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Five Paragraph Essay

5 Tricks To Develop A Five Paragraph Essay

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Five Paragraph Essay: Best Writing Tips, Essay Outline & Sample
 John Millar   Published On Jun 06, 2022 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Essay

The five paragraph essay you learn in elementary English education takes complicated twists and turns as you participate in the standardized testing procedures in your school and colleges. Unfortunately, many students lack the essential skills to develop an organized platter of ideas, claims, or concepts with complete evident support for these notions.

Therefore, they cannot create a 5 paragraph essay. However, if the tyranny seems similar, here are the 5 tips to get done with the five paragraph essay that you can use in essay writing for your primary, secondary, and further education.

Nonetheless, before I share the tricks, let me share five tricks to develop a five paragraph essay outline.

The 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

A 5 paragraph essay outline consists of-

  • Introduction- In the first paragraph of an essay
    • Factual background information to intrigue the reader.
    • Present the 3 primary points to discuss in the essay.
    • strong thesis to prove your point.
  • First Main Point- In the second paragraph of the essay
    • The first sentence must include transitions from the introductory paragraph.
    • Must consist of evidence to support the topic in the form of quotes, graphs, paraphrased information.
  • Second Main Point- In the third paragraph of the essay
    • Must include words connected to the previous paragraph.
    • Have evidence to support the 2ndpoint mentioned in the thesis statement.
  • Third Main Point- in the fourth paragraph
    • Similar to the earlier paragraphs, it must have a transitory line and explain the 3rdpoint of the thesis statement.
  • Conclusion- in the fifth and concluding paragraph
    • Summarize the 3 points mentioned in the body paragraphs without introducing any new ideas.
    • connect the points of the previous sections to make an impact.
    • leave an impact on your reader’s mind with the concluding sentence.

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Tricks to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

Now that you have a clear idea of how many paragraphs are in an essay. Let's dig into the tricks to design a 5 paragraph essay-

  1. Choose your essay subject carefully

Your professor may give you a list of 10 topics to choose from or a blank sheet to select an issue on your own. Whatever the situation may be, pick a topic that can support a guiding thesis. Example: "The USA will win most Olympic medals the next season" – if you choose this topic for your five-paragraph essay, you must have 3 points to support your claim.

  1. Do extensive research

Once you have selected the 5 paragraph essay topic, it is time to conduct research. Dig deep and find out all the information you can see concerning the subject. Then strain out only those you need for the essay writing.

  1. Decide the thesis statement

Choose an essay statement first, and then refine it as you move forward with your essay writing. For example, if you select the original essay statement - "USA will win most Olympic medals the next season," you may find that the essay topic is too elaborate to strengthen your argument. Therefore, you change the subject to "The USA will win most Olympic medals the next season in swimming."

  1. Write the body

Make the body paragraphs using the points you note in the outline. How many body paragraphs should be in an essay? Your body paragraphs must not extend beyond 3 paragraphs for a 5 paragraph essay. Keep the entire length between 500 - 800 words. The basic idea of all the body paragraphs must relate to the thesis statement of your writing.

  1. Edit your essay

Take an at least 30 minutes break after completing your 5 paragraph essay; never overlook the mistakes. If possible, read aloud your essay contents to catch any missing words. Then take the essay help of a separate pair of eyes to point you any miss outs.

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Sample Of A Five-Paragraph Essay

Now that you have a clear idea of writing a 5 paragraph essay. Let’s read a five paragraph essay example to clear any remaining queries-

Title - Enjoying A Camping Trip

Every year, almost all United States citizens choose to spend their vacations; some of them go camping in the great outdoors. Depending on an individual's taste for adventure, they have various choices - from log cabin camping and recreational vehicle camping to tent camping. Of these, tent camping involves most of the groundwork; how an adventurer plans an experience decides how gratifying the experience will be.

However, even with the best planning, tent camping can be extremely frustrating; bad weather, wildlife encounters, and equipment failures are the most common factors.

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