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How Much US Student visa Costs?

What is the cost of a US student visa?

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 Jack Morgan   Published On Dec 18, 2021 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Student Guide

If you are thinking about studying in the USA or taking assignment help or writing help in the USA, you need to apply for the visa first. As a student, you must have thought about how much it will cost to have a US student visa. Do not panic because we are here to solve your problem. This blog will give you a brief detail about the student’s visa in the US. Continue reading to know more.

How to Get a US Student Visa? 

If you have any questions regarding the visa process to study in the US and you are not a US citizen, you need to follow some things.

  1. At first, you need to apply for your course. And be accepted by a SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) certified college or university. After admission, your university’s international student office will provide you with an I-20 form.  
  2. Before you apply for a nonimmigrant visa, you need to pay a non-refundable application fee. It is also referred to as the MRV fee sometimes. 
  3. You have to pay around $160 as an application fee and another $350 as Student and Exchange visitor information System (SEVIS) fee.
  4. You have to show the US government that you have enough assets to pay the approximate cost of your entire academic plan. Then they will approve your F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa. 

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You will get a receipt after paying the application fee. This fee will remain valid for one year from the payment date. 

You need to contact the US Embassy or Consulate office after paying the application fee or within the one-year validity period of the application fee.

If you do not contact the Embassy and schedule an interview session with them within one year, the validity of your receipt will expire.

And then, you will not be approved to schedule an interview. So, you have to do the process once again.

So, do not forget to get the receipt and have an interview session with the Embassy. 

Parting words,

Applying for a US student visa is a lengthy process. So, ensure that you are well-prepared in advance. You have to prepare at least 4-5 months before your academic session starts. And you need to remember that you have to come back to your country before your I-94 form gets expires. After that, it can violate the immigration laws, and you will never be eligible to get a US visa anymore. 

If you want to extend your visa, you need to get approval from the Embassy. As a student, if you're going to take any other degree course or writing service, you can renew your visa anytime. One and only condition for that is to maintain your student status. 

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