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What is a proposal essay?

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 John Millar   Published On Dec 13, 2021 | Updated on Dec 07, 2023  Essay

A proposal essay offers a concept and then presents evidence to convince the reader of its merits or shortcomings. While proposals are frequently used in economic and business operations, they are not confined to those two domains. Proposal essays are primarily written for any academic course, scientific sector, personal, or other professional endeavor. There are several writing strategies for a proposal essay that you must know to execute the task with precision. The below sections will give you a deeper understanding of this phenomenon.

Common Writing Strategies for a Proposal Essay

Before you start

  • Know your target audience: Bear in mind that a proposal essay attempts to persuade a reader that your concept is worth pursuing. To that end, you must first determine who you will be writing for. Are they entrepreneurs? Academics? What about government officials? If your audience is mainly composed of business professionals, you'll want to defend your plan by highlighting potential financial benefits. If the audience includes government officials, you may wish to emphasize the popularity of a certain idea.
  • Conduct research: Having secondary sources that can substantiate your statements can go a long way toward convincing people of the validity of your idea. Spend some time speaking with or reading the research of specialists.
  • Pre-Write: Spend some time thinking about outstanding topics before beginning the article. Once you've gathered a collection of excellent ideas, spend some time considering how you'd like to organize them.
  • Revise: Never submit an initial draft! Instead, have a trusted peer or colleague review and provide feedback on your article. After that, devote some time incorporating those inputs into your second draft.


What are the Main Parts of a Proposal Essay?

  • Introduction: The introduction aims to enlighten your reader about the proposal's history or educate an informed/uninformed audience on a subject. This is, in some ways, the most critical section of your proposal essay You must present the issue and demonstrate why they should care about it. It's better to begin with an intriguing fact, statistic, or anecdote to pique the reader's interest.
  • Proposal: This is a mission statement. This part should be concise and focus solely on your real proposition. It may be a few sentences long if the idea is brief. However, it should not contain specifics about how you intend to carry out the idea.
  • Plan of Action: How are you going to carry out your proposal? What are your plans to demonstrate to your audience that you are prepared? This is the section in which you describe the execution of your plan in detail. Also, you need to focus on the following aspects:
  1. Convince:Initially, you have to convince your audience about what makes your proposal a good idea.
  2. Detail:Give enough details to show the readers that you have thought about how things will function.
  3. Anticipate:After that, anticipate the potential implementation problems to communicate with your audience in a better fashion.
  • Will it work? :Concentrate on why the project will succeed in this section. Simply put, is this a viable proposal? You can use comparable past experiences to demonstrate why this plan will work similarly to previous ones. If this "previous experience" option is unavailable, focus on what you believe your audience wants to hear. For instance, if your manager is very concerned with getting things done on time, you might explain how your proposal will increase productivity.
  • Desired outcomes: Indicate the objectives of your proposal essay. It may appear repetitive with the portions in which you discuss the benefits, but it serves the message in a concrete manner.
  • Necessary resources: It is another straightforward section. What information is required to complete your proposal? Include material (paper, money, and computers) and intangible (time) assets.
  • Preparations Mode: Demonstrate to the audience that you are competent. The more prepared you appear, the more likely your plan will be approved (or attain a higher grade if it is for a class).
  • Conclusion: If you choose to discuss the "history" of a particular proposal, do not repeat your introduction here. If you did not begin your proposal with some historical context, in that case, Essay conclusion is the area where you can briefly summarize each component above: Proposal, action plan, and all the "whys" of the paper.
  • Works consulted: Cite your sources appropriately, as you would in an essay or paper. If you use a source in your essay, rename this section "Works Cited." If nothing is cited verbatim, use "Works Consulted."

Proposal Essay Outline: Step-by-Step Solution

The format of a proposal essay outline is discussed below:

  1. The Proposal:The proposal serves as the statement of purpose, describing the objective behind writing the essay.
  2. 1stBody Paragraph---First Argument: It’s the paragraph where you showcase your first argument for or against the research proposal.
  3. 2ndBody Paragraph---Second Argument: It is the same as above with a completely new argument.
  4. 3rdBody Paragraph---Third Argument: Again, this section must be the same as above, although many researchers use it as a means of presenting an opposing idea to the one they hold.
  5. Conclusion:The conclusion is more than a mere re-statement of the introduction. Yes, it should comprise all the critical essay points while highlighting the significance of your study.

Some Common Proposal Essay Topics

Given below is a list of some common and popular proposal essay topics:

  1. The need for studying foreign languages in schools
  2. Ways to increase students' reading comprehension power
  3. Strategies to increase funding and airtime for educational television series about science
  4. How can teachers identify bullying in their classes?
  1. What can parents do to ensure their children develop sound morals?
  2. Discuss some ways to reduce teenage smoking rates?
  3. Ways by which a country can assure universal access to adequate health care for every citizen.
  4. Some important tips to combat childhood obesity
  5. Discuss the side effects of excessive use of anti-depressants.
  6. Strategies to try to accelerate cancer research funding?
  7. What is the most proven method to combat fatalities due to drunk driving?
Student lifestyle
  1. How can middle and high school students receive a more balanced and proportionate education?
  2. Discuss the tactics for reducing teenage alcohol use.
  3. Discuss how parents can motivate their children to participate in more extracurricular activities.
  4. How can you teach youngsters the underlying value of responsibility?
  5. The best methods to discipline a child
  1. Role of the citizens and government in battling global climate change
  2. How to ensure animal rights are protected? Is veganism the only approach?
  3. Discuss your perspectives on the old-fashioned ways of life.
  4. How can we prevent teen pregnancy?
  5. How can you contribute to environmental well-being?
  1. How can you protect your identity online?
  2. Businesses must enhance the security of critical information online. Give your views for or against the statement.
  3. Proven methods for a digital detox
  4. Is trolling someone on social media is healthy?
  1. Ways by which the government can decrease the incidence of discrimination against ethnic groups,
  2. The issue of homelessness in the United States and how the government deals with it?
  3. Do traditional family values hold any meaning in the present context?
  4. Techniques by which parents can instill a sense of humility in their children.

Wrapping Up

When writing a proposal essay, many teachers and professors ask their students to list the main points covered. You can boost your chances of being allowed to write on the topic of your choice by writing a strong essay proposal. Undoubtedly, it takes time and effort to craft a strong proposal, but if you remember the above guidelines, things will be a lot easier than you think.

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