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Criminal Justice Research Topics

50+ Research Paper Topics for Criminal Justice Students

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Criminal Justice Research Topics
 John Millar   Published On Dec 31, 2020 | Updated on Jun 30, 2023  Writing Service

Criminal justice is already a tricky path to walk on. If you specialize in criminal justice, we salute you for taking a step ahead to make this world a fair place to live in. Now, when it comes to writing a research paper on criminal justice, choosing a topic might be a tricky affair altogether. With criminal justice, the line of what is right and what is wrong can fade very easily. So, how do you make sure that you choose the right criminal justice research paper topic that isn't too controversial and yet not drab?

How to choose good criminal justice research paper topics?

Whether it is a criminal justice system essay or a criminological research paper topic, you must ensure that the subject you write about focuses on a definite issue. Unless the criminal law research topic is centred, you will not be able to present your ideas using a succinct thesis statement. Whatever be the criminal law topic for your research paper, it must offer a hypothesis as per the relevant legislative acts. While providing the hypothesis, you must sound convincing and confident enough. Therefore, it would be wise to go with a topic that you are confident in.

When brainstorming for criminal law thesis topics, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the topic good enough in terms of relevance?
  • How important is the topic in personal terms?
  • What is the significance of the criminal law research topic in the global scenario?
  • Can someone use the research paper content as a speech?
  • What kind of paper is it – a comparison essay, a research review, or an argumentative paper?
  • What are the popular counter opinions regarding the criminal justice research paper topic?
  • Are there any similar research papers available on the same topic? Does it elaborate on the same context that you are studying?
  • Does the topic meet every point as per the grading system?

Now, you would need hours of research on the internet to develop an interesting topic for a criminal justice research paper that you can explore without sounding biased. To save you the hard work and the time, we have come up with a list of 50+ criminal justice research paper topics to spoil you with choices.

Are you wondering what are some good research topics for criminal justice? We have enlisted and segregated some great criminal justice research paper topics for college students as per the discipline they fall under to make it even easier for you. Read on to know more.

Controversial Criminal Justice Research Topics

  1. Write a paper on the ethics of Capital Punishment.
  2. Explain the criminal law code concerning Mental Hospitals.
  3. Write a research paper on the practice of using Sniffer Dogs in investigations.
  4. What is the importance of Eyewitness Evidence? Explain.
  5. Medical Marijuana – should it be legal or not, and why?
  6. Why do you think there should be a regulatory board to monitor Police Officer Limited Rights?
  7. Racial bias in an investigation – explain elaborately.
  8. How are criminology and modern rap music intertwined?
  9. Explain the state legal codes in the USA
  10. What are the reasons behind the increasing cases of college violence?

Basic Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics 

  1. Write a paper on the history of Criminal Ethics in the USA.
  2. Why do you think private prisons should be banned?
  3. War Crimes versus Civil Crimes – explain by taking up cases in history.
  4. How are cultural traits and religious offenses interrelated?
  5. Why have the cases of Domestic Violence increased, and what steps can be taken to avoid it?
  6. Mention some additions to the act related to Substance Abuse Prevention.
  7. Do you think that the court procedure for Criminal Justice is effective enough?
  8. How can crime be prevented in schools & colleges?
  9. Elaborate on the laws that restrict Workplace Harassment.
  10. How has gender bias affected legal investigations in the past?

General Criminological Research Paper Topics 

  1. Highlight the responsibilities of incarcerated parents?
  2. What reforms should be introduced in the Criminal Justice System of the USA?
  3. How can economic crimes in the USA be reduced?
  4. What can be done to increase Gun Control in the States?
  5. How can the process of Juvenile Detention be made more transparent?
  6. What steps can the USA government take to combat the problem of Human Trafficking?
  7. How to deal with organized crime as opposed to single cases?
  8. How can the government restrict power abuse among police officers?
  9. How can the laws for gun possession be made stricter and safer?
  10. An analysis of the criminal justice laws in Arizona

Criminal Justice Topics on Discrimination

  1. Racial prejudice against criminals and prisoners in America
  2. The African American Legislative pertaining to the Apartheid
  3. The evolution of the laws related to Punishment & Slavery in the USA
  4. A paper elaborating on some famous Afro American prisoners
  5. How do negotiation processes suffer due to racial bias?
  6. The issue of gender bias in the case of eyewitnesses
  7. Why have racial conflicts in college campuses increased?
  8. What can be done to reduce the crime rate rise pertaining to immigrants in the USA?
  9. The role of recording an Interrogation Process
  10. Transitional Justice in Practice in the USA

Cyber Criminal Justice Topics 

  1. The motives of Armed Crime Groups
  2. What corrective methods can be taken to strengthen Cyber Criminology?
  3. Explain cases of Art Fraud and how they can be solved
  4. Write an essay on social media and identity theft.
  5. How is Child Abuse & TV Violence related?
  6. What can be done to restrict aggression against homeless people in the USA?
  7. The efficacy of forensic research identification methods
  8. Rehabilitation steps for crime witnesses with PTSD
  9. Explain the corrective measures to stop power abuse within the criminal justice system
  10. How to address challenges related to sentencing disparities?

Criminal Law Research Topics

  1. A robust plan to detect false confessions
  2. How can lawyers be made to remain neutral in mental disorder cases?
  3. Suggest some alternate research methods for Double Jeopardy
  4. The legislative measures to stop cyberstalking
  5. What can be done to limit jailhouse informants?
  6. How to strengthen the steps for Sensitive Information Protection?
  7. How can animal cruelty be avoided in the USA?
  8. Write a piece on the legislation during the 19th Century.
  9. What steps can be taken for stress management among police officers?
  10. How to stop White-Collar crimes in the USA?

International Criminal Law Research Topics

  1. NATO Ethics in Iraq & Afghanistan
  2. When is International Intervention Acceptable?
  3. Explain the loopholes in the appeal process of the International Criminal Court
  4. Cases of transnational crimes by ABC corporation
  5. How are police cooperation & information accessibility dependent?
  6. Tracking methods to monitor Drug Trafficking
  7. Some of the cases of current international offenders in the USA
  8. The laws related to Prison Labor Ethics in other countries as compared to the USA
  9. The difference in the definition of Justice Comparison in the USA and other countries
  10. What are the reasons behind Global Criminality?

Types of Crime and Forensic Science Research Topics

  • How has Recidivism affected the penal code of the USA?
  • Why does Asia have so many financial crimes?
  • Cases of healthcare frauds around the world
  • What can be done to reduce political corruption in the USA?
  • What is the impact of Gang Culture on youngsters, and how can it push them into the world of crime?
  • Analyze a few cases of political prisoners who have committed ethical crimes
  • How can stock exchange scams be reduced?
  • What more steps can the USA take to stop drunk driving?
  • Analyze cases of media offenses in the recent past
  • Write a paper on the history of transnational corporation crimes.

While choosing a topic from any of the above slants, make sure that the criminal justice research paper topic is within the ethical norms. Even when writing on controversial ideas, make sure to remain sensitive and respectful.

If you still cannot figure out which topic to choose from the above elaborate list, you can take our experts' help.

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