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Commemorative Speech

Writing Unforgettable Commemorative Speeches: A Guide

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Commemorative Speech Ideas
 John Millar   Published On Oct 15, 2020 | Updated on Oct 07, 2023  Writing Service

Commemorating is all about remembering and honoring humanity's finest. We celebrate icons through commemorative speeches, from the selfless sacrifices of war heroes to remembering those who changed our lives.

Also called ceremonial or epideictic speeches, commemorative speeches are heartfelt and profoundly personal. They celebrate human values and sing praises about wisdom, kindness, success, courage, compassion, & the best of things. Here, in this article, we dive deep into the nuances of crafting commemorative speeches, including outlines, tips, ideas, and more.

So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

Defining Commemorative Speeches

Commemorative speeches are all about celebrating a person, an organization, a place, or an incident. Therefore, they need to be genuine, courteous, and meaningful and highlight everything that makes the entity worthy of remembrance.

Commemorative speeches should not be just informative but a celebration of values. When they are about a person, they need to dwell upon the things that make them praiseworthy and inform & encourage the audience to celebrate those things.

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Here are the defining features of typical commemorative speeches.

  • Most commemorative speeches go beyond just celebrating past & present accomplishments. The reasons for commemoration serve as an apt context for delivering a positive message.

In 1986, the then-president of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan, delivered a eulogy on the deceased astronauts of the ill-fated Challenger space shuttle.

He remembered the fallen, and then he gave the people of the country a message of hope about the space program's future. President Reagan honored the dead, making them the inspiration & the guiding light for NASA’s future endeavors.

President Reagan connected the past, present, and future in an exceptional commemoration.

  • Language is a highly crucial aspect of commemorative speeches. Stories, striking words, anecdotes, illustrations, and figurative elements can make speeches engaging and endearing. They move the audience and aid them in sharing the speaker’s experience.
  • It is pretty difficult to speak on trivial topics. But on the other hand, commemorative speeches talk about notable entities important to and have some significant contribution to society. So, avoid small talk and unimportant & casual subjects.
  • Honor, kindness, courage, hard work, accomplishments, and going above & beyond the call of duty -are the primary subjects of most commemorative speeches.

Commemorative speech topics & ideas for college require students to fulfill particular objectives.

Commemorative Speeches for Academic Purposes

In most cases, students need to develop a 2-minute speech and deliver it without any notes or manuscript. But, they may be a bit longer in some cases, and students may be allowed to use manuscripts while presenting.

Following are the key objectives while developing commemorative speeches.

  • Students must craft one short, eloquent, and inspiring to one & all.
  • They must pay tribute to a person, group, organization, idea, event, etc.
  • Cohesion, transition, and organization are essential in a touching speech.
  • Ideas and thoughts must serve as an inspiration to one & all.
  • Rich, figurative linguistic elements are best used for commemoration & inspiration.
  • If a manuscript is involved, students must learn how to develop & use one

With these points in mind, brainstorm challenging commemorative speech ideas. Then, come up with a speech that ticks all the boxes and moves the audience.

Go through the following commemorative speech outline for some more help.

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Perfect Commemorative Speech Outline

"A Great Start"

The start of a commemorative speech is one of its most essential aspects. The beginning defines if people will listen to your address or not. It isn’t easy to hold the audience’s attention throughout, but things become more manageable if you are off to a good start.

  • Tell A Fascinating Story

Telling your audience an exciting story is a powerful way to hook them right from the beginning. Humans love to listen to stories. Stories are a potent channel for conveying information with the right emotion.

No matter the commemorative speech topic, beginning with a good story, an anecdote, or a personal experience can grab attention. However, it should be genuine, kind, and one that highlights the praiseworthy aspects of the subject.

  • Use Compelling Quotes or Metaphors

Historical or moving quotes are another excellent way to begin the speech. It can also be something that the speech’s central figure told you, which affected you deeply.

Metaphors and intuitive comparisons can be excellent attention grabbers too. They will not only evoke the audiences’ imagination but will also make your speeches memorable & witty.

  • Make Them Smile

Facts, information, and language that evoke happiness can make a great start. If you make your listeners happy right from the start, then you are much more likely to engage them till the end.

Humor is vital but make sure not to overdo it. Make sure not to deviate or use crass humor. The right kind of humor cultivates relatability, closeness, and warmth. A smiling & happy audience will remain invested and find inspiration from the commemoration.

"The Meat of The Matter"

As you may have already guessed, a commemorative speech aims to evoke emotions, arouse sentiments, and inspire. So, naturally, it needs to be much more than just a list of accomplishments, achievements, qualities, etc.

Go through any publicly available commemorative speech examples, and you will find how eloquent language plays a significant role. Some of the most memorable speeches in history were commemorative speeches. They aroused emotion and relayed information through eloquent linguistic expressions.

"Ending On A Strong Note"

Conclude your speech by unifying the audience with emotions & sentiments. Recount the most prominent things and wrap things up with positivity. The end of the speech should rouse up the audience, be inspirational and leave a lasting impact on the audience's mind.

As we conclude this write-up, we leave you with some handy tips on writing arousing commemorative speeches.

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Great Tips for Great Commutative Speeches

  • Avoid cliches, trivial information, and trite sentiments. It will bring down your commemorative speech's quality, credibility, and standard.
  • Utilize stylistic devices and figurative language to enhance the speech. Using them correctly will elevate the speech's imagery, rhythm, and creativity.

To convey information, employ antithesis, alliteration, parallelism, similes, metaphors, repetition, etc. Nevertheless, make sure you use them appropriately.

  • It is essential to adapt & modulate your speech with the occasion and person, place, or event under discussion.

For example, if it is a formal awards ceremony, a formal, serious tone with minimal humor suits best. But, if it is some informal occasion, then a sentimental or whimsical style with sprinkles of humor is okay.

  • Keep your audience in mind. Determine whether you want to humor them, evoke heavy feelings, or convey respect by honoring accomplishments. Use tones and language styles that can aptly fulfill these needs.
  • Focus more on emotions, respect, and sincerity than delivering information. Keep in mind that your audience may already be well-acquainted with the person involved.
  • Maintain a careful balance throughout. You do not want to exaggerate or understate emotions. And, the audience will not like you rambling on & on.

And with that, we wrap up this content. Here's hoping it helps you develop compelling commemorative speeches to remember.

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