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How To Write an Exemplification Essay

Understand What is exemplification essay and how to write it.

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How To Write an Exemplification Essay
 John Millar   Published On Sep 30, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Essay

Definition of exemplification essay

It is a type of an analytical or argumentative essay where examples are used for proving any thesis statement. While writing any analytic or argumentative essay generally the facts, quotations, examples and statistics are used as a part of evidence. Hence, writing an exemplification essay it is important to mainly focus into the examples exclusively.

An argumentative essay is cindered to be one of the easiest way for proving your point of view. On the other hand, the easiest way to present any idea in a better way is to use different examples. Writing exemplification essay will improve the academic writing skill using different examples for better understanding.

10 Simple Steps to write a perfect exemplification essay

There are some of the simple steps which will help in writing a better exemplification essay and the steps are provided following:

  • Step 1: choosing a topic – picking up an eye-catching theme makes the essay 50% more attractive. The chosen topic must be able to satisfy at least one of the following qualities:
    • Specific
    • Current
    • Unique
    • Useful

This kind of topic are mostly the attractive ones because it provides the reader with an image that they would get to see some new, unusual and up-to-date content and information. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. Broad topics are used in common and narrow topics will not be helpful for finding examples easily.

  • Step 2: providing research – it is to be remembered that if there is more information then it will be better to formulate better examples for the essay. Wikipedia articles should not be used as a reliable source of data at any cost.

Same rule goes with the personal blog websites. There are only options for reliable source are journals, new agencies, reputable newspapers, non-fiction, educational websites, books and etc.

  • Step 3: choosing only appropriate examples – examples should be attractive as well as logical at the same time. For example: when writing about personal qualities of leaders, example of Bill Gates can be provided.

The reason is he is workaholic as he had taken only 15 days off during the period of 1978-1984. A leader always represents a hard working nature. However, it is not necessarily important to write about his collage drop-out story as it has nothing to do with the leadership skills.

  • Step 4: composing an outline – part of a proper plan will be to prioritize your own plans. There is no specific outline which will be helpful or can be called as an appropriate for every exemplification essay. Thinking about the thesis statement and putting the examples in a better logical order while developing smooth transition.

The primary structure should however include a five-paragraph structure. One will be for the introduction, one will be for the conclusion, and the rest three will be for man body where one paragraph would contain one idea with one separate example.

  • Step 5: writing the main body – the main part of the essay is writing the body first. Every part of the main body must contain topic sentence, example and its transition. For example: topic sentence (vitamins are good for health). Transition (However, in the excess they can be harmful for your body). Example (hyperitaminosis D can cause vomiting, fatigue, and muscle weakness).
  • Step 6: writing the introduction – in the introduction it is important to write in such a way that it looks attractive, well prepared and also interesting to read. The first sentence must be the most attractive part of the whole introduction as it will help in hooking the reader.

Attention of the reader can be grabbed with the help of unbelievable statistics, bold statement, and rhetorical questions. Then the next step will be to provide some more information about the topic to the readers. This will increase the sense of confidence in the readers when they are reading your exemplification essay.

At the end of the exemplification essay it is important to write the thesis statement. It is important to write the thesis statement in such a way that it reflects the whole concept of the structure and relevant with every example.

  • Step 7: writing the conclusion – conclusion must cover 10% of the whole essay part. In the first paragraph your thesis statement will be presented to remind the readers about the essay concept. In the next paragraph every section will remind of each example provided. In the last paragraph here will be a conclusion.

This will be presented in such a way to the readers that they do not have a question left in their mind “so what?” This can be however, a great tool to create a better conclusion so that the reader feels that the essay is complete and satisfies their need.

  • Step 8: have a little rest – it is important that you take a little break after a long work. This will freshen up your mind and help you to write creatively and also provide more relatable and logical examples for the essay.

This is a very important step but most of the time people ignores it. This can be proved when the introduction of the essay is quite attractive but the conclusion seems like a just part of the essay rather than contribution.

  • Step 9: proofreading and editing the essay – this step can be boring but this step cannot be skipped as it will help you to score more and to rectify any grammatical or sentence formation mistake. When the whole essay is perfect, it is possible that the reader will enjoy reading. I there is mistake then the reader would feel that the essay was written forcefully.
  • Step 10: getting feedback – proofreading can be done with the help of others. After their proofreading it is important to take their opinion whether the essay is attractive or not, or where the writing can be improved. As a reader they would provide you with quite genuine reasons to rectify the work for a better and much attractive presentation.

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