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Demonstration Speech Ideas for Engaging Presentations

Top Demonstration Speech Ideas

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Demonstration Speech Ideas
 John Millar   Published On Jun 28, 2023 | Updated on Dec 06, 2023  Student Guide

Demonstration speeches are excellent for “demonstrating” how to do something specific. When you’re an expert in a particular topic, you can present a demonstration speech to increase your audience’s knowledge. But sometimes, it’s hard to find demonstration speech ideas which will keep your audience hooked to every word you say. Since such speeches are very common assignments in high schools and universities, your choice of topic can affect your grades.

So, in this blog, we’ll explore some interesting demonstration speech topics and learn valuable dos and don’ts of such speeches. Read on for the complete picture.

Demonstration Speech: How to Present the Perfect Speech

Presenting demonstration speeches can get quite tricky. Your speech must have the perfect balance between informative and engaging. Otherwise, your speech might be too boring for the audience. Or, it might be borderline unserious. Now, you can’t have either of those happen, can you? In such cases, you should tick all the boxes that characterize a good demonstration speech –

  • Easily comprehensible language
  • Interesting & engaging topic
  • Step-by-step process
  • Use of visual elements
  • Well-paced throughout
  • Familiarization with new concepts
  • Club talking with a demonstration
  • Give time for the audience's comprehension
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience

Thus, a successful presentation of a demonstrative topic isn’t just about choosing the right topic, presenting the issue in a particular manner or relying on jokes to catch the audience’s attention. You need a mixture of everything. Now that you know the complexities behind such speeches, let’s move on to the most important issue.

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How to Choose Demonstration Speech Ideas?

Your demonstration speech topic is as important as your delivery. Unless your topic captures the audience’s attention immediately, no amount of exaggerated gestures and jokes can keep them engaged. Fortunately, you’ll find a million ideas online. But let’s make things easier. If the innumerable options are too overwhelming, ask yourself the following questions –

  1. Am I interested in this topic?

If you’re choosing a topic because you think others might like it, then DON’T! Even if you can fake your expertise, you cannot mask your lack of enthusiasm. The audience will immediately figure out you’re not interested in the topic. And if you’re not interested, then why should they bother to pay attention to your words?

You must have a vested interest in any topic that you choose. It will naturally increase your willingness to research more into the topic and demonstrate better. Of course, you shouldn't be completely selfish when selecting your idea. First, figure out the demographics of your audience. Only then can you choose a common topic that's of interest to you and your audience.

  1. Do I have enough knowledge on this topic?

You can’t expect to give a demonstration speech on making a website from scratch when you don’t have the faintest idea about programming languages. So, before choosing any topic, ask yourself, “Am I really the best person to speak on this topic?” You can conduct in-depth research on the topic before writing your speech. But there's only so much you can learn at the last minute.

So, if you have the opportunity to choose your own topic, try to pick one that you’re already knowledgeable in. This will make it easier for you to explain complex concepts in simple terms. If you’re still hesitant about choosing a topic, feel free to consult our experts at

  1. Can I demonstrate while giving my speech?

Demonstrating a step in the process that you’re explaining is a great way to make the audience understand it better. But try to avoid silence as much as possible. Whether you’re demonstrating a step physically or pointing out something on a PPT chart, keep talking. Don’t demonstrate in silence. Otherwise, your audience might not be able to keep up with the steps.

Furthermore, prolonged periods of silence will immediately affect audience engagement. Since the average human attention span is quite short, you can’t expect your audience to remain focused on the demonstration without a voice to guide them. So you should always talk while demonstrating a step.

  1. Do I need a physical or visual demonstration?

A good demonstrative speech should be able to stimulate the audience's senses. Descriptive language is a good choice. But sometimes, words are not enough. So what can you use instead? Visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, pie charts, and graphs are some valid options.

There can be restrictions for physical demonstrations. For example, if you’re demonstrating how you can identify salt without tasting it, you need to present chemical reactions. It might be challenging to set up the equipment for a proper demo. In such cases, visual demonstrations are a better alternative.

  1. Is this topic relevant now?

The relevancy of a topic is also vital to grab the audience’s attention. If you’re active on social media, you would know how quickly people grab onto the latest trends and lose interest in them within a few weeks. That's why your demonstration ideas should be evergreen or trending.

Evergreen topics are those that have gone through the tests of time and are still relevant to this day. For example, an evergreen demonstration topic would be – How can you avoid plagiarism in your assignments? Meanwhile, trending topics have a time limit on them. So be extra careful if you're selecting such topics. If your audience is aware of your chosen trending topic, your speech won’t be received well.

  1. Do I need to explain many technical terms?

It’s best to avoid topics where you have to define many technical terms for the audience. The inclusion of one or two technical terms is okay. But the moment you surpass that limit, there’s a high chance your audience will lose interest. Any good demonstration topic should make the audience feel included. But if you put up a barrier using complex technical terms or subject-specific language, then your demonstration speech will fall flat.

  1. Will I have enough time to cover major points?

Consider your presentation time when choosing a demonstration speech topic. You don't want to pick a broad topic that requires explaining many steps if you've only got 10 minutes to give your presentation. First, think of the major points that you must cover. Then write a draft of your speech and present it in front of the mirror. Keep in mind that you don’t have to cover everything on the topic. Just make sure the ones you choose are relevant to the main process.

You didn’t think that’s all you have to keep in mind when choosing a demonstration speech topic, did you? There’s so much you have yet to cover! Reach out to our experts on, and we’ll provide a detailed guide on choosing the best demonstrative topic that’s relevant to you.

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10 Unique Topics for Demonstration Speech

You’ve already gone through the steps that you should keep in mind when choosing a demonstration topic. Now, making the final decision can be a tough call. There are so many demonstration speech ideas to explore that picking just one feels impossible. But worry not! This blog has compiled 10 unique ideas for you to explore. Read on to learn more.

  1. How to compose a killer admission essay?

If your audience primarily consists of high school students, you can address one of their most important concerns – writing an admission essay. The admission season can be very stressful. Naturally, the increased academic competition doesn’t help either. That’s why a simple demonstration speech on this topic can help students overcome their anxieties.

Things to include in your demonstration speech:

A) What does the admission committee look for in an admission essay?

Other than academic grades, qualifications, certificates and extracurricular activities, the admission committee looks into multiple factors, such as –

  • Educational aspirations
  • Academic expectations
  • Leadership qualities
  • Contribution to the institute

When demonstrating an ideal admission essay, show how students can include these factors in their papers.

B) How can students make their admission essays stand out?

The evaluators in the admission committee have probably gone through millions of applications. That’s why creating a lasting impression can be very challenging. So your demonstration can include tips that students can follow to write a unique admission essay, such as –

  • Incorporating humor
  • Channeling interesting passions
  • Highlighting what they can bring to the table

C) What mistakes do students make regarding their admission essays?

Highlight the mistakes students make when composing their admission essays and ways that they can avoid these errors. For example, most students provide very generic reasons for seeking admission to a particular university. A good academic program and reliable faculty – these reasons are not good enough. Instead, explain how students can tailor their admission essays for individual universities.

  1. How to choose the best university for admission?

When shortlisting universities for higher education, what should students consider? Do they focus on the faculty and programs or admission rates? There are so many things you can include in your demonstration speech for this topic.

Whip out a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the admission trends in the different tiers of universities. Focus on the unique qualities of each tier. For example, tier 1 institutes, which include private colleges and universities, focus more on independent research. So if a student wants to focus on research, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania are some of the top choices.

  1. What steps should you follow to obtain a student visa?

If you’re addressing an audience where the majority of students are preparing to study abroad, you can demonstrate the process of obtaining a student visa. Without a study visa, students won’t be allowed to travel to another country, even if they have received their letter of confirmation. That’s why this process is of utmost importance.

Things you can include in your demonstration speech –

  • Different types of student visas available
  • How to choose a visa based on the study program?
  • Best time to apply for a student visa
  • Documents required for a student visa
  • Steps to obtain a student visa
  • Preparatory tips for the visa interview
  • Common mistakes to avoid when applying
  • Consequences of the mistakes

If you could access videos where students highlight their experiences, try to incorporate them into your presentation.

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  1. How should you prepare for a visa interview?

The visa interview process is a confusing affair for those who have never travelled abroad before. The fear of answering a question incorrectly is always present. But most people don’t realize that their body language also plays a significant role. Fortunately, this topic is an excellent choice for a demonstrative speech since you can prepare a skit to highlight the major dos and don’ts in a visa interview.

Things to include in your speech –

  • A brief explanation of the visa interview process
  • Appropriate outfit to wear on the day of the interview
  • Ways to remain calm and confident while answering
  • Importance of highlighting your true intentions
  • Tips to prove your non-immigrant intent
  • Documents to carry to the interview
  1. What steps should you follow to write a thank you letter?

Thank you letters provide an excellent opportunity for people to express their gratitude. Shooting a quick “Ty!” on a messenger app doesn't convey your true intentions to the recipient. Moreover, thank you notes aren't restricted to friends and family anymore. So, there are multiple points you can highlight in your demonstration speech, such as –

  • Who should you send a thank you letter to?
  • Differences between a formal thank you letter & an informal one
  • Ways to maintain genuineness when writing the letter
  • Differences in salutation based on the recipient
  • Choosing appropriate stationery

You can include examples of formal and informal thank-you letters in a PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid.

  1. How to prepare for a job interview as an adult?

Preparing for a job interview as an adult is more complex than you might think. Initially, it seems that someone who has been in the industry for a long time would know how to ace their interview. But that’s not the case all the time. In reality, adults are more likely to make rookie mistakes since they aren’t used to modern interview trends.

So, if you opt for this topic for your demonstration speech, a skit would be a great opportunity to highlight the mistakes adult interviewees make.  

Points you should highlight in your speech –

  • The importance of insight that comes with experience
  • How to remain humble but confident in one’s achievements
  • Developing familiarity with technology
  • Importance of progressiveness and adaptability
  • Making a strong social media presence
  • No using age as the only selling point
  • Establishing long-term goals to allay early-retirement fears
  1. How do the Sun’s UV rays damage your eyes?

People are quick to put on sunscreen whenever they go outside because social media has convinced them that UV rays are harmful to the skin. But would you be able to list out the negative impact they have on your eyes? If your answer is no, then this topic is a great PSA for our audience.

Points to highlight in your speech –

  • The different diseases related to the eyes
  • Short-term & long-term impact of UV rays
  • The scientific process involved in the damage
  • Way to combat the issue

Since the topic requires explaining scientific terms, make sure you don’t make your speech too complicated. Avoid including complex terms in every few sentences. 3D visual demonstrations and videos are also a better alternative than PowerPoint presentations.

  1. How can students ensure their privacy online?

Stranger danger seems to have taken a back seat as most young adults feel too comfortable posting their pictures online for the world to see. Now that AI technology has developed to the point where pictures can be easily manipulated, you never know where these pictures might be used without your permission. That’s why reiterating the importance of maintaining privacy online gives you enough demonstration scope.

A quick search on the internet will provide you with the horrific consequences of not maintaining online privacy. Take the drama surrounding Corpse Husband face reveal.

Corpse was known for hiding his face, and the mystery surrounding his faceless identity led his fans to dig deep to discover his identity. A picture started circulating soon after, and the internet ganged up on Corpse, throwing shade when his face didn’t meet the audience’s unrealistic expectations. Though Corpse has not confirmed whether the picture circulating is his face or not, the hatred and backlash he has received is enough to make anyone think twice about revealing their identity online.

Try to include such examples in your presentation instead of going on and on about the dangers of not maintaining basic privacy. They’ll work as better wake-up calls for those who do not hesitate to spread their personal information online.

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  1. What steps can a start-up take to build a strong online presence?

Start-ups are already at a disadvantage when they have to compete against established businesses in the industry. But a strong social media presence can provide a good footing for sales to go off. Apps like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are great options to increase the hype surrounding your products and get word-of-mouth out. Unfortunately, as social media algorithms get more complicated, it becomes harder to reach a wider audience.

Things to highlight in your speech –

  • How does the algorithm for different platforms work?
  • Pictures vs reels – which is better for reach?
  • The importance of balancing informational & promotional content
  • How can start-ups handle multiple social media platforms?
  • Apps to assist in tracking social media performance

To demonstrate the importance of social media for marketing, it's best to use graphs comparing the progress of start-ups that use social media properly vs those that don't.

Things to highlight in your speech

  • How does the algorithm for different platforms work?
  • Pictures vs reels – which is better for reach?
  • The importance of balancing informational & promotional content
  • How can start-ups handle multiple social media platforms?
  • Apps to assist in tracking social media performance

To demonstrate the importance of social media for marketing, it's best to use graphs comparing the progress of start-ups that use social media properly vs those that don't.

  1. How to earn money while pursuing a full-time degree?

Higher studies in the USA are becoming more expensive as days go by. Naturally, students look for part-time work while pursuing their full-time courses to keep up with their expenses. Tutoring juniors, signing up for online surveys, and opening art and writing commissions are some valid options that students can pursue. But they might encounter hurdles along the way. For example, if a student finds a job from an unreliable portal, they might not get paid for their effort.

Thus, your demonstration speech can include the following –

  • Reliable option where students can find part-time work
  • Things students should consider before signing up
  • Ways to negotiate with the employer
  • Finding a balance between effort and compensation
  • Best ways to juggle academics and work

PowerPoint presentations would be the most appropriate form of visual demonstration for such a topic. Use as many pie charts and graphs as possible to make your speech livelier. After all, it shouldn’t sound like a class lecture.


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