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How To Stay In The US After Graduation?

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How To Stay In The US After Graduation?
 John Millar   Published On Dec 21, 2021 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Student Guide

The United States has lured young talents from all around the world in the pursuit of higher education for ages. In the words of top assignment help stalwarts of the US, most who pursue education end up staying in the United States after graduation.

Since you are an international student, you will have innumerable options for transferring your F-visa status into the legal residency after you graduate.

Your F-1 visa can only permit you to stay for 60 days after the graduation date. Take a look at certain remarkable options we have enlisted that will enable you to extend your stay in the United States easily after you graduate.

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Options are:

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Optional practical training is a remarkable program for undergraduate and graduate students on F-1 visas. It enables students to stay and work in the United States for 12 months. To enroll in this program, students must have either received their degree or must be studying in the US for one full academic year.

STEM graduates or students may also receive an extension stay of 24-months. However, this extended program will only have a few spots available. For more relevant information on the OPT STEM extension, login to the USCIS website.

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H-1B Visa

With the aid of a sponsoring US employer, an international student can also transfer their student visa status to the H-1B status. The H-1B status enables a graduate student to work and live in the US for up to six years. To be eligible for this kind of visa, it is essential to prove to the USCIS that you are qualified for the position in a company due to your field of study.

In the fifth employment year at the same company, your employer can file for your employment-based permanent residency. This will extend the H-1B visa past the six-year limitation. If you require changing jobs within the six-year period, you need to apply for the H-1B visa again.

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Green Card

A look at remarkable writing help service tutorials of the USA will help you understand that acquiring a green card is the ultimate goal for any non-native living in the United States. While an H-1B visa will only enable you to stay in the US for a limited number of years, the green card will be your key to permanent residency.

As a green card holder, you will be able to work anywhere in the US, receive ample financial benefits, and even live in the US indefinitely.

Walking across the stage to receive your graduation degree doesn’t imply the end of your time in the US. However, do not wait until a few months before graduation to start making plans for your extended stay.

As an F-1 student, there exist numerous ways to prepare early. You must also work on your interview skills and polish your resume to ensure your accomplishments stand out. This will only encourage your employers to make extra efforts to invest in you.

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