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Importance Of AP Exams In Admissions

Learn the Importance of Advanced Placement Exams for Better Preparation

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Importance Of AP Exams In Admissions
 Jack Morgan   Published On Sep 27, 2022 | Updated on Sep 27, 2022  Student Guide

As college admissions become more competitive, students get more anxious about what factors can give them scope to do better. On that note, AP exams are what you must take care of when it comes to topping college admissions.

Now, what is the role of AP exams in college admissions?

Well, Advanced Placement exams are the factor that will tip the scales in your favor during the college admissions process.

Hence, read this blog to know how important are AP scores.

Understand the Importance of AP Exams

The AP exams are designed in a way to validate a student's academic achievement in high school. Further, these exams provide insight into their potential to excel in college.

Although the GPA scores may differ from school to school and teacher to teacher, the College Board's grading of these exams does not.

Here is all about the significance of AP Exams:

  1. Colleges use AP Exam scores for more than just admissions. The top scores in this type of exam can help students earn course credit at some schools. While others use them as a placement method to exempt students from lower-level prerequisites.
  2. Moreover, topping this test can help you skip those introductory Calculus classes so you can move on to higher-level courses. It can also help you skip US History 101, giving you more room for elective courses that are more specific to your interests.
  3. AP Exam scores are welcomed by top universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries as well.
  4. Colleges have long used AP scores for credit and placement, with Subject Tests being phased out and SAT/ACT scores becoming temporarily "optional" at many schools. However, AP Exam scores can be particularly important factors in choosing deserving students for the admissions process.

With Subject Tests being phased out and SAT/ACT scores becoming temporarily "optional" at many schools, AP Exam scores are particularly important factors in your admissions process.

In fact, Boston College states, "In reviewing applications that do not include standardized test results, the Admission Committee emphasizes other required application credentials, including academic performance, the rigor of coursework, placement in class, personal statements, recommendations, and co-curricular involvement.

Students who wish to further quantify their academic successes are welcome to submit non-required credentials such as Advanced Placement scores, predicted IB scores, or SAT Subject Test results (if previously taken)."

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Advantages of Taking an AP Exam for Students

Academic institutions all over the world favor students who take AP courses and exams as it demonstrates your dedication and ability to succeed in higher-level studies.

Now, let us find out more about the benefits that await you:

  1. AP exams allow students to earn advanced placement before they even begin college, allowing them to graduate sooner. Over 90% of universities in the United States offer credit, advanced placement, or both based on successful AP Exam scores. You can also check the US credit policies for AP scores.
  2. AP tests can help you demonstrate your competence in a specific field of study. It can also allow you to study a subject that you are interested in but are unable to study at your current college. Some students even opt for AP Exams to fulfill their university's General Education requirements as well.
  3. AP courses and exams help you develop critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary for college and beyond success.

3 Tips to Help You Score Better in AP Exams

  1. Study wisely

You have about a month until your AP exams. Hence, start prepping a month before, and it will give you a head start before the real crunch time later in your exam month.

For example, spend more time reviewing the citric acid cycle for your AP Biology curriculum. It only takes five minutes per day.

Next, you can spend five minutes a day before bed reviewing AP Psychology vocabulary with flashcards or watching an AP European History review video while you wait at the bus stop.

In fact, you can review some practice AP Statistics questions during your free time in between your classes.

  1. Create a study schedule

It will take just 10 minutes of your day to make a quick schedule for the upcoming month.

Create a simple schedule in which you practice AP English Literature free-response questions (FRQs) on weekends at 10:00 a.m.

Note that you must choose your peak productivity times when creating an effective study schedule. For example, some students are most alert in the late morning and completely exhausted by the late evening. While you may be at your sharpest in the afternoon or evening, the concept remains the same.

  1. Use actual AP test questions to practice

Nothing results well without practicing test questions. For example, an AP US History FRQ  is difficult if you do not check the previous question papers at least once.

To avoid the last-minute rush looking for common questions, research the probable topics and trending questions. Check which questions carry higher scores, and work on them.

You must also consult with your seniors and learn how they have experienced the test. This way, you can implement some precautions and prepare better.

Furthermore, you can see general subject trends from previous AP tests.

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Final Thoughts,

As you have come to the end of the blog, you can understand how big the AP scores can play in your career. So, why wait further? Grab the best preparation materials, test papers, and whatever you need. Start preparing today and impress the examiners!

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