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Importance of Rankings When Shortlisting USA Universities

Undeniable Role US University Rankings Play

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Importance of Rankings When Shortlisting USA Universities
 John Millar   Published On May 06, 2022 | Updated on Dec 07, 2023  Student Guide

When shortlisting universities in the USA, you're bound to have the following questions in mind:

  • Is this university good in academics?
  • Does this university have a good reputation?
  • How is the faculty?
  • Is the student body receptive to international students?
  • Is the location ideal?
  • Is the workload so high that I might need to get assignment help?

And more! Therefore, it’s apparent that several factors work together to determine which universities you’d shortlist. However, it’s impossible to check every university in the USA like this.

That’s where university rankings come into play.

What are University Rankings?

Several organizations in the USA rank the active universities in the country based on different criteria. For example, you could rank these institutions on:

  • The number of student applications in a year
  • The number of graduating students
  • The achievements in academics
  • The student-teacher ratio
  • The overall environment around campus

Therefore, you can’t pick one ranking and decide to run with it. Instead, the key to shortlisting universities in the USA is to prioritize your needs.

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How to Make the Best Choice in Shortlisting Universities?

First, you have to figure out what your priorities are. For example, are you looking for an academically strong university? Or would you prefer affordability over everything else?

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Every student has specific priorities based on their situation. Therefore, when shortlisting universities, ensure that you:

  1. Check the University’s Admission Criteria

Instead of prioritizing only the global rankings based on merit, thoroughly go through the admissions criteria. In many cases, you might not be eligible to apply for the program you want to. Hence, it's best not to waste more time on that particular university.

  1. Check for Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

Studying in the USA is pretty expensive, and without good funding, it is impossible to even hire writing help in the USA. Therefore, you should shortlist a university that provides you with more funding opportunities.

  1. Research the Learning Environment

A good learning environment allows you to grow intellectually without added stress. With the help of helpful seniors and professors, you can excel in academics and take massive steps forward to fulfill your future goals.

  1. Go Through the Faculty & Alumni

Checking out the faculty and notable alumni from a particular university is the easiest way to determine the quality of education you can expect at the institution. So, even if the university of your choice has a relatively high rank, but all notable faculty have retired, it’s best to keep searching for more options.

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University rankings play a significant role in helping students figure out the overall position of the institution in terms of certain factors. However, it is not the main criteria for shortlisting as every student has different priorities.

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