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Social Topics

What Are Some of the Most Relevant Social Issues Topics Today?

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 Deepak   July 19, 2022  Writing Service

Social Topics

If you are studying Philosophy or Political Science, you will have to write a paper on social justice. You will have to consider argumentative essay and intriguing social issues essay topic in such cases. Moreover, you will have to explain your point of view and validate your statements. If you are having a hard time finding the most exciting topics, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, you will get to see social issues list. 

What is Social Justice Writing?

Social justice writing encourages an understanding of societal issues that concern families of teachers, students, society and a wider community. It affirms the multitude of students, identities, building solidarity among peers, and capacity of students to respond to them. A list of social justice topics covers a wide variety of issues involving race, gender, age, sexual orientation, income equality and much more. 

Examples of Social Justice Issues in Education

In this section, we will take a look at some of the prevalent social justice issues in education.

1. The goal of Black Lives Matter in school and universities 
2. Measure taken to support ethnic studies programs 
3. COVID-19 and remote learning curriculum 
4. Protecting the Safe Zones in School and ensuring the safety of immigrants 
5. How to ensure that girls pursue STEM subjects in future?
6. How to ensure that the discipline policy is implemented in every educational institution?
7. How can teachers prevent bullying in school?
8. How can schools address the issue of teenage drinking? 
9. Should Physical Education be made compulsory in every school?
10. Is Right to Education a success or failure in the States?

This can easily be a list of social issues in America. As you can imagine, you have to research a lot to write social issues articles for students. 

Speech Topics on Social Issues

Here, you will get to see a number of speech topics on social issues. The topics are persuasive, argumentative and informative by nature.

11. Why you should encourage people to try new things.
12. Should celebrities have more privacy rights? 
13. Can companies be allowed to market to children?
14. Should prisoners be granted the right to vote?
15. Is Technology causing income inequalities?
16. The USA has far too many prisoners.
17. How to solve the issue of harmful gender roles?
18. Bus rides should be made free for senior citizens.
19. Trick or treating: Is it a bad thing?
20. Societal beauty demands are toxic by nature.
21. The significance of volunteering
22. Homeless people deserve a home.
23. Steps to prevent cyberbullying
24. How to stop censorship?
25. Should the pledge of allegiance be made mandatory?

These are some of the most relevant social issues. Which topic do you think is more appealing? 

Current Event Essay Topics

The topics mentioned above are trending, and most of them are an issue in the present day. In this section, we will take a look at some more current event proposal essay topics.

26. Voice needs to be raised against racial profiling.
27. Media bias is harming our country's security and interests.
28. An open immigration policy will lead to economic disasters.
29. Activism on engaging social matters is currently on the rise.
30. Housing and hiring must be equal for all citizens irrespective of sex, religion, economic status.
31. Gay soap-opera characters can kiss each other.
32. Prohibition of skateboards and hoverboards on sidewalks.
33. Sexist images of women should be banned.
34. The right to freedom takes precedence over security issues.
35. Do workplaces treat sexual harassment cases seriously?
36. Men are silent sufferers in this world.

Interestingly, these are also news topics to write about. You will get to see most of the issues highlighted in the paper daily. In this section, you also got an idea on the list of social problems. 

Prompts Related to Social Science Issues

In this section, we won't be looking at controversial or argumentative topics. We will take a glance at ideas related to social science issues.

37. How to deal with the problem of social isolation of people with HIV/AIDS?
38. The necessity of capital punishment
39. Fighting poverty in third-world nations
40. The rights of transgender people 
41. Sustainable consumption on a worldwide scale
42. The issue of bigotry in modern society
43. The state and church: shall they remain separate?
44. Are advertisements becoming too powerful?
45. Provide instances of fat-shaming and obesity as an obstacle in daily life.  
46. The protest against animal testing

By this time, you should have several social issues topics and examples at your disposal.

Worldly Issues Topics that You Can Check Out

Today, there are many worldly issues topics to write about. If you cannot find intriguing social injustice topics, you can check them out here.

47. Health issues: Malnutrition in African and Middle East nations
48. The need for gender equality worldwide 
49. The loss of biodiversity and habitat for animals 
50. Ocean conservation and avoiding water pollution 
51. The issue of terrorism 
52. Steps to avoid religious conflicts around the world 
53. The issue of melting of polar ice caps and global warming
54. How to address the issue of overpopulation?
55. How to maintain information integrity?
56. How to ensure education to underprivileged children?

These are the main social problem essay topics that can be found worldwide.

So, we have pretty much covered the examples of social justice issues in education, workplace, income, gender, etc. If you wish to know more and develop a deeper understanding, you must start with the social justice theory and the basic principles. You must also read a lot of social justice writing prompts so that you can cite cases in your assignments. 

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