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What Jobs Can International Students Do in the US?

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What Jobs Can International Students Do In The US?
 Jack Morgan   Published On Jan 05, 2022 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Student Guide

If you are an international student studying in the United States, then the chances are that your total expenses will be a bit high due to your cost of living and studying there. Top that with your semester and tuition fees for college, and you have a real financial problem on your hands. This is why it can be a good idea to engage in some work opportunities or jobs over there which will help you with your expenses and also let you save some money for a rainy day.

However, not all work opportunities are available for international students studying with a student visa. In addition, there are certain guidelines regarding the job opportunities for students and the number of hours they can work over there.

With this said, let's look at some of the different jobs international students can partake in and earn.

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Jobs for International Students in the USA

Thousands of international students studying in the US look for job opportunities to cover their monthly expenses. This is because studying as a foreign student here is not cheap, and not everyone is able to afford the costs that arise each month. Apart from living and studying, various other expenses can arise. For example, a student struggling with their academics may avail of assignment help from a reputed writing service.

This is why several students look for job opportunities here to cover their expenses.

However, certain US immigration laws in place direct the work and employability of international students during their stay here and even after completing their course. Thus, if you are looking to get hired as an international student in the US, read on to find out the opportunities you may be eligible for.

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International students have an F1 student visa, which makes them eligible for a number of positions both on and off-campus.

  • On-campus employment

This is one of the most common choices for students who wish to work while studying in the US. Here, students can work for up to 20 hours a week and can work in places like the library, computer centres, university and college offices, as receptionists, teaching assistants, and others.

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  • Off-campus employment

This type of job opportunity is available for students who have completed at least one year of an academic semester. Students can look for both full-time and part-time work opportunities to cover their expenses. One can also opt to work as a freelancer in positions like offering academic writing help in the USA.

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  • Curriculum Practical Training

This is a part of an academic course in which students must complete internships or work programs as a part of their academic curriculum. However, it is eligible for students who are still studying in their respective institutions.

  • Optional Practical Training

Here students are eligible to work temporarily for a period of up to 12 months while they are still studying. Students can opt to work in any field they want for up to 20 hours a week.

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Final Thoughts,

If you are an international student studying in the USA, then these job opportunities might come in useful to you. However, make sure you are not breaking any immigration-related rules and always seek employment from registered employers only.

If you still struggle to find suitable jobs as a student, you can get in touch with us at

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