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Writing Prompts

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 Deepak   July 19, 2022  Writing Service

Writing Prompts

In simple words, a writing prompt is a short passage (or sometimes an image) that highlights a potential subject idea or the initial point for an original short essay, journal entry, report, story, poem, or other assignment writing types. In the words of Kristi Pikiewicz and Garth Sundem, a writing prompt usually comprises two basic elements: the prompt itself and instructions explaining what the learners must do with it.

Purpose of Writing Prompts

The main objectives of incorporating writing prompt in the content are listed below:

  1. Eliciting insightful responses
  2. Touching on experiences


Some Easy Tricks to Generate Your Own Creative Writing Prompts

If you are struggling to generate your own creative writing prompts, the below tricks may come to your help:

  1. Include images : Old postcards are a great choice if you are writing fiction. Including an image from a magazine that holds value to you is also a good idea. If personal writing attracts you, you can use your own images. Write what each image conveys to you.

  2. Build a word jar : Now, prepare a list of your favourite words, quotes, aphorisms, or sentences. Jot them down and choose one randomly. Set your timer and start writing what comes to mind, stream-of-consciousness.

  3. Select a line from the book : You can pick a book from your bookshelf, go through its pages randomly, choose a sentence, and then put your hands into action. It will be a fun-filled affair resulting in unexpected outcomes.

  4. Do a Meditation : Listen to the meditation audios, and once you open your eyes, write down the first three words that traverse your mind. If you haven’t been able to concentrate, name three elements that disturbed you while you are attempting to meditate.

  5. Include these generic prompts as fallback options : Sentence stems come in handy to create something, especially when you are feeling stuck. So, when you have nothing to say, you can always return to the actual sentence and begin a new one. You can also use these generic prompts as fallback options:
  • I know

  • What I really want to say

  • What I fail to notice

  • What nourishes my heart

Understanding The Basics of Writing Prompts

If you want to develop skills in reading and understanding a prompt, you need to scrutinize at least two prompts by portraying the question types students should ask themselves as they weave a writing response.

  • What is the writing form the prompt is asking for?

  • What arguments or ideas will the audience expect you to suggest? Would these points be excellent paragraph topics?

  • What does the prompt expect from you?

  • Who are the readers of this essay?

  • How do the readers’ expectations affect the writing style?

Some Examples of Unique Writing Prompt

If you are looking for a quick boost to charge yourself, these short writing prompts can come in handy:

#1: Describe a scene beginning with a regular family ritual that goes awry

#2: A shoe comes down from the sky. Justify the reason.

#3: Give some suggestions regarding the ways to get a ball out from a vertical pipe.

#4: If your brain was tangible, what physical place you can relate it to?

#5: Start your content with the phrase, “The stage was set.”

#6: Weave a story from the viewpoint of the “bad guy.”

#7: An individual comes across a stranger on a mode of transportation. Craft the content that ensures.

Some Examples of Essay Prompt

Have a look at the below examples of essay prompts

#1: Showcase a facet of your identity, background, or story that goes with your personality.

#2: Write about a time when you failed at something and its impact on your life.

#3: Tell us about a period where you opposed your pre-existing worldview.

#4: Describe a problem that you want to fix. It can be big or small.

#5: Jot down a moment that highlighted your shift from child to adult within your family or community.

#6: Choose your top 10 list.

#7: Describe your life goals.

#8: Choose a quote that highlights a lot about your inner self, and explain why you relate to it.

#9: Write the most embarrassing moment in your life and the aspects you learned from it

#10: Make a list of everything you are passionate about. What makes it so attractive? How do you learn more about it?

How Prompts Enhance Your Writing Skills

Writing prompts, also known as essay prompts, can be termed as learning assignments that enable students to write about a certain topic in a specific manner. With the advancement of our educational understanding, writing prompts erupted on the scene to corral the natural curiosity of students for the world around them. They are crafted to blend a student’s creativity and imagination into standard writing practice. According to assignment experts, including writing prompts in a multi-faceted writing curriculum can enhance the chances that learners will not only evolve as writers but feel connected to the writing affair.

The Significance of Writing Prompts

The major obstacle of writing prompt interpretation is guessing the required form of writing. The writing prompts of expository, narrative, and persuasive essays are bound to be different. In some cases, prompts highlight the writing form to be used. All that you have to do is to recognize the clues given in the prompt.Nowadays, teachers use prompts to help learners gear up for standardized tests. Ranging from state writing assessments to national tests like SAT and ACT, writing prompts are used everywhere. Some age-appropriate writing prompts on standardized tests emphasize contemporary social topics issues.

Some Easy Tricks to Generate Your Own Creative Writing Prompts

onnect with our experts to give creativity a new meaningMost students struggle to create writing prompts aligned with the subject. The primary reason for this phenomenon is the lack of creativity and insights regarding the discipline. If you are the one on that list, get in touch with the ingenious minds of and give your writing an added boost that you won’t get anywhere.


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