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Cover Letter For Internship

Know-How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter For Internship- Guidelines And Examples For 2021

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 Deepak   July 19, 2022  Writing Service

Cover Letter For Internship

Imagine this. You have come across an exemplary internship, one that will provide you with great experience in your field of study. You are all set to apply. You begin to realize the pressure; after all, you know that an impeccable internship will lead to future job opportunities in the industry. You know well that you need to write a formal letter.  But, you start figuring out how to write a perfect cover letter for an internship? Your resume indeed lists your experiences, but your cover letter tells your story. It is what makes you stand apart in a herd of 300 other individuals applying for the same role. It tells the potential employers loudly and clearly, “Hey, I really want this internship. Here’s why I want it, and here how I can contribute towards the betterment of your company.”

In today’s comprehensive guide, we have listed down remarkable guidelines for writing a brilliant cover letter for an internship. You can also peruse our internship cover letter examples for your industry or position to spark your writing creativity.  It will help you craft a cover letter that is both professional and compelling and help you in landing the internship of your dreams.

Cover Letters For Internships: A Quick Overview

Before you delve deep to understand ‘how to write a good cover letter for an internship,’ it is vital to know why writing a cover letter for an internship is important.

If you are also asking, “Should I write a cover letter for an internship?” the answer is yes, definitely. Your college internship cover letter is your official introduction to your potential employers. Including a cover letter demonstrates that you are someone who is willing to go the extra mile towards making a great impression. Further, a strong college cover paper also demonstrates that you are the right candidate to fill the available position.

You want top reputed companies to take a chance on you for you to gain experience, and an impeccable cover letter can help you accomplish just that. By getting your foot in the door at a remarkable company, you can develop solid career connections through networking, gain precious real-world experience in your field, and probably get college credit.

How To Write A Cover Letter For An Internship: A Step-By-Step Guide

A well-written cover letter must always highlight the relevant skills and experiences that make you the best fit for the role. It should also captivate the attention of the employer and persuade them to review your resume further.

To meet these specific goals, you can follow this step-by-step guide to put together the perfect college student cover letter for an internship-

  • Start With A Header Including Your Contact Information

If you cast a close glance at the internship cover letter template, you will understand that this step is almost akin to that of writing a resume. It is vital to begin your internship cover letter with a ‘Contact Information Section’ which incorporates the following- 

  • Full Name 
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address 
  • Date 
  • Name of the HR Manager or their designation 
  • Name of the company you are applying to 
You can also consider adding-

Social Media Handles- This can include any kind of profiles that are relevant to your field ranging from LinkedIn to Twitter, Behance, Github, and more. 

Personal Website-  If you happen to have a personal website that adds importance to your business or any internship cover letter, make sure to add its link. 

Write The Salutation- One of the most common mistakes people tend to make frequently is addressing the hiring managers as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ in their internship cover letters. When you do this, it just seems that you have written a single letter and sent it to 20 companies all at once, with the high hopes of getting hired in any one of them. 
Rather, you should always address a letter to the hiring manager directly. This demonstrates you have done extensive research about the company and eager to be a part of the team. Look them up on LinkedIn. 
If you still cannot find the name of the hiring manager, remember to simply address the letter as: 

  • Dear (The department you wish to work in) Hiring Manager 
  • Draft A Strong Introduction

Hiring managers review thousands of cover letters on a daily basis, so your introduction needs to make an impression- and fast. If you go through a remarkable internship cover letter sample for college students, you would understand that your introduction should be one succinct, engaging paragraph tailored to the position and company you are applying for.

Try to introduce yourself and share why you are writing in a single, well-crafted sentence that communicates your personality. Write about your passion, your expertise, or even a personal anecdote. You will also want to include your year in school (or when you plan to graduate) along with your degree. Next, communicate your interest in the position and company.

Have a look at these internship cover letter examples –

“When I was a volunteer for a Food and Shelter Charity For The poor, lifting 70 lbs of food used to make my arms ache. However, bringing smiles to the face of disadvantaged families brought me huge joy. Now, as a sophomore majoring in social work at the Northern California University, I look forward to supporting vulnerable individuals and groups for time to come”. 

  • Craft Informative Body Paragraphs 

After you captivate the attention of the recruiter, it’s time to draft compelling body paragraphs. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and prove that you are the best and most qualified candidate for the position. While writing a cover letter body for an internship, you also need to be specific about your qualifications. Explain clearly how they relate to the position by matching the requirements outlined in the job description to your own interests and skills. 

“Through my volunteer work with Food and Shelter Charity For The Poor, I unearthed my passion for working with nonprofits. Every week, I now collaborate with 12 volunteers to make sure in-need community members get healthful ingredients. I wish to alleviate hunger and would be honored to intern with the Hunger Relief Organization.”

  • End With An Outro

In the closing section, make sure to thank the recruiter for considering your application. Express your interest or availability for attending the interview.


“Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to discuss the program further in an interview.”

  • Sign Off

If you began your cover letter with a personal name like ‘Dear Anne’, make it a point to end it with ‘Yours Sincerely’.  If you didn’t manage to find the name of the recruiter, simply write ‘Yours Faithfully’.

Student Internship Cover Letter Examples

The well-detailed and comprehensive instructions from each step in this guide have been put together to form a sample cover letter for internship. Drawing inspiration from these internship cover letter examples will help you connect the underlying guidelines with the practice. Additionally, it will also offer you a lucid idea of ‘how to write a cover letter for an internship’ for any industry-

Student Internship cover letter

Click to get your hands on more inspiring and exemplary student internship cover letter examples.

Wrapping Up,

Enhance your cover letter writing skills by implementing the remarkable guidelines presented above by Draw inspiration from the internship cover letter examples given above to craft a unique one that will make a lasting impact and a rewarding career for years to come. 

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