20+ Useful Suggestions for Social Media Essay Topics

While the tips mentioned above can be quite useful in delivering a quality essay on social media, the first thing you need for essay writing is to select the topic. You may have noticed that topics such as “positive and negative effects of social media," “why social media is bad for children," and "cause and effects of social media”have been written on too many times.

To impress your professor, you need a different take on social media as your essay topic. If you cannot think of any interesting social media essay topics, go through these following suggestions:

i. Why is Twitter popular among celebrities?
ii. The world before and after social media
iii. How has social media changed the world of business?
iv. Is social media strengthening the bonds of the relationship or breaking them?
v. How is social media transforming the field of education?
vi. How can you overcome social media addiction?
vii. Is social media corrupting the idea of democracy?
viii. Do social media promote radicalization?
ix. What is the role of social media in cyberbullying?
x. The impact of social media on real-life communication
xi. How can social media help during calamities?
xii. How doessocial media helpin fighting negative stereotypes?
xiii. How can social media be used as a career option?
xiv. Why do so many people act aggressively on social media?
xv. The influence of social media on mental development and behavior of young people
xvi. How hassocial media influenced beauty standards?
xvii. Shall employers check the social media accounts of potential employees?
xviii. Social media for charity
xix. The psychology behind creating fake identities on social sites
xx. Is social media a new culture?
xxi. Shall teachers keep their private accounts closed from students?
xxii. Shall the government issue a new set of regulations for social media?
xxiii. If social media platforms are shut down one day, what will you miss the most?

As you can see, most of the topics mentioned in this list are uncommon and have many different areas to talk about. You can simply choose a topic from the list or use them as an inspiration to find your own social media essay topic.

A Sample Essay on a Social Media Topic 

If you still have some doubts, study the following sample to understand the essay better.

Essay on Social Media

Hopefully, this sample was helpful. However, if you still need more assistance, professional help is just a click away.

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