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How To Write an Opinion Essay

A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Essay Writing

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How To Write an Opinion Essay
 Jack Morgan   Published On Nov 24, 2020 | Updated on Oct 06, 2023  Essay

Opinion Essay is a type of essay where you choose a topic and provide arguments in favor or against the topic. Throughout the content, you have to clearly state the opinions. Moreover, opinion essay writing requires the students to apply their intellect and scour through various resources to present authentic information. If you go through a few opinion essay samples, you will understand it perfectly.

If you are wondering what is an opinion essay, you can get a grasp of the essay type in this blog.

What is the Authentic Opinion Essay Outline? 

Similar to any other essay, the opinion essay outline is a simple one. It has three main sections- the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Usually, there are two types of opinion essays:

  • On-side opinion essay
  • Two-sided opinion essay

In the case of the one-sided opinion essay, be it personal opinion essay or argumentative opinion essay, all the arguments either oppose or favor an aspect. You also have the opportunity to express your opinion directly or indirectly.

Nevertheless, the structure of the opinion essay is:

1. Introduction

Here you introduce the topic to your readers. You can commence your essay by specifying a fact, a statistical figure, or you can pose a question. Following this, you have to write the thesis statement within a sentence or two. And finally, you have to write a brief overview of the subject matter.

2. Body

In the body, you have to cover the various angles of the topic under different subheadings. You have to provide arguments in favor of the topic along with examples, facts, etc. Similarly, in case of two sided opinion essay, you can present the body in two different ways. You can either provide arguments in favor of the topic or against the topic.

3. Conclusion

In the conclusion, you have to round up the essay by highlighting the key points. You can include call-to-action for the readers and mention the areas where further research is possible.
As you can see, the template is quite easy to follow. Just make sure that you are abiding by the university guidelines when you write it. Hopefully, you will get an idea how to write an opinion essay.

Check Out Exciting Opinion Essay Topics and Prompts

If you are new to opinion essay writing, you might have a hard time coming up with interesting opinion essay ideas initially. To help you settle in, certain topics have been mentioned here.

1. What are some of the ways that will help eradicate corruption?
2. What are the reasons behind the US and Cuba meltdown?
3. Do you sense biasness in Vietnam War coverage?
4. Should World War 1 archives be available?
5. Is global warming a hoax?
6. What the benefits of electric cars?
7. What are the hidden dangers of globalization?
8. Should pharmacists and physicians have closer cooperation?
9. What are the reasons behind autism?
10. Is there racial bias in healthcare?
11. Is social media taking away analytical element of education?
12. Impact of cyber bullying on children
13. Can technology advancement be construed as dangerous?
14. Are teachers allowed to punish the students?
15. Is campus violence related to video games?
16. Is there an alternative to GPA grading system?
17. How can one overcome the generation gap?
18. Should parents be granted social media and surfing control applications?
19. Do engineering students need to know English?
20. Can reading assist PTSD patients?
21. Why do you think YouTube sensations are getting more attention these days?
22. What are the pros and cons of online streaming?
23. What are the negative effects of violence in media coverage?
24. Impact of inaccurate sleep patterns
25. What are your thoughts on acoustic and analogue instruments being replaced by virtual and digital medium?

If you wish to get better at writing an opinion essay, you should start selecting one topic a day and write it. In addition to this, if you pore through various e-books, newspapers, journals or social media sites, you can come up with good opinion essay topics.

Refer to the Opinion Essay Samples

Now, you must focus on executing what you have learned so far. When you start writing, you get to understand the nitty-gritty of opinion essay structure. To see that you don’t face any issues while writing, certain opinion essay examples are highlighted below.
Often, the opinion essays are termed as agree or disagree essay.

Example 1


Example 2
opinion essay samples
opinion essay examples
So, you have to keep on reading the opinion essay samples, if you wish to get better at it. Moreover, you can always ask your peers or seek professional assistance if you are struggling to write the essay.

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