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Social Topics

What Are Some of the Most Relevant Social Issues Topics Today?

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Social Topics
 John Millar   Published On Jul 15, 2021 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

Once every couple of days, you will probably hear about issues like domestic violence in a household, teenage being caught in drug consumption, violence against minor communities, and the likes. These are cases that play a prime role in social disturbance and are hence known as social issues.

Now, just like a discussion on political, economic, and judicial issues, talking about social issues hold a significant role in bringing a civilized society. And this can be presented in a better way when you write your thoughts on social issues via strong argumentative essay.

Moreover, social issues are what you will be mostly asked to debate or present when you represent your college on a national level or appear for a test. Hence, why not stay aware of how to compose a written piece on social issues?

Scroll down this blog for precise guidance and amazing topic ideas as well!

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How to Write an Essay on Social Issues?

Here is an elaborate process of writing essays on social issues -

  1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

When selecting a topic, keep in mind that it should bring out a debatable tendency among readers. This will help them to maintain their interest. Moreover, select a societal problem topic that is very recent.

For example, "Americans are showing lesser acceptance towards Same-Sex Relationships, as per a 2023 Poll."

This is a recent event, and choosing the most updated topic will give your fresh perspectives for your topic.

4 factors to consider before choosing a topic:

  • Relevance -Ensure that your topic is based on the current situation of the society, talk of every news article, political concern, etc.
  • Personal Interest - Choose a topic that is consistent with your values and interests. This can improve your writing experience and help you build a stronger point in your writing.
  • Subject area - Always ensure that the topic you choose has adequate resources related to your subject.
  • Manageability – Make sure you focus on a topic that has enough scope. That way you can write a well-organized and narrowly-focused essay.
  1. Focus on Effective Research

You need to gather and evaluate the pertinent facts, figures, and points of view on the subject to shape and inform your readers through the essay.

Suppose you are writing an essay on 'Parenting issues of a divorced couple,' your research concerns will be -

  • What rights are allowed for divorced parents for a child's custody?
  • Does a divorced couple spread a negative influence on society?
  • How does a child get affected psychologically due to separated parents?
  • Is the issue prevalent in urban society only?
  • Is there a difference between 20th and 21st-century divorced parents?
  • Should there be separate laws for divorced parents in a residential area?

These are samples of the questions you can dig into for your research. Apart from that, depending on the size of the essay, you must add facts, statistics, and even quotations as well.

  • Support Your Essay with Examples

In your essay, provide pertinent instances to back up your claims. Now, finding appropriate examples from everyday life commonly includes news articles, development initiatives taken by local governing bodies, etc.

One of the very recent social issues includes how the pandemic has created discrimination in education resources. So, if you are writing on such a topic, you can mention additional points like -

The mode of online learning has been a saviour for urban society. But for children with inadequate digital setup, the two years of the pandemic carried away a huge gap in education.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Although originality is highly regarded in essay writing, there are occasions when plain language is sufficient to convey your thoughts and convictions. 

Choose the appropriate words to explain your viewpoint that can present your thoughts and reasoning rather than simply creative phrases.

You must also ensure that you focus on discussing one issue per paragraph. Moreover, do not exaggerate the topic if you do not have adequate scholarly information. Keep it within the word limit and explain with examples more.

What are the Social Issues of Today?

When one asks about the social issues of current times, below are the areas that will come into one's mind -

  • Poverty
  • Civil rights
  • Racial discrimination
  • Gender inequality
  • Teenage Bully
  • Healthcare availability
  • Childhood obesity
  • Poor leadership
  • Molestation

It's not very old that the headline 'George Floyd's Death' brought a new dimension to racial discrimination in New York. The incident shook the entire US, and police authority was in question

Again, if you look at the recent fight for Rights to Education in Iran, the news has become a global discussion of top social issues. In fact, a dress code for women, dominance towards the feminine gender, etc., have carried social activists' attention worldwide.

There are more such incidences that you will come across if you follow the list of topic areas above. In fact, you can subscribe to newsletters or journals and read the editorials. You will get the latest discussion on social issues that will help you write a strong essay.

A List of Social Issues for Essay Writing in 2023

Writing an essay on social issues is different from what you write and think casually. Your content must have a sense of concern for the targeted audience, provide an analytical approach from the history to the present situation and provide a possible solution in the context of the problem.

To do so, below are the topics that will help you write an ideal social issue essay -

Social Justice Essay Topics

  • What effect does social justice have on diversity?
  • How a company policy may impact the mental health of its employees
  • What do you think of fundraising events? Are they legitimate charities or schemes to launder money?
  • Describe the history and factors that frequently cause employee riots.
  • What may foreigners who are moving here anticipate? A better existence or judgment?
  • Describe the relationship between globalization and the rise in drug usage rates.
  • Name the political aspects of the majority of modern wars.
  • Obesity as a barrier to social interaction
  • Growing unemployment as a direct result of economic downturns
  • The effects of climate change on small island countries like the Maldives
  • Western political thought's development over time and in relation to history

Pornography Essay Topics:

  • Pornography and dating apps' adverse impacts on society
  • Pornography and Men's Responsibilities Regarding the Social Problem of Rape
  • Alternatives to Child Pornography
  • What Torture Porn Means?
  • Pornography Dependence
  • Children's exposure to porn on the Internet and the need for more realistic and artistic porn
  • The Ethics of Fundraising: Examining Poverty Critically Pornography
  • Background of the Pornography Study
  • Child exploitation and trafficking in children
  • The Psychology of Intimacy, Porn, and Sex

Social Science Topics:

  • Social system comparison of Government vs. public education
  • How narcissism is encouraged by social media
  • Effects of social media on depression
  • What effect do political parties have on violence
  • Legal independence in developing nations
  • Urban centers' effects on cultural diversity
  • Factors determining one culture's dominance over another
  • The comparison of youth cultures and its influences around the world
  • A comparison between ancient and contemporary human societies
  • Patterns of integration and degradation of modern culture in light of urbanization
  • An examination of the Aztec architectural style
  • A foundation for the methodology to prevent social and religious terrorism
  • Ramifications of divorce on children
  • An example of socioeconomic inequality in contemporary society
  • Why do some organizations create more terrorists than others?
  • A system of economic democracy has drawbacks.

Migration and Immigration Topics:


  • A Study of the Effects and Consequences of Relocation on Human Life
  • Recognising the Concept of Relocation and the Relevance to Human Life
  • Why People Migrate: Migration Causes and Effects
  • Recognising the Migration Context
  • The Global Scale Migration Phenomenon Migration Trends
  • Human migration is a reason for migration in the twenty-first century.
  • Human Migration And Human Trafficking's Effects
  • Migration And Refugees: Refugees And Human Conflict
  • The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Human Migration
  • Human Geography: Analysis of Migration


  • Discuss faking a marriage to get lawful immigration.
  • Does every visa permit legitimate immigration?
  • How can immigrants give their kids legal status?
  • Can military service be used to obtain citizenship?
  • What function do visas serve in the contemporary world?
  • Describe the crucial purposes of immigration.
  • How do I fill out immigration paperwork?
  • Describe the ceremony for naturalization.
  • Compare citizenship and naturalization.
  • The effect of immigration on the American economy

Racism Essay Topics:

  • A History of American Racism from Slavery to the Present
  • Racism's Effects on African Americans
  • Workplace racism and discrimination
  • The "Pipeline from School to Prison" How Racism Affects African Americans' Mass Incarceration
  • The Media's Part in Spreading Racism
  • Racism's Effects on Mental Health
  • The criminal justice system and racism
  • What changes has racism undergone over time?
  • What variations of racism are there?
  • How does racism impact individuals?
  • What contributes to racism?
  • How might racism be stopped?
  • What negative effects does racism have?
  • What are the anti-racism measures?
  • Is racism an international issue?
  • How does racism affect society?
  • What is the history of racism?

LGBT Topic Ideas:

  • Lesbians and gays also have rights and feelings.
  • Same-sex unions ought to be permitted.
  • How is homosexuality perceived by the African American community?
  • What is the church's position on same-sex unions?
  • The LGBT culture ought to be outlawed before it poses a threat.
  • The LGBT community needs to enjoy the same rights as other people.
  • Drug misuse and use have become more prevalent in the LGBT community.
  • The influence of parents on a child's decision to join the LGBT community
  • LGBT households are inherently unethical.
  • The deterioration of society brought on by an increase in same-sex unions
  • The ways of increasing awareness for a reduce in bullying of the LBGT people
  • Do domestic violence incidents affect LGBT families?
  • The most potent factor increasing the number of homosexuals and lesbians is technology.

Peace and War Topics:


  • Can the world ever be at peace? Theory and instances from the past
  • Is there a sustainable alternative to war?
  • How a civilization may live in harmony and avoid war
  • What came first: a world at peace or a world at war?
  • The connection between peace and economic growth
  • Human Nature and Peace: Can We Survive Without Conflict?
  • What nations must forgo war as a condition for peace?

On WAR -

  • Origins of World War I (How and Why the Conflict Began)
  • United States Civil War
  • Cold War History Reconsidered
  • How and why the Civil War was the Union
  • The significance of Steven Spielberg’s  "War Horse," film
  • The American Revolutionary War's history
  • How the American Revolution Was Won?
  • United States of America's culture wars
  • History of post-World War II Europe
  • The Second World War's Major Powers

Discrimination and Prejudice Topics:

  • Checkpoint: exposure to cultural accounts of fatness and bigotry: stereotyping and prejudiced behavior health risk, health policies, and weight-based prejudice attitudes based on shape
  • Differentiating racism, prejudice, and stereotypes
  • How health risk, policy, and prejudice attitudes are shaped by news coverage of obesity
  • Psychology: the link between prejudice and religion
  • Racism, prejudice, and hate crimes in contemporary society
  • How children learn and unlearn prejudice: hate hurts
  • During economic downturns, racial prejudice and labor market penalties are present.
  • Sexual attitude discrimination at work
  • Prejudice and a lack of understanding regarding gender and gender equality
  • Two hypotheses about prejudice miscegenation, prejudice, and discrimination morality vs. discrimination

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Feminism Essay Topics:

  • An analysis of the activism surrounding Abu Ghraib in light of feminist theory and women's rights. Case Study of the Feminist Majority Foundation
  • Liberal, Black, Radical, and Lesbian Essay on Feminism
  • "We Should All Be Feminists" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is supported by feminism and gender equality. Essay for Ted Talk
  • Liberal Feminist Movement Analysis
  • Ibsen's Hedda Gabler and Feminism
  • Feminist Short Stories and Novels by Kate Chopin Essay
  • Evaluation of Current Feminist Movements and a Feminist Analysis of "Gender Medicine"
  • Modern Feminism's Place in Intellectual Life: A Feminist View of Knowledge

Abortion Essay Topics:

  • What Is the Bible's Position on Abortion?
  • What kind of relationship does abortion have with mental health?
  • Does abortion reduce population growth?
  • Why Several Christians Are Against Abortion
  • What Characteristics of Slavery and Abortion Are Similar?
  • Does a Man's Age Affect the Chance of a Spontaneous Abortion?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Having an Abortion?
  • Why Should Abortion Be Legal?
  • What Influences American Women's Decision to Have an Abortion?
  • What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Gun Control, Prostitution, and Abortion?
  • What Are the Conflicting Attitudes and Opposition to Abortion?
  • Do rapes allow for abortions?
  • What Moral Issues Are Involved With Abortion?
  • Who should decide if abortion is legal?

Cultural Property Essay Topics:

  • Heritage language preservation and ethnic identity
  • Job satisfaction and cultural heritage in Eastern and Western Europe
  • Family History and Symbols in Daily Life
  • History of World War One and Remembrance
  • The greatest legacy is the culture of the Philippines.
  • Brazilian Institutional Development and Colonial Heritage
  • Factors Associated with Indigenous Bio cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development How to Explain the Rise of Heritage Tourism
  • The St. Louis Indian Cultural and Architectural Heritage is an example of art, architecture, and cultural heritage.
  • United States' cultural heritage and identity
  • Stonehenge's heritage and history

Illiteracy Essay Topics:

  • Pakistan's Literacy Rate: Factors at Play
  • Jamaica Cutting Through the Fog: Financial Literacy and the Subjective Value of Financial Assets Consumer protection and financial literacy
  • Teenagers in Mexican high schools' financial literacy
  • Inclusionary Growth and Financial Literacy in the European Union
  • Financial literacy and Exponential Growth Bias
  • Society for Health Literacy and Health in the Modern World
  • Financial Literacy and Internet Banking Among Consumers Behaviour Literacy Rates and Indian Women's Development
  • India's Maternal Literacy Rate and Child Under-nutrition
  • Polish Financial and Insurance Literacy
  • How Health Literacy Can Impact on the Hispanic Population?
  • The New York City Public Library and Adult Literacy
  • The Key Elements of Early Literacy Development
  • Can social media enhance communication and literacy skills?

Violence Essay Topics:

  • Which the Age Group of 20-30 is Most Affected by Domestic Violence?
  • When Does Domestic Abuse Become the Standard?
  • How Do American Cultures and Other Cultures Address the Issue of Domestic Violence?
  • What Are the Three Stages of the Cycle of Domestic Violence?
  • What are some ways to explain domestic violence?
  • The Rapid Rate of Fatalities As A Resultant of Domestic Violence
  • When Was the First Definition of Domestic Violence?
  • How is domestic abuse prevented?
  • How do the factor of gender, race, and class fuels domestic violence?
  • Why Do Abuse Victims Sometimes Remain Silent?
  • What Mental Effects Does Domestic Violence Have?
  • Is Domestic Violence Frequently Associated With Mental Illness?
  • What Way Domestic Violence Effects Emotionally on a Person?
  • What Impact Does Domestic Violence Have on the Cognitive Development of Children?
  • Why Do Employers Need to Be Concerned About Domestic Violence?
  • Why Does Domestic Violence Occur?

Humanity Essay Topics:

  • Social interactions' functions in human relationships
  • The main agents that facilitate all human relationships
  • What distinguishes humans from other animals?
  • Definitions of Humanities and Freedom
  • The human race and moderation
  • How errors push people toward perfection
  • Mortality and people
  • Humanities Customs and Diversity in Humans
  • the history of man
  • What being a human really entails
  • Emotions and people
  • How did the Second World War alter human history?
  • Why do people have emotions?
  • The era of human activity in the wave of industrial revolution
  • Languages used by humans
  • What the Bible says about people
  • One of humanity's primal urges is greed.

Consumption and Development Essay Topics:

  • The Profit and Gender Roles Consumerism
  • Buddhism, materialism, the environment, and war
  • Fast consumer culture Contributes to the Rise of Type II Diabetes
  • American consumer culture and the US Environmental Blind Competition, consumerism, and the other. Consumerism and the Fundamentals of a Consumer. examining the morality of commercial competition
  • Our children's universities are being taken over by consumerism TV, the Internet, and consumerism
  • Consumerism: Brand Names and Advertising
  • Consumerism in healthcare is a new marketing trend.
  • Eco-labelling and green consumerism: a strategic behavioral model
  • Shopping and the Free Market Economy
  • Christianity and Consumerism in Comparison
  • Consumerism and New Culture in 1920s Society
  • Disposable Society: A Merger of Capitalism and Consumerism?


Social issues are equally important among the other areas of concern for development. But to discuss it, you must learn how to identify the right issue. This is more vital when you are asked to present your opinion about a social taboo in essay format.

Hence, take this blog as your roadmap to explore hundreds of ideas on social issues and learn the procedure to write them properly.

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Most Frequently Asked Question By Students

  1. Why are social topics important?

There is huge importance in social issues and research topics because they help you understand the critical issues that affect the harmony of society and human lives. Moreover, by studying social topics, you can explore many ways to think about and approach the same problem and gather essential critical thinking skills.

  1. What are some examples of social topics?

Here are some common examples of social topics -

  • Importance of Education
  • Cultural Exchange in Communities
  • Drugs Abuse
  • Health Care Facilities in Urban Society
  • Ignorance of Gender Inequality
  • Rise of Domestic Violence
  1. Why is it important to engage with different viewpoints when discussing social topics?

When you discuss social topics, you must bring in perspectives from different angles. It provides you with a variety of information, and you can narrow down the issue into a new case. 

  1. What are the important elements of essays on social topics?

For essays on social topics, below are the important elements you must focus on -

  • Negative consequences
  • Problems widely recognized by society
  • The issue that goes against common values and beliefs.
  • Solutions to the issue that brings societal change
  1. How can individuals contribute to addressing social topics?

Here are some ways you can contribute to addressing social topics -

 Educate yourself about social injustice

 Developing awareness of the local organizations

 Initiative for positive action in the community

 Volunteer in the healthcare camps

  1. Are there any potential challenges in discussing social topics?

One of the common challenges that occur during the discussion of social topics is affecting the pre-established cultural and religious beliefs. However, if the topics are discussed with respect to keeping the communal beliefs and only providing positive sides of the discussion, the challenges may be overcome.  

  1. How can I stay informed about current social topics?

To stay informed about current social topics, you can try the following methods -

  • Follow regular news updates on local events
  • Stay aware of the local developments
  • Learn how your local governing body functions 
  • Participate in initiatives meant for social development
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