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What will happen if Your Student visa expires?

What will happen if your F-1 visa got expired?

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 Jack Morgan   Published On Dec 20, 2021 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Student Guide

If you are taking any assignment help or writing help in the USA, you have already got your F-1 visa, right? But the question is, what will happen if your F-1 visa got expired before you finish your abroad study. Everyone is aware that a visa is just a document for entering a new country. But when you are a student, it does not matter if the date written in the paper has expired. If you are a valid student, it is unnecessary to leave the country immediately. If a student wants to leave, that matter is totally different.

How Long Can You Stay in the US After Your Student Visa Expires?

According to US Government Law and regulations act, students who can maintain F-1 status when pursuing a course in any US college or university will get a 60 days grace period after expiring their student visa. 

So, as long as you can maintain your F-1 status, you are allowed to stay in the US until your 60 days deadline is not over. If you are taking help from any US writing services to finish your college assignments, it will also be counted in the 60-days grace period.

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When is an F-1 Visa holder’s deadline for leaving the US?

When students receive their F-1 visa from the US Consular office, they get an entry stamp into their passport. But the date mentioned here does not define your legal stay in the US. So, if the date and your visa expire, no one will get you out of the country. For example, if you have not taken a job or dropped your college/university, the US government will allow you to stay there until your 60-day grace period is not expired. 

These rules and regulations give students the flexibility to pursue their studies. For example, if you want to change your Master's degree to a Ph.D. diploma halfway through the program, your F-1 visa could be updated. So that you can get extra time to finish your new degree without leaving the United States. 

Parting words,

So, it is evident that if your F-1 visa has expired in the midway of your studies in the US, you can continue your career by renewing the visa or maintaining the F-1 status. 

So, go ahead and achieve your dream to study in one of the US Universities. All the best for your future career. 

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