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20 Psychological Research Topics

20 good psychological research topics

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 Jessica Moore   Published On May 16, 2022 | Updated on Oct 07, 2023  Writing Service

The first crucial step to writing any psychology research paper is finding some good psychological research topics that will immediately capture your reader's attention. Sometimes, choosing the right topic feels more challenging than the task of writing the paper. However, a wrong choice can lead to complete disaster.

Why is Choosing Psychological Research Paper Topics So Hard?

Your choice of a psychological research topic determines the quality of writing and the grades you can expect. First, however, it is vital to remember a few points before you go ahead to choose any topic:

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  • Pick something you’re personally interested in– Unless you have any interest in exploring your chosen topic, you’ll lose enthusiasm to write the paper pretty quickly.
  • Choose a manageable topic – Your deadlines won't extend themselves if you pick a topic that might take years to research
  • Ensure there are enough research materials– It’s great to pick a road less taken, but if you don’t have enough research materials to conduct thorough research, writing the paper would be too challenging
  • Avoid over-exhausted topics– If you’re choosing the safest option and picking a topic that millions have explored before you, you’ll lose your reader’s attention immediately

With so many things to consider when choosing psychological research questions to explore, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and lost about which direction you’d like to take with your paper. Hence, with this compiled list of the best psychological research topics, you can skip the complex stages and pick one that suits your area of interest.

The Best Psychological Research Topics of 2022

Social psychological research topics

Social psychology investigates how social influences affect individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some subjects you can explore in this regard are:

  • Implicit attitudes exploring how individuals interact with different groups of people
  • Prosocial behaviors where you can explore the reasons why people help others
  • Aggression as social behavior and how certain factors lead to violence and intense aggression in people
  • Non-verbal behaviors and people’s responses to such communication
  • Social norms and people's reactions to them

Examples of socio-psychological topics for research are:

  1. Exploring the roots of prejudices against specific groups of people
  2. Are modern psychologists equipped to deal with depressive orders due to social influences?
  3. The different parenting styles and their effects on students
  4. How do genetics affect people’s interactions with others?
  5. How do social pressures affect the psychological development of adolescents?

Psychological research paper topics on cognition

Cognitive psychology research paper topics explore thinking, language, intelligence, information processing and retrieval, sensory encoding, motor control, psycholinguistics and decision-making. Some matters you can explore in this department are:

  1. How has the degraded attention span of individuals affected daily lives?
  2. How does speech disorder affect cognitive development in children?
  3. What role does the human subconscious play in the decision-making process?
  4. Factors that affect the cognitive development in children in orphanages
  5. The role of memories in shaping a person’s characteristics

Psychological research paper topics on clinical psychology

Research in clinical psychology offers a wide area to explore the marriage of science and practical knowledge to understand, prevent and treat psychological conditions in human beings. Its strong roots in behavioral sciences and specialization in clinical research have much to contribute to the nation's health and well-being.

Some topics that you can explore in university are:

  1. The impact of personality traits on a student's academic performance
  2. The role of clinical psychology in tracing human development in developing countries
  3. What role does psychological development play in social interactions in the various life stages?
  4. A detailed analysis of post-traumatic stress disorder in multiple contexts
  5. A comparative investigation into the clinical supervision in mental asylums in the US and other developing countries

Psychological topics for research papers on developmental psychology

Developmental psychology is a natural extension of social psychology and is a favorite amongst students looking to explore the cognitive, personality and social development in individuals from infancy to adolescence. The topics you can explore in developmental psychology are:

  1. How do stereotypes and gender roles affect the personality and social development of young adults?
  2. Pros and cons of using medication for mental health
  3. How does growing up in an abusive environment affect the mental development of children?
  4. The underlying causes behind the rise of cyber-bullying in the 21stcentury
  5. How do psychopathic behaviors develop in individuals from a young age?

You can use these psychological research topics or find inspiration from them for your research paper. Since this compiled list contains the top trending areas of interest in psychology, you’ll be able to find reliable sources to conduct thorough research.

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5 Tips to Remember When Writing a Psychology Research Paper

Once you’ve selected the psychological research question you'd like to explore, you need to move on to the mammoth task of writing the paper itself. Some helpful tips that can make the process less overwhelming are:

  • Always stay organized
  • Choose reliable sources for reference
  • Conduct a thorough literature review
  • Develop a proper outline
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread the paper

5 Tips for Psychology Research Paper

Even though writing a psychology research paper can seem too daunting, following these tips can help you avoid becoming the victim of the common pitfalls that ruin your paper quality.

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