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Meeting Minutes

Everything You Need to Know About Meeting Minutes!

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Everything You Need to Know About Meeting Minutes
 Jack Morgan   Published On Aug 08, 2022 | Updated on Oct 07, 2023  Student Guide

Meeting minutes are short notes recorded during a meeting, highlighting the key discussions about an issue, proposed solutions, and the probable actions to sort the problems.

Generally, an intern or someone from the team is assigned to write minutes of meeting to document all the crucial meeting discussions and outcomes for everyone to track post meetings.

Writing meeting minutes may seem trivial and a waste of time, but keeping up with the influx of information can become difficult. And if you miss out on some crucial information, it will only mean wasting time and resources. So writing meeting minutes is the best way to keep everyone on the same page about the discussions and the counter-discussions.

Let's delve deeper to discuss how to write meeting minutes and the steps to write clear meeting minutes with examples.

What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are short notes taken during the meetings to record all the crucial discussions so everyone can refer to the agenda and focus on the outcome. Minutes of the meeting usually capture information like:

· Participants names

· Date and time

· The main agenda/ meeting objective

· The result of the meeting (the decisions)

· Next course of action

Taking minutes of a meeting demand much effort, and the assigned individual has to pay close attention to everything being discussed in the meeting so no points are missed. Here’s what makes the entire task of taking meeting minutes worth your time and effort:

® Meeting minutes record everything agreed on at the meeting so everyone can reflect on them later. Such written notes are helpful in order to avoid misunderstandings about the outcome and other discussions.

® Meeting minutes help notify people and maintain clarity of the tasks assigned to them and the given timeline. As a result, people can easily refer to the points and keep up with everything they have to do without forgetting any action item.

® Meeting minutes are the best source of information for those unable to join the meeting, like the stakeholders or other professionals tied with other company commitments.

® Meeting minutes are a clear and precise record of the critical ideas and all key discussions. They help both participants and other team members revisit the discussions and ensure not to repeat ideas in the upcoming meeting.

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How To Write Effective Meeting Minutes?

Before taking minutes from meetings, the designated recorder should be aware of the type of information they have to note and the format they should follow. Knowing how to write effective meeting minutes can make the entire process less tedious than most people assume. So if you are new to the task and don’t know how to take meeting minutes, first, you need to learn what to include in your meeting minutes.

A meeting minutes typically include:

üThe date and time of the meeting

üNames of participants, absent and present

üAcceptance/changes made to previous meeting minutes

üDecisions are taken based on the set objective, such as:

· Activities agreed upon

· Next steps

· Outcome of votes

· Accepted or rejected motions

· New agenda

· Date and time of the next meeting

When writing minutes of a meeting, make sure you:

üWrite the points in a clean and presentable way.

üDon’t wait too long to work on your meeting minutes as you might forget some facts from the meeting.

üFollow the outline you created before and make the necessary changes by adding additional information for further clarification.

üCheck all the mentioned activities, motions, and participant verdicts and keep things brief and clear.

üRevise the meeting minutes before mailing them to the team.

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Steps To Write Clear Meeting Minutes

Most people searching how to write meeting minutes for a meeting online don't know the proper steps to carry out the entire task. If you, too, are unsure about how to take minutes for a meeting, note that the task involves significant steps, which involve:

· Pre-planning

· Record-keeping  

· Writing the minutes

· Sharing the minutes

· Filing the minutes for future reference

The pre-planning steps make taking meeting minutes pretty easy and manageable. First, the recorder/secretary and the chairperson should work together to define a meeting agenda and chalk out a probable format. If the recorder/secretary cannot meet the chairperson to set an agenda before the meeting, then s/he should get a pre-approved agenda.

An agenda is vital for making meeting minutes because it acts as a guide for note-taking and preparing the minutes. In addition, the secretary/recorder should include other documents such as copies of the list of proposals.

Also, the person chosen to be the meeting minutes recorder should be aware of the expectations. Hence, s/he should approach their reporting manager or the chairperson to discuss the meeting and how the minutes should be taken. For instance, if a meeting is for discussing motions, the designated recorder or the secretary should inquire whether or not to record the names of the members proposing actions and those seconding them.

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Example Of Meeting Minutes

Here’s a meeting minutes example to help you get a clear idea of what a meeting example should look like:

American Association of Bakers

Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2022


The regular meeting of the American Association of Bakers was called at 11:00 AM on July 22, 2022, in The Continental by Tara Moraine.


Tara Moraine, Facilitator

Daisy Stevenson, Secretary

Smith Peters, Board Member

Jude Bakers, Board Member

Agatha James, Board Member

Ursula Longman, Board Member

Jack Green, Executive Director


Kat Clarkson, Marketing VP

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as previously distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The previous meeting minutes were unanimously approved as distributed.

Business from the Previous Meeting

· Budget Committee Report

The budget for 2022 has been finalized and distributed at this meeting by Daisy Stevenson, leading the committee. She ran through the list of line products while simultaneously answering board members' queries. The main change in the budget from 2021 was an increase in the marketing amount. The motion to accept the revised budget was seconded by all present at the meeting and passed.

· New Product Research

Ursula Long-man explained the outcome of her research on the latest products that some members had purchased. She found that many would hesitate to buy the new products in bulk as it would be expensive, and she recommended a price cut to grab the market. Her motion to dismiss the proposal to increase the price of the new products was seconded and passed.

New Business

Marketing Plan for Supermarkets:

Deferred for next meeting as Kat Clarkson was absent.

Additions to the Agenda

Jude Bakers motioned to discuss cake sales at the local farmers' market. Agatha James dismissed the motion and proposed to add it to the next meeting's agenda instead. Smith Peters also seconded the motion, adding it to the next meeting's agenda.

Agenda for Next Meeting

Marketing Plan for Supermarkets

Farmer’s Market Cake Sale


The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM by Tara Moraine. The next meeting will be at 3:00 PM on July 31, 2022, in The Continental.

Minutes submitted by: Daisy Stevenson

Approved by: Jack Green

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