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UCLA Acceptance Rate

Everything you need to know about UCLA's Acceptance Rate?

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UCLA Acceptance Rate
 John  11 Aug, 2020  Assignment

UCLA Acceptance Rate

The University of California, Los Angeles, is one of the public research universities in the territory of Los Angeles. It is also known as UCLA.  It has developed the Southern Branch of such University of California in the year 1919, building it the second oldest of the other 10-campuses of the system under the University of California. The UCLA has offered 337 undergraduate, as well as graduate degree curriculums in such a wide range of the disciplines, registering about 31,500 undergraduate, as well as 12,800 graduate students. This UCLA has 119,000 applicants for fall in the year 2016, comprising transfer applicants, constructing the school the most applied-to of any university in America.

UCLA acceptance rate:

The acceptance rate of UCLA has remained low this year. The rate of such acceptance is at about 14% for the freshmen, as well as along with the transfer students. It is about 14% in the last year, whereas it was almost 16.1% in the year prior to the last year. In the opinion of the great article of the UCLA concerning the admission on this UCLA, the university has admitted the largest or prevalent freshman class to such date, with over such 16,000 newcomers along with nearly 5,600 transfers' students from such applicant pool near about 137,000 students. Traditionally speaking, such UCLA admits almost 1 student in 6 freshman applicants; however, the curve of the UCLA admissions has become greater discrimination, the significance of such increasingly inflexible to get into the admission of the UCLA. When there are positive schools that are more stimulating to get into, this UCLA is still deliberated as one of the most selective and discriminative schools all over the country. However, it can be said that the acceptance rate of the university has decreased now a day, and it is not constant.

UCLA admissions rate:

The academic statistics of the year 2019 for the freshmen, as well as the transfer applicants, are given separately. At the time of reviewing the freshman applicants, it has looked at a wide variety of the factors, and some more effortlessly computable than the others. The followings are the primary academic factors that are considered when it is reviewed the freshman applicants for such Fall Quarter of 2019. It can be said that there is no such specific cut-off value allocated to any of the factors that they have considered.

Overview by Residency:

Out of State International Total
Applicants 69,607 23,137 18,578 111,322
Enrolled 4433 948 1560 13720
Admits 8,354 3806 1560 13720
Enroll rate 53% 25% 35% 43%
Admit rate 12% 16% 8% 12%
% of Total applicants 63% 21% 17% 100%

From the above table, it can be said that the admission rate is very less than the enrolled rate by the overview of the admission rate in accordance with the residency.

More about UCLA SAT Scores:

Primarily, UCLA does not need or involve both the ACT, as well as the SAT, but the students can certainly take and give in to scores for both. If you go for the SAT, then you should keep in mind that you will need to take the Essay unit on that as well. When there is no such formal minimum SAT score for applying to UCLA, as well as no score, which may provide the guarantees to admissions, then the average combined score on such SAT will be 1360 out of 1600. The relevant scores relating to the UCLA admission are discussed here.If you are wondering, for the scores that may put you above, as well as below such average, the percentiles may shake out as monitors for UCLA SAT scores:

  • The 75th percentile for the combined SAT score is 1490
  • The 25th percentile for the combined SAT score is 1240

The meaning of the above statement is discussed here. It means that the 1490 or the higher puts the student above such an average of the accepted applicants when 1240 puts that student below average. It has depended on the percentile. Therefore, the long, as well as the short of it is that if the student wants the competitive edge, then he wants to get the 1490 or above this number. The students might want to inspect this post on such a perfect SAT score to proliferation the chances of getting a strong SAT score for the admission of UCLA.

 UCLA admission requirements:

The admission requirements for admission under UCLA are discussed here. When there are many pieces that go into a college application, the students should focus on the following requirements:

  • GPA requirements
  • Testing requirements, which includes SAT, as well as ACT requirements
  • Lastly, the Application requirements.

UCLA GPA Requirements:

Many schools in this territory have specified a minimum GPA requirement; however, this is frequently just the unadorned least to submit an application lacking immediately being rejected by the university. The GPA requirement for the admission of this UCLA that actually matters will be the GPA that any student needs for the real chance of getting into the university. For this, UCLA looks at the average GPA of the school for its present students.With a GPA of 3.9, the UCLA necessitates you should be the top of such class. The student will need approximately straight A's in all of the classes for competing with the other candidates. Additionally, you must be taking such hard classes that are AP, as well as IB progressions - to demonstrate that the college-level researchers are the breeze.

SAT and ACT Requirements:

Each school of this country, as well as the international schools, have different requirements for such consistent testing. Most schools need the SAT or ACT, and many also require SAT subject tests. The student must take either the ACT or SAT to submit the application to UCLA. More significantly, the student needs to do well to acquire a strong application.

Application requirement:

Every school needs an application along with some essentials – that is, high school transcript, such GPA, the application form, as well as the other fundamental information of the student. Many schools, as clarified above, also need SAT and ACT scores, besides application essays, letters of recommendation, as well as interviews. 

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