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Apply for More Than One Program at the Same University

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 John Millar   July 19, 2022  Student Guide

Apply for More Than One Program at the Same University

Planning to pursue your Master's degree abroad, you may find your profile a good fit for many programs at the same university. Do you wonder if both of these will be beneficial in the future?

Before you sign in for the course, it is better to analyze the 4 things:

1. Each Department is Different

Each department is different, and therefore the models for thesis and non-thesis programs will also vary. Hence, it is wise to conduct in-depth research and then apply for the multiple degree programs that are most suitable for you. Furthermore, the application requirements vary significantly from one university to the other.

So, if you are planning to apply to two programs at the same university, proper research about all the eligibility criteria will help you. For this, you must visit the departments' websites, connect with admission offices, or even ask your professors or counselors, as they will guide you better.

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2. Pay Attention to Your Interest

Often certain academic degrees uplift the value of a specific degree in the job increments. However, you may not have interest in the program. Remember, you may not have to submit a thesis paper on the subject, but a lack of interest in the field will reduce your grade and make the degree non beneficial.

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Therefore, before submitting your application, be sure that you will enjoy reading and writing on various topics in the field. It is crucial to find out the areas that you are passionate about. You should select the electives based on your interests and skills.

3. Pursue a Ph.D. with a Non-Thesis Master’s Degree

Most people think that the thesis Master's degree is the only path to doctoral studies. But that is not the truth. There are several Ph.D. programs that you can enroll in even after completing the non-thesis Master's degree programs. But before you start the application process, you should check out the university's requirements where you want to apply.

4. Understanding if Multiple Master's Programs in the Same University are Beneficial

The answer to this question cannot be a simple yes or no. This depends on the course you want to study. The multi-application might or might not work in your favor. You might believe that applying for more than one course at the same university shows that you are very keen to join the university. But this tactic may not improve your chances of getting a spot in the university.

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Our academic help experts know that deciding whether to apply for multiple Master's degree programs is beneficial for your future or not is crucial. Moreover, it is the most challenging decision of your academic life, which will pay you back later in your life. However, as the dates for your program application approach, many of you panic, become clueless and seek assistance from our experts for the best advice.

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At, we have a team of expert writers who were previously lecturers of the esteemed universities of the country. They counsel you on all the pros and cons of applying for your selected multiple degrees and offer all-around assistance to help you make the right decision.

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