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80+ Unique Topics To Inspire Argumentative Essay Writing

List Of Unique And Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics

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 Jack Morgan   Published On Mar 15, 2022 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Essay

At some point in your academic journey, you're going to be assigned an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is exactly what it sounds like- a kind of essay in which you'll be making an argument, making use of examples and research to back up your point.

However, not all argumentative essay topics can be crafty equally. It is crucial to not only have your essay structure right to have a brilliant impact on the readers, but even your choice of subject can impact how your readers feel about your work. An outstanding argumentative topic sparks your interest and provides you with plenty of room for persuasive writing. Hot argument topics always tend to leave people with a new opinion, perspective, and a strong appreciation for your writing skill.

To get you started, we have prepared an extensive list of compelling argumentative essay topics to help you think. With these fantastic topics at your disposal, you’ll be all geared to create a strong and compelling essay that will stir up a fire surely.

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An Extensive List Of Unique & Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics For Kids

  1. Is it important to have a school uniform?
  2. Do you think smoking must be banned?
  3. Should students be permitted to take their pets to school?
  4. Do you think we must grow our fruits and vegetables?
  5. Gym classes must be held daily in school
  6. Explain- "Students must be allowed to choose their teachers".
  7. Do you think children must be allowed to use social media?

Topics For High School Students

  1. Why is it necessary for all of us to vote?
  2. Do you think GMO foods are bad for our country?
  3. Do you think our school prepares us for the real world in the best ways possible?
  4. Is it essential to invest in space exploration?
  5. Does the #MeToo movement promote awareness?
  6. Is single-sex education necessary and beneficial for students?
  7. Should people who earn better pay more taxes?

Topics For Middle School Students

  1. Do you think class representatives must be provided with special treatment and consideration?
  2. Are all Americans taking a healthy and balanced diet?
  3. Do you think it is legal to download copyrighted content without purchasing?
  4. Is it ethical to intervene in the privacy of a public figure?
  5. Is global warming for real?
  6. Is it necessary to assign a specific time screen for kids?
  7. Are traditional education methods beneficial in educating the children of the recent era?

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Topics For College Students

  1. Do you think drinking must be banned?
  2. Should the sale of alcohol and tobacco be illegalized?
  3. Do you think justice for all in our country?
  4. Do external factors influence the decision-making of the government?
  5. Should energy boosters be banned?
  6. Is there a defined age to vote?
  7. What do you think is the perfect age to start drinking?

Topics For University Students

  1. Explain- Not each house is a home
  2. Failed marriages result in failed generations
  3. Peer pressure causes more damage than benefits
  4. Abusive marriages can ruin the mental health of children
  5. In schools, racial issues must be dealt with more seriousness
  6. Mass media is hugely biased
  7. Toxic behaviors must always be called out


  1. Is social media the key reason behind teenage depression?
  2. Can depression lead to other diseases?
  3. Can children have depression as well?
  4. Is a parent’s mental health significant for raising a healthy child?
  5. Impact of divorce on the mental health of a child
  6. Can sleep patterns lead to depression?
  7. Explain- 'Therapy is the only way to treat anxiety and depression.'


  1. Do we rely too much on computers?
  2. Drawbacks of online dating apps like Tinder
  3. Does the creation of artificial intelligence that can regulate itself lead to human extinction?
  4. Are reading ebooks worse than reading paper books?
  5. Do technologies like a robotic vacuum cleaner make people too idle?
  6. Will paper money be ever substituted by electronic money?


  1. Should there be paternal leaves for male employers as well?
  2. Do you think torture is justified for investigating a crime?
  3. Do you think age plays a vital role in the success of a relationship?
  4. Pros and cons of same-sex marriages in the society
  5. Are healthy body images contradicting the values of fashion?
  6. Do you think social platforms are violating freedom of speech and expression?
  7. Explain- 'Social and cultural values changing with time.'


  1. Are women equal to men?
  2. Explain-'Religious studies must be made a part of the school syllabus.'
  3. Is mercy killing ethical?
  4. Do you think applicants must be judged on their appearance?
  5. Should same-sex marriages be legalized in Muslim countries?
  6. Should transgender be provided with opportunities to study in elite institutions?
  7. Should abortions be made illegal?


  1. Explain- 'Animal cuddling should be a viable career option.'
  2. Is smoking good for people?
  3. Do you think dressing sense is vital to observe while dating a person?
  4. Why should all people get braces?
  5. Explain- 'Politicians must spend time watching memes and funny videos.'
  6. Is it possible to win a war against terrorism without leaving your bed?


  1. Is it necessary for religious organizations to pay taxes?
  2. Should religious clubs be allowed to form in schools?
  3. Should religion be taught at educational institutes?
  4. Should clergy be allowed to marry?


  1. What will be the next music revolution?
  2. Can violent lyrics in songs impact violent behavior?
  3. Can music be called a form of art?
  4. Are today’s lyrics making any sense?
  5. Can music in the workspace be a disturbance?


  1. Moral rules enslave people
  2. Should abortion be legalized?
  3. Explain-'Using drugs to improve ethical cognition is ethical.'
  4. Should patriotism be considered a virtue?
  5. Are people good or evil by nature?

Unique Topics

  1. Issues related to gambling in sports
  2. Is technology turning people into zombies?
  3. Children must be educated about the dangers of smoking in schools
  4. Women still suffer from the glass ceiling effect
  5. Explain- Obesity and hunger are both malnutrition issues
Wrapping Up,

Crafting argumentative essays is excessively fun as you need to take a firm stance and refute the opposing viewpoints. Addressing a potential rebuttal from the opposition will only strengthen your argument in the essay. Hope these argumentative topics offer plenty of inspiration. Once you are done choosing the topic that is relevant, debatable, and worth discussing, dive deep into the process. Outline your opinion, do some research, and get started!

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