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Effects Of Electronic Technology On Social Life

Positive & Negative Impact of Electronic Technology on Social Life!

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Effects Of Electronic Technology On Social Life
 Jack Morgan   Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated on Dec 07, 2023  Student Guide

Electronic technology has made a long journey since the day of its inception. It is everywhere around a social life, from smartphones, laptops TVs to smart home devices. However, the development is so fast that people often need time to adjust to the new advents.

In contrast, it has made people lazy. Now, phone calls have taken over in-person meetings. Watching the OTT series has taken over the family picnics. So, what is the impact of electronic technology social life? Does it enhance or downgrade life? Let's explore.

The Positives Impact of Electronic Technology on Social Lifes

The positive effects of Electronic Technology are evident everywhere. In the past two decades, life has become relatively easy. Thanks to various electronic technologies, people from anywhere around the globe can connect with their loved ones just through the mere tap of a phone call.

Moreover, significant electronics technology advancements have made it possible for a successful business to run without any physical space. Thus, its effect is quite far reached. Here is some of the other positive impact of electronic technology:

  • Technology Boosts Business

Many new technologies are built and brought worldwide to aid business procedures. It helps these organizations to enhance their product and earn more revenue. These new technologies pop up more frequently, and people often cannot pace up with speed. It helps to manage the organizations systematically and structurally and become more successful.

Technology has also spread its tentacles in improving other areas of business. It includes the hiring process, error-free collection, business data analysis, better communication with clients and partners, etc.

  • Technology Makes Shopping Online Possible

The advancement in electronic technology has made the internet more accessible. As a result, online transaction is now more popular than ever. Thus more and more people are inclined towards online shopping and transferring money through online modes. They don't have to visit banks to transfer money. Instead, clicking on the mouse or tapping the mobile gets it done.

Moreover, wasting time in shopping marts or queuing up at ticket counters has become a thing of the past. Other benefits of online shopping include cheaper products, saved time, fuel, and energy, easier-to-find items, a wider variety online, and no added pressure.

Global platforms like Amazon, IKEA, and Coleman are good examples of electronic technology advancements. As a result, people can find almost everything they look for, from groceries to clothing to furniture.

  • Technology Has Advanced Education

Thus, the importance of electronic technology in education is immense. Education - one of the areas that technology downplayed all these years has recently started to soar high. Technology now allows students to apply for higher education in global universities from around the globe.

Moreover, students can now pursue their education online and get academic assistance from service portals. Besides that, universities conduct online classes and examinations and certify students with degrees through their online programs.

Additionally, seminars can now be attended through the web, and research materials are now available at the fingertips. Varieties of paid and free courses are now available online on subjects ranging from designing virtual reality games to becoming a yoga instructor.

Plus, with the advancement of electronic technology, students do not need to wait a few days to meet their professors and clear their doubts. Many academic helpers offer student assistance 24x7 and can be connected with just an email or text.

  • Technology Makes Everyday Life Better

Most electronic technology these days is built to improve organizations and increase profit. However, technology can ease our daily struggles. Some positive examples include improvements in the transportation system. For example, the bullet train runs at 6 times faster speed than a regular train.

The other example includes self-driven cars. They were unknown to the world a decade ago and are now part of the personal conveyance system in many first-world countries' residences. Smart home appliance is another example of how electronic technology has positively impacted humans.

People can run, stop or start their washing machine, microwave oven, and other similar appliance with just a tap on their smartphone when away from home. Additionally, they can control the lighting, ventilation, and door security system similarly. Thus, life becomes a lot easier.

However, despite all these conveniences, technology impacts human lives negatively.

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The Negatives of Technology on Social Lifes

  • Technology Causes Health Problems

With advancement, electronic technology has become an essential part of the household. Everything is now at hand's reach, and people access it without any physical effort.

For example, if a popcorn maker is beside the sofa, who will get up in the middle of an exciting soccer match or movie to cook them in the microwave oven? This sedentary lifestyle brings forth a few diseases; high blood pressure is the most common.

Additionally, engaging in computer games till midnight or gulping down the OTT platform contents every night is bound to hamper sleeping patterns. The other impacts include strain on the eyes, poor posture, obesity, etc.

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