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How to Write a Thesis?

Know How to Write a Thesis

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How to write a thesis
 John Millar   Published On Nov 17, 2021 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Thesis

The deadline is nearing fast, and you are not even halfway to your thesis’ concluding paragraph. The topic is too complex to be completed in the next few hours.

There are more insidious problems. Like, some students keep googling tips to learn how to write a good thesis a week before the thesis submission day. Then some graduate students have work lives (some), which provide them with distractions and relationship temptations, such as social media and gaming. So, that is life in brief when you struggle as a student to complete your thesis paper. 

But life can take an easier turn if you will to work when it is time to work. For example, completing your thesis statement paper at least a month before submission. 

Writing a thesis paper takes a lot of effort. But remaining sincere while structuring theoretical concepts, staying in touch with your professors, and starting earlier can make the journey smooth. And if you only cannot abide by these rules, you can always take help from experts available online.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement definition is not a statement of fact. 

Now coming to the connotation of a thesis statement. 

Thesis definition - A statement that identifies the topic under discussion, including the points discussed in the thesis paper, and is penned for a distinct audience. Your thesis statement is contained at the end of your introductory paragraph. Use the information to generate interest in your topic and encourage the readers to continue reading. 

In another way, you can think of a thesis statement as one complete sentence expressing your position. The purpose of a thesis is to:

  • Narrow down a topic to a particular focus of an investigation
  • Sets up a direction for the whole paper
  • Proposes to the conclusion
  • Take a stand to justify further discussion

Your readers, specifically your instructor, want to read content that engages them. 

Consequently, you are bound to write a thesis statement that is arguable and not factual. Statements of fact are convenient to write about as they are easy to prove. But the problem is you cannot compose an engaging paper around statements of fact. This is because such thesis papers prevent you from showing your analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. 

To make your writing interesting, write a thesis statement that gives your firm opinion and lays out the case for it. 

Take a look at the example:

Statement of factFoul language is usual in movies.

An arguable thesis statementThe amount of foul language used in real life is disproportionate to the improper language used in movies.

How to write a good thesis statement?

To write a good thesis statement outline means a one-liner statement that:

  • Justifies your thesis by explaining what you want your instructor to think, do, and believe
  • It is typically just one sentence
  • Comes generally at the end of the first paragraph
  • Gives a roadmap of the rest of the content

So, how do you compose a good thesis statement? Below you will find steps for building a strong and interesting thesis statement.

1. Make a thesis question : Take your essay’s topic and turn it into a question.

2. Brainstorm answers : Write whatever idea pops up in your mind. You can even Google search for ideas.

3. Pick a thesis answer : Look at your paper where you have noted your ideas. Go through the brainstormed ideas and decide your main solution.

4. Prepare a thesis road map : You can make a thesis road map by traveling back to your brainstorming. First, find out the best reasons for your answer. Next, try to pick at least three such reasons. Then, add these to the thesis statement.

5. Add emphasis : Steps 1-4 will build a solid thesis statement for you. Then, you can bump the statement to the next level by telling how your view differs from others. You can use intensifying transitions like ‘in fact’ or ‘in reality.’ 

Format of example: thesis question. Although (what people might answer), in reality (your answer), because: (the three more reasons).

Why is a thesis statement important?

There are two main reasons thesis statements are so vital for any essay:

First, a thesis guides the reader and the writer as well. Therefore, the thesis must be structured concisely, making the paper's purpose evident to its readers. Second, the thesis is written to provide direction to help the writers keep their papers organized.

Second, framing a well-crafted thesis statement allows readers to understand the key idea of the essay. 

Third, the thesis statement establishes the reader or the instructor for the rest of the content. Therefore, the thesis statement is essential because it enlightens the audience about what they will be encountering further in the content. 

How to Write a Thesis Statement with an Example?

In this section, you will learn about five different types of thesis statements with thesis examples. 

  • 1. Thesis statements that assert a cause

The thesis statement is the central assertion of an essay.

Example: Why are Americans becoming obese? 

  • 2. Thesis statements that examine

In a thesis statement that examines, you need to state a solid reason about the information backing it up with evidence. 

Example: Does recycling make a difference?

  • 3. Thesis statement that explains

Thesis statement template: How are young people get affected by playing sport?

A thesis statement that explains sums up the central meaning of the essay paper. This will state the primary idea that you want your readers to get across. In the example stated above, writers would say that learning to play is the most vital thing children earn from playing a sport. 

  • 4. Thesis statements that assert an argument

For example: Should parents worry about their children being obsessed with horror movies? 

In this type of thesis statement, the principal claim must be debatable. In addition, the statement needs to be something that people could reasonably have contrasting opinions about. 

  • 5. Thesis statements that are expository

An expository statement provides a focused, rational explanation of a particular topic. For example, in an expository thesis statement, the writer states the paper's topic and lists the essential aspects of the topic discussed in the paper. 

For example, the US spends more funds on its military budget than all other industrialized nations combined.

However, if you find it hard to write a thesis statement independently, you can use a thesis topic generator to create your personalized thesis within seconds. 

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