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Average Tuition Fees for Masters Degrees in the USA

Dependable Factors of the Average Master's Degree Program in the USA

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Average Tuition Fees for Masters Degrees in the USA
 John Millar   Published On May 07, 2022 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Student Guide

Although most universities in the USA list tuition fees on their website, it can be challenging to establish a total figure for the year. Some schools charge per semester, some charge per credit hour, and others add additional fees that may not apply to every student.

If you're planning to pursue your postgraduate degree in the USA, here are some factors on which the average tuition fees for a master's degree program depend.

1. Residency

In the US, postgraduate tuition fees can often vary on a student's residency; whether he is from in-state or out of state. Students residing in the same state as a university pay far less than out-of-state or international students, even when taking the same course.

Each state runs public institutions like libraries and universities, and they are funded by taxes paid by residents of that state. To reflect their contribution, people who live in-state are offered preferential rates. Both international and out-of-state students are charged higher tuition fees at the same rate.

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2. University

Federal guidelines mandate that every college in the US follow a curriculum that reaches an acceptable standard and covers an appropriate range of topics.

For example, a student from any state must spend $85,000 for a postgraduate business management degree at the University of Denver for one year. Still, the University of Arkansas charges out-of-state students $12,000 for a complete academic year.

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It's worth remembering that more prominent Universities also offer the most generous scholarship programs; each year, schools like Harvard and Pennsylvania allocate a significant proportion of their budget to funding students undertaking all course types.

3. Mode of Study

Your learning mode affects the number of tuition fees each year, but not all universities in the US offer part-time or online postgraduate courses. Therefore, a full-time student will cost you more than online or part-time education.

In contrast, part-time postgraduate courses per semester are more affordable though visa rules do not permit international students. Studying for a postgraduate course online through a distance learning course can also be more affordable.

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The University of Florida postgraduate distance learning degrees costs $21,807 per year. It might not seem cheaper, but online students can work from home at a suitable rate that fits their job and lifestyle, so the overall costs can be much lower than studying on campus.

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